Friday, 29 January 2010

A fish called....Colin??

Last year the department of fisheries announced that the demand for cod was starting to have a detrimental effect on their numbers (Gosh, who would have thought it eh!!). They suggested that Pollock would make a great alternative because it has a very similar taste and texture...but they said that there was a problem!! The great British buying public would never buy Pollock because they would be too embarrassed to ask for it.....

why? I hear you ask?

Well, because Pollock rhymes with Bollock of course!! (God give me strength) So, you know what they did?....they re-named Pollock....and what did they call it?....they called it Colin!!

I was watching this story unfold the other night on TV and absolutely roared with laughter when an American who was being interviewed about it said 'You guys have a food called Faggot and your worried about people not wanting to buy Pollock?'

He has a point folks...he has a point!!

(The really sad thing about this story is that the re-brand worked....sales of, erm, Colin went up by 80%!!)


On a completely different note, what do you think of my blogs new look? (I decided a makeover was waaaaaay overdue!!). Do you like it or do you think it looks a bit fishy? *snigger* (Sorry!)


Queenie said...

We've got Spotted Dick as well. Honestly, you'd think we could cope with pollock. Colin is a name for people, not fish. I have friends called Colin. I don't want to eat them.

A better fish rebrand was when the unfashionable pilchard became the much sexier Cornish sardine. If they had to rebrand pollock, you'd think they could have come up with something better than Colin.

Love the new look, especially the curly wurly bit at the top.

LadyFi said...

OMG - I'm laughing my head off! Pollock is called pollock over here in Sweden... Calling it Colin.. Oh goodness!

We're trained over here NOT to eat cod - it's so endangered that it would be like eating tiger...

I LOVE your new blog look!

French Fancy said...

I love this new look and I keep people changing their bog-standard had it for a while image and it makes me want to change too,

As for colin - I used to turn my nose up 'cos I thought it was the same as coley (cat food fish) but the other day - by mistake - I bought some colin fish fingers (I love them in sarnies with salad cream) and I couldn't really tell the difference in the sarnie itself between the usual cod taste and this new colin one.

Will now not bother with expensive cod ffs

French Fancy said...

ffs - fish finger sarnies (not what you might have though)

spot the missing word from my previous comment - *seeing*


Kitty said...

I use colin a lot since it's a nice firm white fish, it is very similar in taste and texture to cod and, best of all it's a fraction of the price of cod. Plus, as Lady Fi points out, cod is endangered and I think, for no other reason other than that, we should as reasonable consumers turn away from it.

But, yes, the idea that you'll be served spotted dick but not get the 'pollock' to go with it rather amusing to me.

(I'll just be over here in the corner giggling softly to myself.)

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Carol, yes, I remember that story - I have to say that I'm also amazed that sales have increased so much too!

Really like your new look blog, it's a very nice design and the colours are good together. Bfn. Lesley

cheshire wife said...

I like the new look. It is very sophisticated!

I have missed this story about pollock but I am sure that there are other fish that are in greater near of being renamed. Who chose the new and more importantly what did the change of name cost?

Carol said...

Queenie - It could get ridiculous couldn't it!! Hob Nob anyone?

My cousin is called Colin...I think I would be much more embarrassed asking for a piece of Colin than I would asking for a piece of Pollock!!

I like the curly wurly bit at the top too :-)

LadyFi - I was roaring with laughter when we watched it on TV!! It's just so daft!!

Glad your liking the new look *grins*

French Fancy - Hehehe, after much swearing and tearing out of hair I finally worked out how to download the skin and then tweak it to get the look I wanted. I ended up creating about 9 different blogs as tests (they are deleted now) before I had the courage to make the changes on this one!!

LOL...I have to admit I did not read that as fish finger sarnies so it's probably just as well you clarified!!

Kitty - It's just one of those stories that is utterly ridiculous isn't it!! I just couldn't resist sharing it because it made me laugh so much :-) *comes over and joins you in the corner*

Sea Blue Sky - I was gobsmacked when they announced how much sales had gone up by!! The name change worked (although it would be interesting to see if it was actually the name or if it was just the marketing campaign...from what I saw it looked like it had been given the Marks and Spencer treatment)

I'm chuffed with the new look...the other one wasn't really very me!!

Cheshire Wife - Thank you *whispers* I'm actually quite pleased I managed to get it to work...I'm not very technical!!

I have no idea who chose the name or how much it cost...but to change it to Colin...they must have really been low on ideas!

(not that there is anything wrong with the name's not a great name for a fish!!)

C x

Molly Potter said...

I adore your blog's new look. It's fantastic!

Why 'Colin' of all names? I think Herbert would be a much better name for a fish or Maude even.

Carol said...

Molly - Thank you very much!! I think it's much better than the boring old one :-)

LOL.....Maude is a wonderful name for a fish!! (Herbert doesn't work for me but that's because a friend of mine had a pet sheep called Herbert)

C x

Debs said...

I saw that same programme and was doubled up in laughter. How incredible that they decided to change the name, and to Colin? Does that sound like the name of a fish? So hilarious.

Loving the new blog look.

HelenMHunt said...

I can't believe the Colin story. That's ridiculous. What's the matter with people?

JJ Beattie said...

Oooh, loving the new look. I really must update mine.

Yes, with all the other silly names we've got for food, I can't see how pollock would be a problem. The issue I have with Colin is that it sounds like an individual... and I wouldn't want to eat that.

I'd quite like to be asking for pollock and then have a little snigger.

DJ Kirkby said...

How completly odd! I like the blog makeover though I did wonder if I was at the right place to start. I've given you an award over at mine.

Louise said...

I like the makeover. Nice and fresh, easy to read. Colin is funny - very strange.

Louise said...

PS I wonder what Wanda thinks...

Juniper said...

I like the new look! And the story about the renaming of Pollock is great! But must be problematic making the transition for old fishmongers and would look very odd on a menu!

Carol said...

Debs - Bizarre isn't it!! I have no idea who came up with Colin as a suitable name..

Helen - I have no idea!! Do you think it might be something in the water?

JJ - Glad you like it hon!! I just felt that it was time for a change...

I can just see you sniggering next to the fish counter!! I don't think there is anything wrong with the name Pollock but hey...what do I know!!

DJ - Your not the only took me a minute too (and I'm the one that changed the bloody thing!!)

Oooohh, an award...thank you very much...I shall come over for a nosey :-)

Louise - It had been the same for over a year and I decided that a change was as good as a rest!!

LOL at Mum made a very similar comment :-)

C x

Carol said...

Juniper - You managed to sneak in there!!

It really needed a bit of a makeover (a bit like myself really!!)but I'm glad you like it :-)

I would imagine that it took some getting used to...*sniggers* I just can't imagine going to a fish counter and asking for Colin...doesn't seem right!!

C x

LilyS said...

lol that is hilarious. Colin is used in fish fingers or so i heard on some tv programme.

I love the new look. I want to change mine again now :S

Carol said...

Lily - I was actually just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were getting on!! Lovely to 'see' you here again :-)

It has that effect doesn't it!! I always feel like that when I see someone with a new blog look, new hair-cut etc

C x

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

What a load of old pollocks, eh? It's called Colin in France but of course said with a French accent - I wonder if that's where they got the idea. There was a family buried in the cemetary of our village church in France called 'Colin'. I used to think, the Pollock family. Bit unfortunate. Love the new blog. Looks fab!

BT said...

I find this hard to believe - no I don't, nothing would surprise me anymore. How crazy. Colin the pollock, or pillock!! Madness.

Rosie said...

Love this, 'laugh outloud funny'. Are we supposed to call it CO-lin or coll-in??

BT said...

I love the new look, it's very stylish. Oh and thanks for the award, I scanned down to see whether I am on your list. Whoopee!!!

Suburbia said...

Now that has made me laugh, Colin?!!! Really?

Thanks for the award :)

Carol said...

Previously Very Lost in France - Oh your comment didn't half make me laugh!! That must be where they got the idea...I can't imagine any other reason!!

BT - It is total madness isn't it!! I've been saying for ages that the world has gone a bit bonkers!!

Rosie - Hehehe, I have no idea!! I'm still struggling with the called Colin thing :-)

BT - You are very welcome :-). I'm glad your liking the new look too!!

Suburbia - It made me laugh too....I just had to share it!! Your welcome honey :-)

C x

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