Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tag your it

I have been tagged by the lovely DJ. My task is to complete the list's of eight things and then I've to tag eight other bloggers to let them know they have been tagged.

So here goes:

8 things I am looking forward to - 1. Having our neighbour over for dinner tomorrow night (Her husband is away so we thought it would be nice to invite her round). 2. Spending some time with my Mum (She arrives on Saturday). 3. My Birthday (on Sunday). 4. Seeing Jane and Andrew (Good friends that are over on holiday from Bangkok...I just know it'll be lots of fun and very messy!!). 5. Having a go at painting with watercolours. 6. Finishing the embroidery I am working on. 7. Celebrating the marriage of DJ and Chris. 8. Starting my Masters Course.

8 things I did yesterday - 1. Helped set up the Malmesbury Art Exhibition in the local Abbey. 2. Designed a 'welcome to your new home' card which I am hoping to sell to a card company. 3. Drank lots of tea. 4. Laughed at Chris when he turned up in a tiny courtesy car (his is at the garage getting the dent in the hood fixed. The car really was small and he's 6ft 3!!). 5. Made cheese on toast. 6. Went to the Art Society at our local hall. 7. Learned that one of the women at the Art Society lived in Bangkok for three years and knows someone I know (Small world eh!!). 8. Cried with laughter at the cat. Gai was fast asleep on my mobile phone...it was on vibrate...it went off!! He went from fast asleep to upright and in the middle of the floor in seconds (I've never seen him move so fast) twas very funny!!

8 things I wish I could do - 1. My hair :-). 2. Eat what I want and be thin. 3. Wave a wand and all the cleaning would be done. 4. Travel the world. 5. Encourage everyone to volunteer some of their time to help someone else (the world would be a better place if they did). 6. Get rid of Politicians!! 7. Bring back common sense!! 8. Ban those frilly things that people put over the top of their jam jars (I just don't see the point in them!!)

8 shows I watch - 1. Mock the week. 2. Top Gear. 3. QI. 4. Panorama. 5. Dispatches. 7. Never Mind The Buzzcocks. 8. Star Trek (but that's not through choice!!)

8 Favourite Fruits - 1. Lychee. 2. Mango. 3. Pineapple. 4. Strawberry. 5. Cherries. 6. Bananas. 7. Grapes (well, they go into wine!!). 8. Is chocolate a fruit? No? Oh! :-(.

8 Places I would like to travel - 1. Peru - I would love to visit Machu Picchu. 2. Kathmandu in Nepal. 3. Morocco (I adore the food!!). 4. China - I have always wanted to see the Great Wall. 5. Lhasa in Tibet - home to the Dalai Lama (I'm not religious...I just think it would be interesting!!). 6. Egypt - I would love to visit the Pyramids!! 7. India - Who wouldn't want to go and see the Taj Mahal? 8. Sweden - I would love to see the Northern lights and to spend a night in the Ice Hotel (I don't like being cold so I'm not really sure why I want to do that....I just always have!!)

8 places I have lived - 1. Glasgow. 2. Stration (tiny village in the middle of no-where in Scotland). 3. London. 4. Manchester. 5. Bangkok, Thailand. 6. Malmesbury. 7. Who knows....could be anywhere....could be nextdoor to you (be afraid...be very afraid!!)

I'm not going to tag 8 people.....I'm just going to say that if you fancy having a go please do and then let me know when you have :-)


Mark said...

Hey interesting. I just tagged you on a similar theme.

Blu said...

Whats wrong with Star Trek?...So where in France was that proposal?

Carol said...

Mark - Really!! I shall pop over and see what I need to do :-)

Blu - Erm, I'm not a fan!! Star Wars I can do...Star Trek...nope!!

He proposed on the ramparts of the Medieval Castle at Carcassonne!! It was very romantic...he got down on one knee and everything (well, it was romantic once I had figured out that he had not dropped something...sometimes I'm just not that bright :-D)

C x

Ann said...

I agree with Blu, what is wrong with Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, I have them all on DVD, and still I cannot resist watching an episode on TV, Ann, the sad git.

You embroider as well, is there no end to your talents woman, when something needs mending in our house, if superglue doesn't fix it, then I just buy the equivalent.

Carol said...

Ann - *groans and shakes head in a despairing manner*

I enjoy sewing when I'm sitting in front of the TV. I'm currently working on a Japanese Lady using cross stitch...it's taking forever to do!! I'll post a picture of it when it's finished (I warn you now...you may be waiting some time!!).

Household stuff, I am so with you on the whole superglue thing!! Actually, I don't even do that....I get Chris to do it!!

C x

ladyfi said...

I use duct tape to stick things together with!

I'm with you on the chocolate - is there anything more delicious?

I highly recommend The Ice Hotel - that and the Northern Lights are fantastic. You can read my post about it:


Don't be put off by the pain in the fingers... Just make sure you don't cycle in minus 30 C!!

Ann said...

Off to the shops to buy some duct tape, thanks ladyfi.

Ann said...

I do cross stitch Carol, mine might be a bit different to yours, I get very cross when I have to stitch something, and the finished result looks very shabby, and the needle stuck in my fingers.

Sometimes I decide to try and mend the dogs soft toys,okay lets not get carried away here, I did it ONCE, the stuffing was falling out, Charlie boy does like to try and take the squeaky out of the toy, so out came the needle and thread, took me a year to find them mind you, and jeez by the time I had finished, the toy looked unrecognisable, and my fingers had holes in them everywhere.

I proudly handed the fluffy toy to my dogs, they took one look and ran away screaming, never seen them since, they will probably both be running up and down the lane, with sheer terror etched on their faces.

Carol said...

LadyFi - That's a great idea!! Duct tape is wonderful stuff!!

Do you read Absolute Vanilla's blog? If not click on the link on my sidebar...she has THE most amazing recipe for hot chocolate on her latest post!!

I'm just popping out to do my stint at the Abbey Exhibition but will definitely read the post when I get back :-)

Ann - LOL. You get cross at cross stitch!!

I have to admit that I do have a tendency to stab myself with the needle which usually leads to quite a few sweary words being uttered!!

Awww, I'm sure they loved their repaired toy...they just smelled bacon cooking or something...

C x

LittleBrownDog said...

I love reading these kind of posts - it's always fascinating to peer through a window into people's lives. Yours sounds very busy and productive - I found myself nodding away to several of your things - yes, whoever thought of putting a silly frilly scrap of fabric over the top of a jam jar? Completely ridiculous! Loved the image of the cat on the vibrating phone, and I lived in Malmesbury, too (wierdly). We've probably passed one another in the street - or even, possibly, in the jam-jar section at Knees...

French Fancy said...

I love reading these memes about my favourite bloggers. And as for your romantic hubbie - aw. I'm with you on wanting to see the Northern Lights - it's top of my 'things to see before I die' list.

Carol said...

Little Brown Dog - I love reading other people's Meme's too!!

The frilly things are just awful aren't they!! Why why why do they do that??

I knew that you lived somewhere in this area but didn't realise that you lived in Malmesbury...we should get together for a coffee sometime :-)

C x

Carol said...

French Fancy - You managed to sneak in there!!

Feel free to do this one...I know I would love reading your answers :-)

Yes, it was very romantic till he told me that he'd chosen the ramparts so he could throw me off if I'd said no!!

They just look amazing don't they!! Chris quite fancies it too so maybe one day....

C x

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I so echo you on fruit and travel!
Brilliant list of 8s! x

Carol said...

Absolute - That's because great minds think alike!! (We'll just ignore the 'fools seldom differ' bit :-D)

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh thank you for playing along! Say hi to your lovely mum from me. xo

Kevin Mullins said...

I love your "8 things I wish I could do" - very funny. I missed the art exhibition in the Abbey due to work commitments....and I'm at a wedding tomorrow so looks like I'll miss it completely ;-(

HelenMHunt said...

Ooh, you like lychees. I've got a story about lychees coming up in Woman's Weekly.

cheshire wife said...

Where do you find the time to do all of these things? I am struggling to keep breathing.

Congratulations on being accepted for the masters course.

Carol said...

DJ - You are very welcome and I will :-). Have a wonderful wonderful day today honey!!

Kevin - Awww, it's a shame your going to miss it (there are some lovely pictures) but work has to come first :-).

Helen - I adore Lychees!! I love fresh ones but if you get the tinned ones in syrup and pour a little of the syrup into vodka and soda and then pop in one of the fruits it make a most fabulous cocktail :-)

Cheshire Wife - I think it's because I'm not working at the moment...it'll change when I start my course!!

Thanks...I'm still ridiculously pleased about being accepted!!

C x

Queenie said...

The house next door is for sale, was that you looking round it yesterday? *quakes in boots*

Suburbia said...

I've done this one, but enjoyed reading yours!

Carol said...

Queenie - LOL....it might just have been....

Suburbia - I'll have to go back through your past posts and have a read :-)

C x

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