Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Our New Year - Loads of photo's

The Hoose (and Tomato)

The Landscape

The Tin Mine (one of many)

Erm, us in some pubs

Minack Theatre

Ok, it is some rust but I liked it...

St Michael's Mount (you can walk to it when the tide is out)

What do you do when there is no TV?
Train youself in the art of using the Force of course!!

If your not too distracted that is....

So that was our New Year....I have discovered that one of the joys of getting a new camera for your Christmas is that you spend all your time taking pics which means that there are none of me....which is just as well really....the sea air was not kind to my hair!!!


Queenie said...

Been there (well, a week in Marazion) - loved it! Glad you had such a good time.

Molly Potter said...

eee those photos tell a sweet tale of good days (with the exception of the face machine thingy perhaps..that looks painful)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

None of you Carol, what a shame! Glad you had a lovely New Year break in this part of the world. Pop into Art Space Gallery if you ever visit St Ives - I'm usually there on a Wednesday. Bye for now, Lesley

cheshire wife said...

Incredible to think that those landscape photos were taken in the winter. Living without a TV for a few days is fine but I couldn't be without one indefinitely.

lauragray said...

Those photos are great! Thank you for sharing this, i really love your photography, love it! keep up the great work!

LadyFi said...

Fabulous shots - especially of the sea. So lovely!

Louise said...

Looks like you had a great time. St Michael's Mount always held much fascination for me - did you manage to walk out there?

French Fancy said...

That house is simply stunning - imagine living in such a beautiful place!

Glad you found time away from your studies to refresh yourselves and have a lovely Hogmany,


Debs said...

Ooh love all those photos. Glad you had such a fun time.

Kevin Mullins said...

Looks like a great trip. My two favourite things are Cameras & Beer (ahem, after my wife of course)....

Carol said...

Queenie - We had a great time!! The weather was (mostly) beautiful and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed rambling round the coast!

Molly - I assure you that the face machine thing was not painful at all (Well, Tom found it painful but that had more to do with the fact that he poked himself in the eye with it!!). It was part of the 'train yourself to use the force' thingumy that he bought Chris for his Christmas!

Sea Blue Sky - Trust me...not a shame at all!! (I look wild and woolly at the best of times but with the wind and the spray from the sea...mop would be a kind description!!)

I wish I had know...we visited St Ives. Went to the Tate Modern there, had very good ice-cream and a nosey around a number of galleries. We're hoping to go back in the summer to see a theatre performance at Minack....I'll give you a shout if we do...would be lovely to meet you :-)

Cheshire Wife - The weather was a balmy 9 had been -1 when we left Malmesbury!!

It was fine but, like you, I don't think I could cope without one permanently!! Mind you...would get tons of stuff done!!

Laura - Thank's a beautiful landscape so kinda difficult to take a bad photo!

LadyFi - We have zillions of the sea...from all different angles and at different times of the's just one of those things that has to be done!!

Louise - The first time we visited the tide was in so there was no way...but we made a point of visiting again when the tide was out so that we could walk to it. The second photo is Chris and Tom at St Michael's Mount looking back at the land!! Amazing place!!

French Fancy - It was gorgeous...and each apartment had a big curved door at the front of it...for some reason I felt very grand going through them!!

I worked right up to Christmas Eve, then again from Boxing Day to the 29th and in the car on the way down so that I could take a few days break whilst we were there. I needed the rest!!

Debs - It was really good fun...we've all known each other for yonks (Tom and Chris went to school together and it was Tom that introduced us) so we always get on really well when we go away together!!

Kevin - LOL...don't worry...we knew that your wife was No. 1 on that list...went without saying!! (Good recovery!!)

C x

Amanda said...

What fabulous photos, Carol x

DJ Kirkby said...

Great photos! I bet your hair looked totally wild and gorgeous.

Carol said...

Amanda - Thanks hon. Chris took much better ones but he's currently in California with work so mine will have to do :-)

DJ - Hehehe....wild...most definitely....gorgeous....most definitely not!!

C x

Juniper said...

Oh what a good looking outing, perfect mix of outdoor seaside walks, ruins and pints in a pub. Nothing like good company.

Suburbia said...

Just catching up, I love Cornwall, looks like you had a great time :)

Carol said...

Juniper - It was great...blew away the cobwebs :-)

Suburbia - We loved it too (even if a lot of it was closed...three times we went to see if we could visit the tin mine museum...once we missed the last tour by five minutes, once we discovered it was shut on a Saturday (?) and the third time the shop was open but there were no tours due to staff sickness! Twas not meant to be!).

C x

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