Monday, 22 February 2010

What do you get when a Scotsman, an Irishman and a Russian visit California?

You get....are you ready for this.....MAN FUN!! (A term coined by Egor the Russian which horrified the other two and prompted Chris to state 'Will you please stop calling it that!')

Yes, Chris and his two colleagues shared the cost of hiring a Mustang for the day and then drove into San Francisco! (Yep, the San Francisco well known for it's large Gay Community hence the reaction to the term 'Man Fun'). Although I shook my head in despair when told about it, I do think it's very cool to be able to say that you have driven a Mustang down the very roads that inspired one of the most famous car chases in a movie ever!!

For those of you that don't know, Bullitt is a very famous film set in San Francisco which starred Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Vaughn. It was the first movie to have a car chase in it which lasted 11 minutes........Steve McQueen, playing Lt. Frank Bullitt, driving a Ford Mustang through the streets of San Francisco trying to avoid hit men.....still one of the best car chases I've ever seen!!

Unfortunately Chris has the photo's on his computer but I will upload one of him standing next to the Mustang grinning like a haddy when he gets home tonight! So, he spent two weeks in California....there are about three photo's of the golden bridge, none of where he was staying, none of Carmel (where Clint Eastwood lives), none of the pub they drank in that is owned by Clint Eastwood and about a zillion of the car!! (including one of the engine....I think I am perfectly entitled to despair!!)

Ps. Sorry for the lack of blogging and visiting!! My new semester has started and the work load is hideous....two assessments a week for one class and don't even get me started on the amount of reading I have to do!! I will try and get round you all but I'm not promising anything!!
(Actually, I am really missing catching up with you's not just cause I'm nosey.....Ok, maybe a wee bit!!)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ooohhh an award!!

There is nothing quite like getting up on a dreary Monday morning, switching on your computer and discovering that one of your lovely blog friends has decided to give you an award!!

The gorgeous DJ over at Chez Aspie has given me this Circle of Friends Award. As always, there are rules attached so I have to write five things that I like to do and then pass this award on to ten friends....well, I've never been very good at rules so I'm going to pass this to all the lovely bloggers that feature on my side guys are great!!

Right, my five things

1. Spending time with Chris (I know....I know...where's the nearest bucket till you barf in it!! I can't help it......He's my husband and I do kinda like him!!)

2. Giving and getting cuddles - There is not much that a cuddle can't make a bit better! (even if it's only a teeny weeny bit)

3. Drawing and painting - I love the fact that hours can pass and I don't even notice!! (I also quite like making a mess so enjoy painting too!)

4. Laughing - There is nothing better than getting together with a group of friends and having a right old laugh! Tonic for the soul!

5. Reading - You sometimes have to read a few duff ones but when you find that one which captures your imagination and you can't put down....well, there is nothing quite like it!!

I could have added cooking, blogging, eating, drinking and a whole host of other things but I'm only allowed five....and since I've already broken the rules I feel I should at least stick to one bit!