Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Family get together

One thing that is really nice about being back in this country is actually being able to go to big family events. I felt absolutely awful that we missed my cousin's wedding in 2007 so there was no way that we were going to miss the Christening of his first child!!! Can you guess what we did yet?? Yep, on Friday after Chris had finished work we drove up to Scotland (yes, again....We've been up and down so bloomin often now that I think the car may know how to get there on it's own!!) so that we could be there for the pre-christening family get together. I'm so glad we made the effort!!

We all met up in one of my favourite places, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, in Glasgow's West End.

(you know what I'm like for my historical stuff so just skip this bit if your not interested!!). For those of you that have never been it is worth going just to look at the building itself never mind what is housed within!! It comprises of a cenral/music hall which gives easy access to all the other parts of the building, a suite of top-lit art galleries and a number of museum halls, some roof-lighted and some side-lighted. The architecture combines a variety of styles but the best description is probably Spanish Baroque as the two main towers were inspired by those of the great pilgrimage church, Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, which is in Northeast Spain. It first opened it's doors to the public on the 2nd of May 1901, now houses one of the finest civic collections in Europe and is the UK's most visited museum outside of London!! (If that's not enough to entice you........Kelvingrove has one of the top three collections of arms and armour in the world, it is home to Salvador Dali’s iconic painting Christ of St John of the Cross and it's Natural History collection contains over 400,000 specimens from all over the world). It's absolutley fantastic!!

Anyway, we all met up there because my Uncle is a renowned organist and he was giving a public recital on Saturday (he's been playing the organ at Kelvingrove since 1969....that was before I was born!! If you look closly at the photo you can see him). I have to be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of organ music but he does play beautifully and with the acoustics in that building....well, it was just wonderful!! What made it extra special was that it was the first time the whole family (that side of it anyway) has been together in about four years!! Chris and I finally got to meet Derek's wife Anne (who is just lovely!!) and their son Robin (He is soooo cute....obviously gets it from Anne's side of the family *grins*). We also got to meet Colin's girlfriend Megan (Colin's my other cousin) and Anne's Mum and Dad. Awwww, we had such a lovely afternoon catching up. When it was time for us all to go our seperate ways Chris and I had a meander round the Art Gallery (which was fab....they had an 'expressions' exhibition on which is what the picture is of!!) and then went for a drink down Ashton Lane (which is a real buzzy area of Glasgow and great for people watching!!)

On Sunday we were up early to make our way over to Glasgow Cathedral for the Christening service. Not being religous, I knew where it was but had never been inside it before. Gosh it is absolutley beautiful!!!

The history of the cathedral is linked with that of the city, and is allegedly located where the patron saint of Glasgow, Saint Mungo, built his church. (The tomb of the saint is in the lower crypt). The building is a superb example of Scottish Gothic architecture ans it is also one of the few Scottish medieval churches (and the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland) to have survived the Reformation unroofed. Technically, the building is no longer a cathedral, since it has not been the seat of a bishop since 1690 but, like the vast majority of pre-Reformation cathedrals in Scotland, it is still a place of active Christian worship, hosting a Church of Scotland congregation. From what I can gather (I could be wrong here) the majority of the building dates from the late 13th century!!

The Christening was lovely....the choir sung beautifully and I was very impressed that there was not a peep out of Robin (even when he was getting water sprinkled over his head!!). After the ceremony we were all invited over to the St Mungo centre for lunch....all too soon it was time for us to say our goodbuy's and head back to Malmesbury. It was brilliant seeing everyone and I hope that we won't have to wait another four years till we do it again!!


BT said...

Ooh, first to comment. Well, what an amazing time you had and how fantastic to meet up with that side of the family, having missed the wedding previously. The baby looks sooo cute. I'm so impressed with your Uncle sitting at that huge organ. I love organ music, it reminds me of school as we used to have one in the school hall which our lovely music teacher used to play on occasions. We'd walk into assembly to 'Toccata and Fugue', not many people were that lucky.

The art gallery building looks amazing and the cathedral (that isn't)!! Thanks for your history lessons, excellent. I must go one day. The only time I visited Glasgow was going to a 'ban the bomb' march in 1960something, hundreds of years ago!



PS, I had an 'I don't know what to blog about' day yesterday, thus the meme! Let me know if you do it.

Kevin Mullins said...

I was in Glasgow a few weeks back for the rugby. Lovely city - I never got as far as the art gallery I'm afraid, but I did sample lots of very fine drinks! Family events are great - I remember the christening of my little daughter just last summer - nice times when everyone is together.

Carol and Chris said...

BT - It really was lovely to see everyone and you will be delighted to hear that as part of his recital he did indeed play Toccata and Fuge by Dietrich Buxtehude!!

I like learning about the places I visit and can never resist sharing!! Glasgow is a stunning city and it was no surprise that it won the accolade of UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999.

I'll let you know if I do the meme :-)

Kevin - The next time your in Glasgow I can highly recommend giving the gallery a visit...you won't be disappointed!!!

LOL at sampling lots of very fine drinks!! It would have been rude to visit Glasgow and not sample any!!

It is lovely to get everyone together...what is it people say....you only ever get to see family at hatches, matches or dispatches!!

C x

ladyfi said...

Ooh - I love the fabulous art gallery and those floating faces...

cheshire wife said...

What a busy weekend you had. I did not know that Glasgow had so much to offer.

Thank you for your recent comments on my blog.

Ann said...

Two things made my heart skip a beat, the Saltire, and the wonderful Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, I spent so much of my time there when growing up in Glasgow, everytime I go home, it is the first place I head for, then The Burrel collection.

You all look to have had a wonderful time.
Beautiful baby.

DJ Kirkby said...

Great photos. What a good baby! Glad you had fun with your family. I've never been to Scotland but my bloodline is supposed to come from one of the towns called Kirkby, not sure which one though.

Carol and Chris said...

Ladyfi - I was rather taken with those floating faces too!! They looked stunning and I have a whole load of photo's of them that look surprisingly similar!!

Cheshire Wife - Glasgow is my home town so it's really where my heart lies!! It has tons of things to offer....great restaurants, great pubs, loads of places to hear live music, good theatres and your only an hour away from Loch Lomond (which is just breathtakingly beautiful!!)

Ann - Welcome and thank you so much for leaving a comment. (I shall be popping over to your blog directly!!).

I know exactly what you mean because I feel the same way when I read other people's blogs. It's a tug at the heart strings isn't it :-). I've not been to the Burrel collection for years....it's actually not far from where my Mum lives so, if we have time, perhaps I shall go the next time we visit!!

He is a real wee cutie!!

DJ - He was good as gold....I was very impressed!!

You should definately visit....I think you would love the countryside there!! Lots of trees, mountains and rugged coastline...

Oh, I took a bench photo for you...must e-mail it over to you :-)

C x

Carol and Chris said...

Ann - I couldn't access your blog (not sure why) but just wanted to say that you are definately a woman after my own heart!! You listed buying shoes and bags under your interests :-)

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Oooh, it looks as though you had a lovely time. My feeds have only just told me about this post... but you published it yesterday? Hmmm.

And it's the second Robin baby I've heard of in recent days... You'll know why that's interesting!

HelenMHunt said...

Brilliant. Glad you had such a good time.

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - We had a great time....it was nice to be going up to Scotland for a happy reason!!

It's a lovely name so I'm not surprised that there are more popping up!! We thought they should have gone with Ignatius but they were having none of it!!

Helen - It was lovely!! I couldn't believe that it was the first time that I had met my cousin's wife!!

C x

French Fancy said...

How fabulous - the buildings, (I love that art gallery - it's my sort of place), the family togetherness, Robin, your joy and delight after all the troubles of late - I'm so happy for you both.


Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - I had a feeling that you would like the art gallery :-D.

It was lovely having something to celebrate!!

C x

Ann said...

Carol, sorry, been so busy, work piling up, its all this pole dancing, makes me dizzy.
It does tug at your heart, which is nice.
Please don't shout at me Carol, oh its okay, shout away, have my ipod on, I preferred the gallery before its massive make over, it did not have my beloved art gallery smell, and the years of thousands of weans fingerprints all over everywhere, mine included, took me a while to get used to it, oh and it did look much cleaner and brighter, I suppose we just get used to what we love, and when it changes, it was a bit of a shocks the system.
My family live not too far away from the Burrell collection.
I don't have a blog, prefer to just read and comment, and yes indeed, I do love shoes and bags, and boots, long coats, and perfume and, and, and, and.
Live long and prosper.

Carol and Chris said...

Ann - Don't worry...I'm not going to shout (your too far away to hear it anyway!!). It's been so long since I visited, honestly it's been about 10 years, that I don't really remember it the old way!! I just remember it as somewhere I loved visiting :-)

Ah, that would explain why I couldn't access your blog then :-).

Try not to spin too hard...I would imagine barfing on the customers is a no no :-D

C x

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