Monday, 8 June 2009

Random things

You know, I always laughed at how random our life was when we lived in Thailand....I'm now starting to think that it's got nothing to do with where we live and everything to do with us!!! You will never guess what we did on Saturday....

Our lovely neighbour, Rhiannon, arrived at our door at about 1.30pm and the three of us headed off to watch our first ever Polo match at the Beaufort Polo Club!! How is that for a rather random way of spending a Saturday? (We actually went via a wonderful place called The Veg Shed at Duchy Home Farm. It sells a brilliant selection of fresh organic vegetables...if you live in the area I highly recommend it!!). When we arrived we discovered that there was actually a major cup final taking place, The Arthur Lucas Cup Final and it was the Love Locks vs the Los Locas, so we were going to get to see the best of the best playing....not that I would know what a bad player was like but hey!!

The weather was cold and windy so we decided to stay in the car and watch the game from there (it was either that or freeze our butts off in the open air stands). We parked facing the pitch, opened our munchies and our bottle of wine (Now that is my kind of sport!!) and settled down to watch the game. It was quite fascinating.....the game seems to be played in 7 minute sets called Chukkas and you can play between 4 and 8 Chukkas per match (there were five in the one we watched) , players can change horses at any time during a chukka or between them (I had no idea how many horses were needed for a game of Polo!!) and once a team scores the goal ends change. I have to admit that I did get slightly baffled as to which team was aiming for which goal (nothing to do with the wine....honest!! but I did enjoy myself!! The noise of the horses thundering past was incredible and they did look rather majestic.

At half time we went out onto the pitch and took part in the tradition of 'divot stamping' (Julia Roberts eat your heart out!!) and had a giggle at some of the other spectators. I should probably explain that sentence!! There was a charity auction taking place in the Club House (I don't know what they were bidding for but there were some very big numbers being bandied about!!) and at half time lots of people emerged from the club house and descended upon the pitch all dressed up to the nines. Have you ever watched someone try to walk across muddy grass in a pair of high heels? There was a group of about 6 girls in very short dresses and very high heels trying to tiptoe across the grass in order to chat up the players....twas very funny!!

Love Locks won the game, they scored 6 goals to Los Locas's 4, and we decided to head back home after the award ceremony. I 'm not sure it's something I would want to do regularly but it's definitely a good day out!! I reckon we'll go again with a picnic when the weather is nice....maybe get a taxi so Chris can have a drink....


Ann said...

Sounds like a good day out Carol, especially as it was so unexpected, who would have thought it, our Carol playing with the toffs.

Liked the idea of sitting in the car eating and drinking, now that sounds like my kind of day out.

JJ Beattie said...

That sounds fun.

Lindsay said...

I used to visit The Veg Shed on the way back home from swimming at Calcot - it is a good place but I felt we were paying for too much for the extra weight of soil left on the veg. I now go to Chesterton Farm Shop - near Cirencester, they have a butcher as well.

Debs said...

Sounds like great fun.

My step-father is an excellent polo player, and I loved watching him before he retired from the game.

Debs said...

Game? Maybe that should be sport?? Shows how much I know about it.

Carol and Chris said...

Ann - It was definitely a glimpse into how the other half live...but hey, I had wine, crisps and chocolate so I was happy!! (It doesn't take much really!!)

Sounds like you idea of a good day out is the same as mine :-)

JJ - It was good fun and very different!! Daughter would have loved it!! (Erm, yours obviously!!)

Lindsay - Hmmmm, I never thought of that!! I was just really impressed by the quality....had half a pink grapefruit for breakfast today and it was lovely!!

Next time we're over Cirencester way I'll look out for it :-)

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - You sneaked in there!!

I couldn't get over the speed at which they played or how they managed not to hit each other!! It is certainly impressive to watch and I can imagine it would be great if you actually knew someone that was playing!!

Hehehehe....I have no idea whether it should be game or about we say 'since he stopped playing' :-)

C x

C x

HelenMHunt said...

I went to a polo match once and Prince Charles was playing. That was quite random!

Lane said...

I'm glad to see you went and stomped down the ground at half time. I bet those girls in high heels didn't:-)

Glad you had a good day out - and have lovely 'neigh'bours. Geddit? Neigh- bours:-)

Blu said...

How bluddy British...what fun eh.. I saw a match at Windsor Great Park and violent.

Glad that you are having fun x

Carol and Chris said...

Helen - That was very random...even more random than our visit!!

Lane - It was good fun...if a bit muddy!!

Hahahaha....that was very funny just like you to 'Horse' around :-D

Blu - I know!! It was a very British thing to do...I didn't know what to expect but I did enjoy it!!

C x

Kevin Mullins said...

Was Charlie there? He's practically a permanent fixture I believe. My ex-wife used to play Polo, but I had to chukka (poor, poor joke I know).

ladyfi said...

Sounds random! And fun!

What on earth is divot stamping? Or do you mean puncturing the lawn with high heels?

Carol and Chris said...

Kevin - No he wasn't but I did hear that he regularly frequents the place along with his sons!!

Oooohhh, that joke was awful!!! *chortles*

Ladyfi - It was definitely both :-)

When the horses gallop across the pitch their hooves throw up bits of grassy earth so at half time all the spectators go onto the pitch and put the clumps of grass back into the holes and stamp down on them.

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Yep...random! xo

Carol and Chris said...

DJ - It sure was!!

C x

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