Thursday, 25 June 2009

Other exciting things!!

I completely forgot to tell you that

I have lost a stone and a half in weight!! (Chris is now referring to me as his wee dissipating doughnut)

I joined the Malmesbury Art Society on Monday and took along some of my work. They are having an exhibition in the Abbey next month and they have invited me to take part *grins* so some of my pen and ink drawings and a couple of my paintings will be on sale in Malmesbury Abbey from July 27th till August 1st!! (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I sell a couple as that would be a great start to my 'saving for Chris's significant birthday' fund!!)

And last but certainly not least......

We go and pick up the splats on Sunday!! That's only another two days......OMG I can't wait!!! (Bet I don't sleep a wink on Saturday night!!)

I can't remember whether I told you or not but, since they have been in quarantine, the cats have had a lovely volunteer called Anita visiting them twice a week. It's meant a hell of a lot to us because we've just not been able to see them as often as we would have liked (it's a 5 hour round trip!!) so we've bought her a box of chocolates and I'm going to do a wee drawing for her today to say thank you. (She's so sweet, she told me that she's really going to miss them and has actually offered to look after them at her house if we want to go away on holiday and can't find someone to take care of them!!).

It's been a good week :-)


Pat Posner said...

Happy, Happy Splat Day!

Not long now


French Fancy said...

Oh what a great time you are having and I'm so proud of you for having lost so much weight. Actually I'm proud of you regardless. Hope you sell all your pictures and hurrah for the forthcoming Splat Day

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Firstly - thank God to find another Glaswegian to follow! Secondly - as you lived in Thailand do you like Thai food? I have just made Thai fish cakes - very low in carbs and calories and superbly tasty! Thirdly - what a superb weight loss - I am battling with my own as I have stacked on enough weight to create another human being from but am steadily losing some weight now. Fourthly - you like animals, me too and how excited you must be to have your furbabies home soon. Your excitement just jumps out of the page at your reader . Fithly - your are undertaking a degree - I did one before many years ago and am now doing an OU psychology Bsc Hons. Good for you and all the best with that. Sixthly – you have great taste as we both follow littlebrowndog’s blog – she is superbly witty and talented and a joy to read.

Well that’s it before you start to think of me as some kind of weirdo stalker! I am about as normal as they come although my husband disagrees at least one week of every month! Thanks for leaving such a great comment on my blog – I can’t take the credit for the superb quality of that post as it belongs to someone else – anonymous – but if you got as much as a laugh as I did then it is worth publishing it.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I also meant to say congrats on the exhibition as it is always great to hear of someone’s success. Hope you get some great sales out of it.

ladyfi said...

Great news about the exhibition and the impending homecoming of your two cats!

Carol said...

Pat - It's been a long six months but the end is in sight!!!

Hehehe, I think I shall now refer to the 28th of June every year as Splat Day and then I shall celebrate accordingly!! (I don't really need an excuse to consume wine but it never hurts to have one at the ready :-D)

French Fancy - That is such a lovely thing to say...thank you very much!! (I'm kind of proud of the weight loss too...especially since I regularly want to eat my body weight in chocolate!!)

I love the idea of having a day for people that love cats!! I should start a campaign to get the 28th officially called Splat Day. (Actually, it should always be the Sunday nearest the 28th then we could have Splat Sunday :-D). Now we just need a name for a dog lovers day....

(I think perhaps I need to get out more!!)

MOB - Yay to blogging Weegies!! I have added you to my blog list so I will not miss a post!!

Yes, I adore Thai food (your crab cakes sound fab!!) and am actually cooking Thai tonight :-). I'm making a dish called Klua Gling following a recipe given to me by Moon. It's made with pork mince, chilli, garlic and tons of lemon grass....very spicy and very gorgeous!! (If you fancy the recipe give me a shout).

Weight loss...bleurgh....there is nothing more depressing than trying to lose weight!! (Especially when you have a 6ft 3inch tall Husband who can eat what ever he likes without putting on a bean!! Not fair!!)

I sense many cat posts in my blogs have been warned :-)

I have so much respect for anyone that's undertaking an OU course as I've seen just how hard it is to find the time to fit everything in!! (My Mum did her English degree through the OU and I've been following French Fancy's progress as she goes through hers). I wish you all the best!!

Her blog is fab isn't it!! She has such an amazing way with words :-)

hahaha, your husband only thinks your abnormal one week of every month? Your lucky...mine reckons I'm bonkers all the time!! (He may have a point but don't tell him I said that!!)

Ladyfi - Everything seems to be coming's taken us a while...but we're getting there!! (a couple of months more and I think we'll probably be sorted!!)

C x

Debs said...

A stone and a half? That's fantastic, well done you.

Brilliant news about the exhibition too.

Hurray for Anita visiting the splats like she has been doing.

Lily Sheehan said...

Well done!! whats your secret??
good news about the exhibition and the splats are sooo cute

Blu said...

Well done you on all your new and good news! Love the picture of the Abbey, I went to see ruins of an abbey yesterday in a wee valley in the middle of a field.

DJ Kirkby said...

Yay about the splats! Oh and yay you! 'Fess up, how have you lost all that weight? Tell me, tell me...

Carol said...

Debs - I know!!! I can now fit into some clothes that I've not been able to wear for ages...tis a good feeling :-)

Anita has been wonderful!! She's kept in touch regularly and it really has been a comfort to know that she's been going in and playing with them for a couple of hours twice a week.

Lily - I've been watching what I eat, cutting down my portion size and doing some exercise!! Trying to be good during the week and then having what I want at the weekend to make the week bearable!!

Hehehe, I'm sure we will take loads of photo's of them exploring their new home!!

Blu - It's been a great week for me hasn't it :-).

Wow, the Abbey that you visited sounds amazing. I love visiting ruins...there is something quite magical about them!!

DJ - Yay indeed!! (Every time I think about it I get an excited fizzy feeling in my stomach!!)

I hate trying to lose weight...I figured that if I'm good five days out of seven then the weight will start to come off!! It's coming off slowly but it's coming off :-)

C x

HelenMHunt said...

I am sooooooo glad you are getting the splats back. You must have missed them so much x

BT said...

Oh well done on your weight loss. I need to lose about a stone and a half. I like food too much. I'm so happy for you and the splats. So good to have them back and what a find your cat visitor was. And congratulations on having your work on display too. I do hope you sell some for 'the fund'. Well done.

Tam said...

Blimey, there'll be nothing of you soon! Very well done on the art exhibition and so pleased for you on the splats. The puppy says 'Woof!". Taz-cat doesn't say anything becuase she's hiding under the bed :-)

Carol said...

Helen - I am so sad!! I've just cleaned the entire house from top to bottom so it looks nice for them coming home!! I am so excited I'm struggling to keep still!!

BT - You don't need to loose any weight at all....I thought you had a lovely figure when I met you at DJ's launch!!

Anita has been absolutely wonderful!! I got her address of her yesterday and once the splats are settled I'm going to take a few pictures and post them to her :-)

Tam - Oh how I wish that was true!! Unfortunately I've still got a fair bit to go but it's a good start :-).

Awww, give the puppy a big cuddle from me...and Taz-cat when she re-emerges from under the bed!!

C x

Lane said...

Today's the day!!! So exciting for you both -and the splats!

And yay to exibitions and weight loss too!


Queenie said...

What terrific news all round - very well done on the weight loss, I know how hard it can be. I look forward to splat photos very very soon.

ladyfi said...

So - have you got the cats back? Hope so!

Carol said...

Leigh - Welcome :-). Yes, it's a fab feeling being able to wear clothes that I've not been able to in a while!!

I'm definitely going to get a copy of your sounds really intriguing and right up my street!! I'm not sure I'll be able to make Bath on the 18th (I'm going to be in London from the 15th to the 17th and a friend is travelling back with me to stay for the weekend) but if we don't make it then I will order a copy and take you up on the virtual signature :-)

Good luck with it all

Lane - I've just blogged about their arrival!! It was a bit traumatic but it's so so nice having them around. I've just spent ages playing with them and giggling as they jumped around after their toy :-D

Queenie - I can't wait to hear how the writing holiday went!! Camera's will be out in the next couple of days and splat photo's will definitely be making an appearance!!

Ladyfi - They are back and running around making the same amount of noise as a small herd of elephants!! It's lovely :-D

C x

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