Friday, 3 July 2009

Splat Photo's

They were particularly dozy yesterday afternoon so I took the opportunity to take a couple of snaps....normally they don't sit still long enough and I end up with blurs!!. Anyway, hope you like them :-)


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Aw sublimely happy and contented furbabies hame wea their mammy and pappy! Your tabby cat is the image of my old cat Hamish who lived until he was 16. He was a great cat with a great temperament. Your cats are clearly at home.

Queenie said...

They are gorgeous and, as MOB said, they look very much at home. Which is which? (I'm sure you've said before, but I can't remember, sorry)

HelenMHunt said...

They are so gorgeous.

Carol said...

MOB - I am amazed at just how quickly they have settled!! They now pad around like they own the place and Lugs has discovered that he likes jumping out and attacking your leg when you reach the bottom of the stairs!!

Queenie - Lugs is the tabby with the wee stumpy tail and Gai is the fat white one!!

I still can't believe how beautiful Gai turned out...when we got him he was the ugliest wee thing I have ever seen!! Most of his fur had not grown in yet (rescue cat - we got him at 5 weeks old) and he looked like a plucked chicken...Gai in Thai means chicken!! Moon used to think it was hilarious that we had a cat called chicken :-D

Helen - I think they are but I might be slightly biased!! (Ok, very biased :-D)

C x

Anonymous said...

Both look so comfortable and contented. Gai sleeps like Spot - so elegant!

Love Mum x

Debs said...

What bliss. They look so relaxed and happy to be at home with you both.

Carol said...

Mum - He has absolutely no shame...two seconds after I had taken that photo he stuck all four feet out and lay there looking a bit like he'd been filleted!! He got all self conscious when I laughed and changed position (There would have been a photo otherwise :-D). Yes, just like Spot!!

Debs - Lugs crawled into bed with me last night. He curled up round my stomach and proceeded to purr so loudly I couldn't get to sleep!!

It's fab having them home!!

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Oh Carol they do look well and happy. I'm glad to see Gai is still on the portly side, bless him.

Carol said...

JJ - I know...I thought he would have lost weight in quarantine but would seem that nothing puts him off his food :-D

C x

DJ Kirkby said...


French Fancy said...

Oh what great pics. I love the way you've set them up against the figure - I presume it is from Thailand.

Your cats are gorgeous - you must be overjoyed to have them back with you

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Aw, so cute. Great pics. You must be so happy to be reunited with your babies! xx

Ann said...

Oh how beautiful they are Carol, your little family together once again.

They look very contented, especially in the last photo.

No problem at all getting onto your blog this time.

Carol said...

DJ - I thought you would like them :-)

French Fancy - hehehe, the figure is actually from France. We went on holiday to Carcassonne about 5 years ago (Actually Chris proposed to me on the ramparts of the medieval castle there...very romantic) and there were gargoyles everywhere. We just had to buy one (as you do!!).

I am over the moon to have them home :-)

Absolute Vanilla - It's lovely to have them padding about the place!! The house definately feels like home now :-)

Ann - beautiful and loud!! I was cooking with prawns yesterday and Lugs got one whiff of them and then miaowed constantly...I ended up having to give him one to shut him up!!

They look lovely in the last photo don't they :-)

C x

Blu said...

Ahhh thay look so at home now...pleased for you and the puddy tats.

ladyfi said...

That last photo is pure classic! So adorable! And my - they look very happy.

I'm quite taken with that gargoyle statue that is sticking its tongue out. What is it? Where did you get it? It's great!

Lily Sheehan said...

awww i really want one. I especially think the last one is a lovely pic.

Carol said...

Blu - I really can't believe that they have only been with us a almost feels like they were never away!!

Ladyfi - They quite often snuggle up together and go to sleep (they do look really cute when they do it!!)

Hehehe, I adore our gargoyle :-). We bought him when we visited Carcasonne in France about five years ago. They were were everywhere and we just had to have one!! (We got it as a keepsake because that was where Chris proposed....not sure what buying a Gargoyle says about us but hey....)

Lily - Ooohhh you should get one!! There is nothing quite like a wee furry purry creature padding about :-)

C x

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