Friday, 22 May 2009

I have a guilty pleasure!!

I can't believe that I am actually going to admit this...... (I hope that you will all still speak to me after I admit this)

I love
I do......I can't help it!! There are loads of reasons that I shouldn't like it.....

It's about cars - I don't drive and have absolutely no interest in cars
It has Jeremy Clarkson in it - the most smug man on tv!!
Erm....did I mention that it's about cars? (Actually I don't need any other reasons.....I think that those are reason enough!!)

So why oh why do I find myself stopping at the Dave channel if it's on and then......*hangs head in shame* giggling my way through it. (I know......shocking isn't it!!!). I adore the long-distance races that typically feature one of the presenters driving a car in a race against another form of transport (plane, train or ferry), the challenges make me laugh out loud (who could forget the one that featured a nun driving a monster truck) and I am tragically interested in finding out where the 'star in a reasonably priced car' has come on the leader board after doing a lap of the Top Gear test track!! (Yes, I know who currently holds the top's Jay Kay.....OMG it's worse that I thought.....I need help!!!!)

I've admitted mine (which I believe is the first sign of recovery!!) it's time for you to admit yours!! Go on.....what's your guilty pleasure?


Kevin Mullins said...

Midsomer Murders... I love it. It reminds me a lot of Malmesbury - have you noticed Malmesbury has its own "everything", just like Midsomer. It's own flying monk, its own medievial abbey, its own naked gardeners, its own music festival, its own airport (well, Kemble), apart from John Nettles (and the murders luckily), its identical.

Lindsay said...

I like Top Gear too! I loved the one where three container lorries were loaded up with a mini (no breaks), a BBQ and a birthday cake. I remember Jeremy's truck burst into flames!

SueG said...

I love Top Gear too! We watch it as a family all the time. But my real guilty pleasure is that late in the aftrenoon I love watching stupid stuff on tv, mostly repeats of US sitcoms (like Scrubs or Frasier), but also...wait for it...Deal or No Deal. Oh no, now I've lost all credibility

Carol and Chris said...

Kevin - LOL...I'd not noticed that Malmesbury has it's own 'everything' but now that you mention it....

I've not seen Midsomer Murders in years. I will have to keep a look out for it on TV.

Thanks for sharing your guilty pleasure...makes me feel a bit better for admitting to mine :-)

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Lindsay and Sue - You both sneaked in there!!

Lindsay - Yay!!! I am so glad that it's not just me!!! Hehehe, I remember that one too...the look on his face was priceless!!

Sue - Wooo hooo to Top Gear fans!!!

Scrubs and Frasier I can understand but Deal or No Deal??

C x

Queenie said...

Top Gear makes me laugh. My guiltiest pleasure is re-reading Chalet School books. They're terrible, and I love them.

Debs said...

I love watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and Peter & Katie: Stateside - NOW who's hanging her head in shame...

JJ Beattie said...

I think you already know waaaaay too many of my secrets!

But since we're confessing... I rather fancy Jeremy Clarkson!

Midsommer Murders is on the Hallmark channel here and when BBC Entertainment closes down, that'll be my TV staple!

Carol and Chris said...

Queenie - I am rather thrilled that it's not just me!!

Chalet School books...I've never heard of them....I can feel a google coming on!!

Debs - Peter and Katie...hehehe, you should be hanging your head in shame :-)

I'm now going to have to google Chalet School books and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

C x

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - You sneaked in too!!

OMG Please tell me that's not true....Jeremy Clarkson....nooooooooo (I want you to know that I am now pissing myself laughing!!!).

Was going to write something sensible about Midsommer Murders but I can't....I'm still in shock about your Jeremy Clarkson revelation!!

C x

Lily Sheehan said...

I love it too. i pretend to my boyf i hate it so i get to watch an extra program that i like lol

Carol and Chris said...

Lily - Damn....I wish I'd thought of that!!! LOL

C x

French Fancy said...

I'm trying to think about a guilty secret but I really can't find one. I'm not very good at keeping anything secret - it would be bound to come out if I did . I don't watch soaps, read trashy novels or magazines, um - I like Michael Ball's voice - will that do?

Ann said...

Oh dear Carol, oh dear, worse than watching TopGear, you mentioned that name, Jamiroquai.
Cannot finish this, or think of my guilty secret ( you do mean on TV of course ), my two dogs are digging my arm, one on each side, they want me to take them round the field, if I don't, the arms will be rendered useless.

ladyfi said...

That's hilarious! My guilty pleasure is that I enjoy.. er... High School Musical.. but please don't tell anyone!

SpiralSkies said...

I rather like Top Gear too. In the annual (I bought for my son, not myself - honest!) they have a map of the world that's hilarious. I'm going to invite James May round for tea one day.

But my worst ones are Emmerdale and The Bill. I know. Sorry. Oh, the shame.

HelenMHunt said...

I have too many to count really. Simon Cowell. Back to back old episodes of Friends. Ditto, Morse and Poirot. Jason Donovan. Doctors. Diagnosis Murder. Oh dear, I'm very sad. I'll stop now.

Lane said...

I luuurve Top Gear. And loud and proud about it too:-) And it links very nicely to my guilty secret which just happens to be a crush on James May.
Other guilty secrets (of which there are many) are watching American sitcoms - Scrubs, Everybody Hates Chris etc and reading daughter's Heat magazine. I have no shame:-)

Hullaballoo said...

Eastenders and Doctors, and Bobo knows about neither of them lol. How tragic am I?

DJ Kirkby said...

I love Top Gear and don't have a lot of choice in ahouse full of males anyway but my guilty pleasure is reading the lol cats captions on the I Can Has Cheeseburger site every day. Yep, I know, 'saddo'...but they make me smile. x

Tam said...

I'm a bit worried now...I've found myself nodding to pretty much EVERY guilty pleasure mentioned on here so far and I didn't even know some of them should be guilty!

I love TG and once had a saucy dream about Jeremy but in my waking moments I'd snog Richard Hammond (with the aid of a stepladder, of course).

Ann said...

My guilty pleasure is Thornton's toffee, we don't get it over here, unless you travel to Limerick ( an hour and twenty minutes, yes I have often made the trip just for toffee, Dublin, nearly 3 hours away ), when anybody comes over, they bring me boxes of the delicious delight, I gaze in adoration at the beautiful boxes, rip them open, and devour the contents, trying to eat it without the dogs demanding, found the best way to do that, is get a high ladder, and sit on top of the chimney pots.
My TV guilty pleasure, " The Clangers ", I look up the childrens programmes to see when it is on, sit there, eyes agog, toffee in hand, can life get any better than that.

Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - I'm rubbish at keeping secrets too!! (well, mine anyway...I can keep them for other people!!). Which is why i found myself admitting to my top gear love!!

Yep, I think Michael Ball will do :-)

Ann - Hehehe, I did hang my head in shame!!

Did you take the dogs for a walk or did they take you for one?

Ladyfi - Your secret is safe with me!! (I've not seen High School Musical...but I bet I would like it...even though I know I shouldn't!!)

Spiral Skies - Yeah right...bought the annual for your son....I'm so not believing you :-). I like James May but I do think his hair is in need of saving!!

Helen - I was sitting here feeling all smug till I got to Doctors and Diagnosis Murder *whispers* I rather like them too!!

Lane - Oh that made me laugh!! I tease my Mum about having a thing for him....she claims she doesn't but I don't believe her...she protests waaaaaay too much!!!

I'm not a huge fan of American sitcoms but then being in Thailand for two and a half years...I've not seen many of the recent ones!!

Hullabahoney - I'm with you on Doctors but Eastenders....nope....your on your own there!!! How have you managed to hide these from Bobo?

DJ - I've never heard of that site...must go and check it out :-)

Tam - LOL....even with Jason Donovan??

OMG saucy dreams about Jeremy Clarkson....I think that would be my worst nightmare!!! Although I did once dream that I worked for them!!!

Richard Hammond is by far the best looking of the three :-)

Ann - LOL....I can't remember the last time I had toffee (I'm sure my Mum used to give it to me when I was little to shut me up!!)

I do like the Clangers....they are very cool...not a guilty secret at all!!

C x

LittleBrownDog said...

Guilty secret? Too many to list. Mind you, I haven't quite succumbed to Top Gear yet. ...although Dragon's Den and The Apprentice are beginning to have a strange allure...

Many thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Whereabouts in Wiltshire are you? We could be neighbours.

Carol and Chris said...

Little Brown Dog - I am very impressed that you've not succumbed to Top Gear...give it time :-). I've not really seen any of the The Apprentice but I do quite like Dragon's Den...some of the pitches are just bizarre!!

Your very welcome...I think your blog is great :-).

We're in

C x

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