Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ooohhh an award!!

There is nothing quite like getting up on a dreary Monday morning, switching on your computer and discovering that one of your lovely blog friends has decided to give you an award!!

The gorgeous DJ over at Chez Aspie has given me this Circle of Friends Award. As always, there are rules attached so I have to write five things that I like to do and then pass this award on to ten friends....well, I've never been very good at rules so I'm going to pass this to all the lovely bloggers that feature on my side bar....you guys are great!!

Right, my five things

1. Spending time with Chris (I know....I know...where's the nearest bucket till you barf in it!! I can't help it......He's my husband and I do kinda like him!!)

2. Giving and getting cuddles - There is not much that a cuddle can't make a bit better! (even if it's only a teeny weeny bit)

3. Drawing and painting - I love the fact that hours can pass and I don't even notice!! (I also quite like making a mess so enjoy painting too!)

4. Laughing - There is nothing better than getting together with a group of friends and having a right old laugh! Tonic for the soul!

5. Reading - You sometimes have to read a few duff ones but when you find that one which captures your imagination and you can't put down....well, there is nothing quite like it!!

I could have added cooking, blogging, eating, drinking and a whole host of other things but I'm only allowed five....and since I've already broken the rules I feel I should at least stick to one bit!


LadyFi said...

A well deserved award! And thanks for nominating me via your sidebar.

And you're right - a laugh a day does keep the doc away!

Amanda said...

A very well deserved award, Carol! And FANX xx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Well done Carol, and thanks for including me in your circle of friends award - I'm really pleased. Have also enjoyed reading the 5 things you like to do. Bye for now, Lesley

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Carol....you rebel you! Thanks for the award. x

LittleBrownDog said...

It's so refreshing to read that all your 'things' are nice, normal everyday things that you can regularly incorporate into your daily life, instead of hideously expensive or inaccessible things that are usually out of reach. And thanks for passing the baton. (Is it really five weeks since I've blogged? Blimey - where did January go?)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ta Hen! Well done on getting the award yourself. Just caughtup with your blog posts, sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Year. Hope 2010 is a greatyear for you.

BT said...

Woo hoo, an award for me too, I think we all deserve it and it's a very appropriate one too. I enjoyed your 5 things too. Most of them are mine (except the first of course)!!

French Fancy said...

I loved your choices and 2,4 and 5 go for me as well. Thank you for passing this on to me - Den did as well. does that mean I have to do 10 choices?

Hope the studying is going just fine.


Debs said...

Congratulations on your award. Well deserved.

Many thanks too for including me as one of your friends. x

Mark said...

Well thanks for the award - I've been very absent recently, but due to return shortly. And hey, what a great new look to the blog ( I nearly wrote bog there - glad I checked)

Hope all is well

cheshire wife said...

Well done on getting the award and thank you very much for passing it onto me. We all need friends. I'll need to put my thinking cap on before I post it.

jenny said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it on to me! I'll get around to it soon and post it... I have a series of posts to get out of my head first before I can do that one.


Queenie said...

Thank you, Carol! I'm not very good at keeping rules either, but I'm always glad to receive an award, even though I never remember to do anything with it.

Carol said...

LadyFi - I think everyone should laugh long and loud at least once a day!!

Amanda - You are very welcome :-).

Sea Blue Sky - Well you are one so twas easy to include you :-). Glad you enjoyed reading my five things...I'm looking forward to reading yours!

Previously Very Lost in France - Ha, a rebel without a clue..that's definitely me!!

Little Brown Dog - I think it's the simple things in life that make it worth living!! I know what you mean....January has just flown by!!

MOB - I hope 2010 is looking like a good one for you too my dear!! I'm looking forward to hearing about what you got upto over the festive season :-)

BT - You mean you don't like spending time with Chris?? What is the world coming to!! *sniggers*

French Fancy - ooohh I do hope that you blog 10 things!! Your blog posts are always really interesting (and I'm nosey!!)

Debs - Well you are! And your very welcome! :-)

Mark - Don't worry, we all know that you are writing like a wee fiend and that you will share it when you have time!! Your welcome and I'm glad you like the new look bog (hehehe)

Cheshire Wife - You are very welcome and your right...the world is a better place when it's filled with friends :-)

Jenny - You are very welcome my dear...I shall look forward to reading your five things :-)

Queenie - Your comment didn't half make me laugh!! I always have to blog them straight away or I forget too!! (birds of a feather and all that!!)

C x

Louise said...

Congratulations on your award, Carol, and thanks for passing it on to me! I'm honoured you consider me part of your circle of blogging friends. Have a great day and thanks again. Louise in Italy.

Tam said...

Fanks, hon! I've only bleeding well gone and done it and all :-)

claire p said...

Wow, an award!! Fankoo xxx I don't deserve one though, very bad blogger at the mo. I love you answers. I think mine will be all to predictable!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

I like spending time with your Chris too though obviously not in *that* way.

Carol said...

Louise - I'm honored to have you as one of my friends!!

Tam - Yay!! I shall pop over to have a nosey at your answers :-)

Claire - You are very welcome hon :-). I know..terrible...but you've not been forgotten!! Hehe, I think I might just be able to guess...would they have anything to do with a certain time of day?

DJ - That made me laugh so much I've just choked on my mouthfull of tea! (and I think that might have something to do with the fact that my Chris is just as cheeky as yours is!!)

C x

Nicky (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Very well deserved award, Gorgeous! And I love your five things - which makes me think, I wonder if I should pick up the paintbrush today...

Blu said...

Thanks Carol, so busy here only just managed to catch up with your blog. Painting I love it!

Thank you for passing on the award to all of us..mwah xxxx Blu xxxx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Carol, I haven't entered my 5 things yet (but plan to right after finishing this comment). In the meantime, there's a lovely, bright sunshine award for you over at my blog!

LilyS said...


Carol said...

Nicky - You should definitely pick up the paintbrush! You create stunning paintings when you do :-)

Blu - You are very welcome hon. I've not been about much either recently (as you can probably tell) the next semester has started and it's incredibly heavy going!!

Sea Blue Sky - Ooohh another award *Big cheesy grin*. I shall be right over :-)

Lily - I can't access your blog anymore *sniff*. Can you e-mail me another link?

C x

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