Tuesday, 14 July 2009

New Painting

I have been saying for ages that I wanted to have a go at doing a painting based on one of the wonderful photo's that Blu from Blucamels in Brittany takes. (Her blog is fab so do pop over and say hi). So after checking that she wouldn't mind, I spent a rediculous length of time last week looking through her photographs attempting to choose one...not an easy task!! Anyway, I finally selected one and had a go.

I decided that instead of trying to re-create the photograph I would try and re-create the feel of it. I don't think I have done the photograph justice!! (Sorry Blu). Anyway, I said that I would share my efforts whether they were good, bad or ugly so

here is the gorgeous photo that Blu took

and here is my painting of it

and now I have to be honest and say that I actually like it better upside down!! (I discovered this when I was painting the sides of the canvass!!)

I still have quite a way to go on the painting front don't I!!
Still, practice makes perfect and all that :-)


DJ Kirkby said...

Photo and both paintings are gorgeous. It looks so different upside down! What made you think to turn it round?

Tam said...

Do you know, I like it both ways up (the painting, that is!). Fab!

SpiralSkies said...

I rather like the painting the 'right' way up... I will seriously have to commission you to paint something like that for my poor, bare walls. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like that idea...

Caroline said...

Love it! you're one creative ball of talent, Missy x

Lane said...

It's beautiful! I love the blues. How big is it?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

It's gorgeous - both ways up! xx

Carol said...

DJ - Awwww thank you hon!! I have to be honest and say that the painting really doesn't do the photograph justice but I had fun trying to create the feel of the place!!

It's a box canvass so I was painting the sides of it to finish it off and then thought 'Oh, I quite like it upside down!!' :-)

Tam - That is a really nice thing to say...I think it looks a bit like a Fairy Tree when it's upside down :-)

Spiral Skies - Thank you my dear...the more I look at it the more it's growing on me!!

You still have a picture to choose from the website for helping name the new blog you know!! (If you would rather have a painting then I'm sure I could come up with something :-D)

Caroline - That is such a lovely thing to say....not sure I agree with you but it's a lovely thing to say :-).

Lane - I enjoyed working with the different colours!! (Although it took me a good few layers of paint (and experimenting) to build up the background colour)

It's...erm...hold on *goes off to get a ruler*...23cm wide and 30cm tall. I've just been buying canvasses when I see them in sales so have not really been paying much attention to the sizes.

The first Bangkok painting was on a canvass that was only 20cm by 20cm, which was a bit too wee but quite good for not intimidating the living daylights out of me and for allowing me to experiment, but when Chris said he really liked it and would I do a bigger one I have to say that I had loads of fun when I re-created it onto a canvass which was 40cm wide and 50cm tall!! (It took bloody ages but I loved working on it!!).

C x

Carol said...

Absolute Vanilla - You managed to sneak in there!!

Thank you hon :-). I've got the Abbey Art Exhibition coming up on the 27th of July and I'm pondering whether to submit it as one of my five pieces of work. Do you think someone might want to part with money for it? (Our living room is slowly being taken over by paintings and I need to start saving for Chris's birthday!! Mind you, I'm not sure how well it will fit with my pen and ink stuff....hmmm)

C x

Amanda said...

I think it's FAB both ways up Carol x

JJ Beattie said...

I love it hon. At art school they used to tell us to try it all ways up, and check out the reverse - not that that's relevant with a canvas but still...

(I'm just astonished you can live with your paintings on your wall. I've always hated my own work in front of me like that!)

Carol said...

Amanda - Thank you *Grins*

JJ - I'm so glad :-). I remember you telling me that....was it a piece of sewing you had done? Yes, I think it was...your teacher turned it to the back and said that she found the back more interesting.

So am I!! I don't think I ever actually look at them...I'm just vaguely aware that they are there!! Do you not still have the figure drawing that you did up in the living room?

C x

cheshire wife said...

You have a much better imagination than I have and are also a far better artist than I am.

Amy P. said...

I really like your style, Carol. The colors and shapes are appealing. You're right about turning the painting upside down! Sometimes with paintings like that, I like to let the recipient (if you plan to sell it or give it away) decide which way is up, and therefore I only sign the back. Very well done, and I look forward to more!!!!

Carol said...

Cheshire Wife - Ahhh but I bet there are loads of things that you can do far better than me :-)

Amy - Thank you my dear :-). What I need to do is find some kind of class to join or to find myself a mentor who can make suggestions...at the moment I'm just struggling along doing my own thing!!

That's exactly what I plan to do :-). Whoever ends up with it can hang it the way they like it best...or even change it when the mood takes them :-D

C x

Anonymous said...

When did you start channeling Klimt. Love it either way up


Anonymous said...

I love it both ways too. Well Done You!!!
You could sign it sideways, then there's no problem whichever way up it sits. Looking forward to seeing all your paintings when I get there.

Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

ps What a beautiful photograph.

Love Mum x

Carol said...

Tomato - He snuck up on me when I wasn't looking!!! Damn that Klimt!!

Glad you like it hon. See you tomorrow :-)

Mum - :-D. I'm going to sign it on the back so that there are no problems!!

You'll be able to see some of them in the Abbey...the exhibition finishes on the 1st so I'll need to go and collect them ;-)

Blu is very talented and takes wonderful photographs....it was tough choosing just one!!

C x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I love the painting - either way. Best wishes. Lesley

Carol said...

Sea Blue - Welcome and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment :-)

Right, I'm off to have a nosey at your blog!!

C x

ladyfi said...

Cool painting! It works both ways for me - although I must say upside down is perhaps even better! Love the flowers that look like lollipops!

And yes - Blu takes fab photos, doesn't she?

Lily Sheehan said...

I like this. is a bit psychedelic in a way.

French Fancy said...

That's one of Blue's pictures that I haven't seen - you did pick a most beautiful one, Carol. I love your interpretation of it and can't decide which way up I prefer.

Debs said...

Love that photo. It doesn't look real somehow.

Your painting is fantastic, though I prefer it the right way up.

Kate said...

Wow, you are so fantastically talented, it's ridiculous!

Ann said...

Oh this is quite lovely Carol, it really is, I prefer it upside down as well.

Its surreal, ethereal, wow, you know I don't have a great understanding of painting's, but I know what I like, and this I like very much.

Pat Posner said...

My vote goes to 'right way up'. It's gorgeous, Carol, I just love the colours and shapes and want to know what it's like beyond the trees.


Kevin Mullins said...

Very cool - I would call it "Ambidexterious" (spelling?) because it's great whichever way you look at it. ;-)

Milla said...

I really like that, I love the sort of mille fiore (sp??) look of the round petally things. I like it both ways - er, have you tried it sideways??

Blu said...

Wow how lovely that you chose one of my favorite views, it is actually just a ditch in the forest but it has a little bit of magic for me.

I love your pictures...BRAVO xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jude said...

That painting is wonderful, either way...very Klimt..
I love the colours.
I'm going to nosey to see the rest of your blog!!

LittleBrownDog said...

I think it's gorgeous either way up - as someone else points out, very Klimt-esque. I also love your profile picture - do you really look like that?

Mark said...

Hey my comment didn't make it -I sent you a comment from Austria via blackberry.

The picture is great - and certainly best upside down because it has more 'feeling' and gives you more back that way. I think it would be good to do a painting of the painting - maybe all circles / dots and no tree trunks.

Have you decided on your course?



marc aurel said...

Your painting reminds me of the trees in the heaven like place in "The Subtle Knife".

♥ Braja said...

Blu always takes lovely photos, and you've done his beautiful photography justice in another medium....lovely painting :)

Carol said...

LadyFi - She takes wonderful photographs...I had a lovely time going through them all trying to choose one!!

Glad you like the picture...they do look a bit like lollipop's don't they!!

Lily - It is a bit isn't it!!

French Fancy - It is stunning isn't it!! She's a very talented lady :-). (I'm thinking about doing a slightly larger version)

Debs - It looks quite magical doesn't it!!

Kate - That is a really lovely thing to say. Thank you :-)

Ann - We'll make an art lover of you yet :-)

I'm really glad you like it...I didn't think I had managed to do the photo justice!!

Pat - It's funny how people have different preferences isn't it!! Now that I've lived with it for a bit I actually quite like it both ways but I'm definitely going to sell it as Chris is not a fan!!

Kevin - LOL. I have no idea how you spell it (and am not even going to try!!).

Milla - Hehehe, I've not tried it sideways but once I have finished typing this I'm going to go and turn it round to see what it looks like :-)

Blu - I am so so glad that you like it!! I was slightly worried that I was going to offend you!!

I think it's magical too!! I would love to see it in the flesh....take my paints along...maybe a picnic..

Jude - Welcome and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!! I shall pop over to yours later for a nosey :-)

Little Brown Dog - Unfortunately I do look like that :-). My best mate looked at the picture, looked at me and then laughed his head off!!

Mark - I'm really looking forward to catching up with your blog...your trip sounded like it was going to be wonderful!! (Wonder what happened to your comment :-()

That's a really interesting idea....I shall have a go at that!!

I have to make the course decision by Friday and have just completed some work that could give me another option. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I hear something back today!!

Marc - 'The Subtle Knife' is that the Philip Pullman book? (I've not read it so had to google 'The Subtle Knife')

Braja - Awww, that's a lovely thing to say. I'm really glad you like it :-)

C x

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