Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change - Green Gadgets

Today over 6000 bloggers from 135 different countries will blog about Climate Change as part of blog action day. I am one of them.

'Oi, where do you think your going? I promise I'm not going to preach at you! Come back!'

I decided that I would do a post about some of the 'Green Gadgets' that are available, or are about to become available, on the market. (Oooh I do love gadgets don't you....and some of these are really clever!!)

Did you know that researchers at Leeds University have come up with a washing machine design that only uses one cup of water to wash a complete load of washing? The machine heats the water and converts it into vapour, the beads in the vapour remove the stains and, once the cycle is finished, they fall through a mesh in the machines drum and the same water can be used over a hundred times!! (How cool is that!!). It uses much less water and much less electricity and is going to be available to buy next year.

You could get yourself a Powerbrella!! ('A what?' I hear you say 'What on earth is a Powerbrella?'). Powerbrella's are large umbrella's made of flexible solar put them up to shade you from the sun when your sitting out having your barbecue, reading your book in the garden or are down by the beach and the suns energy is used to power what ever you have with phone, laptop, i-pod...anything that needs power basically!! From what I understand, these are available on the market now and the company that produces the solar film are looking into using it to make solar powered clothing and bags. (I would love a bag that charged my mobile!!)

How about a Battery Wizard? This nifty little gadget not only re-charges your rechargable batteries but it can bring your dead non-rechargable batteries back to life!! (I want you to know that I'm resisting making references to Dr Frankenstein) ('It's alive!!' *snigger*) (sorry!!). Apparently it can recharge standard alkaline, NiCad and NiMH disposable batteries up to 10 times so you get 10 times more use out of them before having to throw them away!!

On your bike!! No, I'm not telling you to bugger off!! I'm suggesting that you could treat yourself to a BioLogic FreeCharge (Bargain at only £50). It's a gadget that attaches to your bike’s dynamo, granting you the opportunity to charge your mobile, I-pod etc just by pedaling your bike. It works by using the energy produced by your pedaling to charge an internal battery and then it transfers the current to your gizmo. (By first charging the internal battery it means whatever you are charging will not be affected by the velocity of your pedaling). Some people just come up with brilliant idea's don't they!!

Motorolla have launched, what they are calling, the world first carbon neutral mobile phone. It is made of recycled water bottles and, through an alliance with, they have offset the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone through investments in renewable energy sources and reforestation. In addition, the phone comes in packaging made from recycled paper and it contains a stamped envelope for you to send your old mobile back to Motorola for recycling.

Last but not can now buy laptops that are encased using Bamboo instead of plastic!! Bamboo is the most sustainable raw material there is because it grows so fast! Not only are the results achingly beautiful (seriously, I so want one!!) but it has been tested to ensure it can withstand continuous use and has the added advantage of not being instantly recognisable as a laptop. Dell, Assus, and Fujitsu are among the companies now producing them.

Every little helps!!


LadyFi said...

I love these wonderfully innovative gadgets! With water being such a precious commodity, that washing machine should be compulsory. Also, that bike has been in use in India for ages. You can see Indians cycling in order to charge computers or to create electricity so that people in the TV shop can watch TV!

Bangkok Blogger said...

Bamboo laptops ! This 'green' commercialism is going to far.

Carol said...

LadyFi - I was most impressed with the washing machine...and I agree with you...should be made compulsory!! (and it uses 30% less electricity too....not only environmentally freindly but would save you money too!!)

I knew about the wind up radio being used in India but didn't know about the cycling...ingenious really isn't it!!

Bangkok Blogger - Hmmm, I wouldn't say that!! Using bamboo has got to be better than using plastic and it does look rather beautiful!!

C x

Kevin Mullins said...

Very cool gadgets indeed. I think, only now, are people waking up [slowly] to the climate change issues - worthy cause. I like that washing machine idea the best. Very clever.

French Fancy said...

That bike that charges phones, laptops and the like - I saw them on tv during the Glastonbury Festival walk about they do and I marvelled at them then. What a great incentive to getting (keeping) fit - making you work to use your laptop.

Queenie said...

Fab gadgets, although they do make me covetous...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah yes, I'm all for gadgets that are battery powered! And to be able to use them ten times more with renewed batteries? Brilliant!

Tessa said...

Fantastic post, Carol, and much food (gadgets) for thought. Brava!

PS Bamboo art paper is da bomb.

Carol said...

Kevin - Newsnight was tackling this issue last night and I was horrified to learn that, according to the scientists, if we don't make significant changes in the next six years we may not be able to avert disaster!! Sobering isn't it!!

French Fancy - Absolutely!! I also thought it was a great idea....your producing the energy anyway so why not use it to power your gizmo's!! As I said, every little helps and if everyone makes a small change then that leads to a big change :-)

Queenie - I know exactly what you mean!! *drools at laptop*

MOB - I love that invention!! Means we can use old batteries 10 times longer before they end up as landfill....I am in awe of people that come up with these ideas!!

Tessa - I didn't know these things existed till I started doing a bit of research for this post. I think new 'Green' products are not really shouted about enough!!

Ooohh, I've never tried Bamboo art paper...actually, I didn't even know you could get bamboo art paper!! I must see if I can get my hands on some....

C x

Debs said...

Like the idea of that mobile and the bamboo laptop, though I'm not sure about using washing water 100 times - I've probably missed the point there or something.

HelenMHunt said...

Blimey! Some great ideas there.

Keri said...

No, I didn't know that. So glad I came over here today. Your blog is terrific and unique. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Ann said...

I love gadgets as well Carol, why I have cupboards full of them.

I loved the wind up radio, thought it such a wonderful thing, especially for countries that don't have a Spar at the bottom of their street.

DJ Kirkby said...

I want one of those laptops very much!

Carol said...

Debs - I'm not sure how the washing machine works but the reviews I read all said that clothes came out sparkling!!

Helen - I came across more things but I thought these were the best of the bunch!!

Keri - Welcome and thank you very much for leaving such a lovely comment :-). I shall pop over to yours for a nosey in a sec

Ann - Yep, you can never have too many gadgets....especially if they are 'Green' ones!!

DJ - Oh so do I!! Beautiful isn't it!!

C x

Juniper said...

Well done on being part of the green action day, wish I had been checking last week to join! Am behind in internet use of late. Fun to see some of the new gadgets though. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word.

Carol said...

Juniper - I signed up for it last year and then totally forgot about it so was determined to be involved this year!! Actually, it was nice to be part of something so huge....even President Obama joined in!!

The gadgets are great aren't interesting to see what's on the market!!

C x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Carol, what an interesting 'blog action day post', I want one of each, but especially the washing machine and battery charger.

Carol said...

Sea Blue Sky - We're going to keep a look out for the washing machine coming on the market too....brilliant idea!!

C x

Calico Kate said...

Oooh I want one of those lap tops! Gorgeous. Wrestle you for it!

Carol said...

Calico Kate - Ok, and me...lets do it (hehehehe)...perhaps not eh :-)

C x

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