Friday, 22 January 2010

Do you think he's feeling the cold?


Louise said...

What a sweetheart! Makes me feel warmer just looking at him!

Graeme K Talboys said...

Do you think they make a radiator in my size?

LadyFi said...

That is so adorable! Must be really cold for them to lie on top of the actual radiators! LOL!

French Fancy said...

Cats are so sensible - and this one is so very beautiful


DJ Kirkby said...

Awwwww sweet.

Molly Potter said...

Is he not cooked?

JJ Beattie said...

Awww, he's a sweetie.

From what I hear everyone's suffering from the cold!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! Cats do love their creature comforts, don't they? x

Queenie said...


Carol said...

Louise - It's hillarious...He's always absolutley roasting when he moves!!

Graeme - I have no idea but if you find one let me know :-)

Lady Fi - They fight over who is going to go up on the radiatior...(I just don't have any photo's of Lugs on there yet). They are wee wusses!!

French Fancy - He is beautiful but it does make me laugh that his wee belly hangs over the side of the radiator!!

DJ - Isn't he!

Molly - Not yet...although I have seen steam coming off him!!

JJ - He's a wee pudding!!

It's been extremely cold...mind was -19 in Glasgow so I'm glad I'm not there at the moment!!

Amanda - They do indeed....I want to come back as a pampered cat in my next life!!

Queenie - I know...he's a wee sweetie really (when he's good that is!)

C x

Kitty said...

Cats DO love warm and comfy places, that's for certain, and this looks a VERY sensible cat.
Lidl are selling 'Cat Hammocks' that attach to the front of a radiator and hold one large or two smaller cats. I'd get a couple, if the cast iron monolith radiators we have here actually worked. As it is, I have some plug in electric convection heaters upstairs and our two kitties curl up on the floor pillow I've placed in front of one of them, just for that purpose.

I also want to come back as a pampered cat. As long as I didn't HAVE to have fleas. Or chase mice. I can lay around, have my fur brushed and stroked and loudly purr at the slightest provocation, well, I *could* do that now, given the opportunity!

Suburbia said...

Pure contentment :)

Isn't he gorgeous?

Hullaballoo said...

I have seen cat beds that hook onto the radiator, but never a cat stewing on the radiator. What a wee darling.

HelenMHunt said...

Ah bless him. One of mine was sitting on top of the cooker yesterday, It wasn't on, so I've no idea why - must have been very uncomfortable!

Carol said...

Kitty - LOL...looks can definitely be deceiving!! I regularly look at him, shake my head and mutter 'stupid cat'!

We've got one of the over-the-radiator cat bed cat sits on the radiator whilst the other sits on the cat bed thing...then they swap!

You could do that now....but you might get locked up :-)

Suburbia - He's a wee cutie...till he stretches and looks like he has no neck!!

Hulla - I worry when the steam comes off him...that can't be good!!

Helen - Hehehe, yesterday Lugs was found sitting on the logs in the log basket!! I have no idea why he had decided that it would be a good idea to sit there...his wee body was all up and down (he kinda looked like he had been draped over them)...not comfortable looking at all!! Cats are weird!!

C x

Juniper said...

Rather fancy a body length radiator myself. No central heating is tough when it hangs around 13-14 degrees. Sweet cat, miss having a furry member of the family.

cheshire wife said...

I would have thought that he would be too hot. Is the radiator on?

Mark said...

Sensible cat. I can't wait for spring.

Carol said...

Juniper - No central heating!! OMG...I don't think I would cope!!

We didn't have one for ages (furry member of the family) and kinda got conned into having two of them when we were in Thailand (Rescue Charity). Cost a bloomin fortune to bring them back to the UK but we wouldn't be without them!!

Cheshire Wife - Yep the radiator is on and blasting out heat....he loves it!!

Mark - I can't wait for spring either!! It's too bloody cold!!

C x

Kevin Mullins said...

Very sweet - though he does seem to have those "get out of my face with that camera" look about him lol!

Carol said...

Kevin - That's what he always looks like!! He's gorgeous but a grumpy wee bugger!!

C x

Suburbia said...

Oooooooo! I love your new 'note bok' look! How did you do that?

Just came over to say thank you for your very kind comment :)

Carol said...

Suburbia - With great difficulty and a huge amount of swearing!! Actually, it wasn't that bad...once I figured out how to download the template and how to fiddle about with it (on a practise blog I hasten to add). Then I gulped and made the changes on here. Glad you like it...thought it was time for a new look!!

Your very welcome my dear...I just thought that you might need reminded :-)

C x

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