Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sofa so good!!

Wooooooo Hoooooooo

(I slipped at the top of the stairs the other night (No, I wasn't drunk at the time!!) and skidded down them on my bum. I am so happy that I now have somewhere comfortable to park my bruised derrière!!)

Oh, and we have another reason to celebrate!! One month today and the splats will be back with us!! Which give me an excuse to post some pics.

When they were babies!!


'Erm, I'm not sure this sink is big enough for the both of us!!'

'What ever it was we didn't do it!!'

and just because I love this picture. Doesn't he look gorgeous!!


Helen said...

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Queenie said...

Lovely! Make the most of its beautiful newness, because once your cats come home - if they're anything like mine - the front will be shredded.

Carol and Chris said...

Queenie - It's lovely and soft and comfortable and I love it!!

Yes, Chris and I did talk about that but I have to say that they are actually not too bad!! We have two HUGE cat climbing frames so they do tend to stay away from the furniture!! (You can see a bit of one in the's the orange thing with the holes in it!!)

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Awwwwwww, they are so gorgeous. I bet you can't wait.

Ann said...

Beautiful sofa, looks so comfortable, the cats are gorgeous too, they look like Tommy and Charlie, my dogs cuddle up together.
I love how one cat is looking down at the other in the frames, very cute, they are definitely a couple of characters.

I have had to put a couple of vet blankets over the leather couch in the dining room, plus a large blanket underneath, their feet were scratching the leather, and it was a case of, oh jeez, look at this, or Charlie did you really have to take a bone onto the couch and eat it, or Tommy, why is half a muddy tree on the couch, so this way, its spares the couch a little, does not look very pretty, but who cares.

ladyfi said...

What adorable, and slightly mischievous-looking, cats.

Hurray for soft padding for your bottom - I'm referring to the sofa, of course!

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - I really can't wait...I am missing them soooo much!! The closer we are getting to them coming home the more excited I am getting!!

Ann - Both Chris and I have fallen asleep on it already (the party animals that we are!!).

It's lovely when they snuggle up together...they manage to look cute for about two minutes and then they have a fight!! They are definately both characters and they both make me laugh out loud at their antics!!

We talked about getting a leather sofa but decided against it. We had a leather chair in Thailand which both of them would leap upon, stick their claws in and then kind of swing about on it (the chair had wheels). The thing looked like a pin cushion!!

Ladyfi - They are very mischievous!! Lugs (the stripy one) is good and does what he's told but Gai just looks straight at you and continues doing what he's doing..wee bugger!!

LOL at the soft padding....I think that description covers both me and the sofa!!

C x

Lane said...

That's a very fine sofa. Just right for resting a bruised bum:-)

Only one month to go! Then you can post photos of them exploring their new home!

Debs said...

Ouch, glad you have such a comfy sofa!

Love the pics of the splats, you must be missing them dreadfully.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh the splats will love shedding all over their new sofa. What will you and Chris sit on? Such gorgeous photos!

Mark said...

Hello Carol. I came here after you posted a comment on my blog - turns out you live down the road; I divide my time between Chippenham Wiltshire (I work in Swindon, though not full time) and Pembrokeshire (home)

Cats - never quite sure about cats - nice, but I always have the feeling they are sneering at me - they probably are. Our neighbours have four who terrorise our dog - serves her right, I say!

I'll keep looking to see how they get on.

HelenMHunt said...

They are beautiful. I'm so glad they'll be back with you soon xxx

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - Oh that comment about taking photo's of the cats exploring their new home gave me a wee shiver of excitement!!

Debs - Hehehe, not as glad as I am!!!

I can't wait till our furry bundles are back with us!!

DJ - The shedding I can cope with it's the cat yak I have issues with!!! Do you think I might be able to train them to yak on the tiled floor and not on the carpeted bits? (or on the sofa?).

Hahaha, we have a chair too so I can see Chris and I fighting over who gets the chair whilst the splats sprawl on the sofa!!

Mark - Welcome and thanks for leaving a comment :-). I didn't realise that we were neighbours!!

Hahaha, my Mum has a fridge magnet that states 'Your not anyone till you have been ignored by a cat' so maybe you have a point there!!

Helen - I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!

C x

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