Monday, 11 May 2009

Brilliant weekend.....Radio 1 Rocks!!!!

We're back in sunny Malmesbury, I am now snot free (although I think I may have passed my germs to Chris's entire family!!) and I have lost 9lbs so I'm happy as a wee clam!!! *am doing a subdued happy wiggle in my chair* (We're still sitting on garden furniture and I don't want to risk a proper happy wiggle in case it collapses and I land on my backside which is entirely possible since they are not the most robust chairs!! Oh, and if you are thinking that you read somewhere that we had ordered a did....the bloody thing didn't fit and we've had to re-order it!!!). Aherm, I appear to have digressed somewhat.....

After spending the week clearing Chris's Mum's house we decided that what we really needed was some rest and relaxation....I don't know what happened to that idea since we definately didn't rest, or relax for that matter, but we did have a bloody brilliant weekend which did us both the power of good!!! My Mum bought us a fab Moroccan cookbook so on Friday Chris and I decided that we would spend the afternoon pottering about in the kitchen cooking up a storm and drinking wine (what can I say.....we both like the Keith Floyd method of cooking!!). We made Quotban with Ma'quoda which was followed by Tamra Bil Gooz (can you tell I have the cookery book in front of me?).....otherwise known as lamb kebabs glazed with a harissa and tomato sauce served with spiced potato cakes followed by date and nut candies. We had a great night.....listened to music, bleathered and drank waaaay too much wine!!! (It always seems like such a great idea at the time!!!)

It didn't feel like such a great idea when we had to get up early on Saturday morning to get ready to head into Swindon for Radio 1's Big Weekend (thankfully neither of us were hung over but we were both definately dehydrated!!!). We ended up getting there early and spent a very entertaining hour and a half people watching!! Honestly, can anyone tell me what on earth is going on with people's hair these days? (notice I did refrain from saying young people's hair) When did the lopsided, matted and badly dyed look come in? and what is with the fringe that starts at the back of your head? To me that is what men do when they are going's called a comb over and is really not a good look for anyone!! (Sigh....I'm getting old arn't I!!). Anyway, we ended up being amongst the first people to get into the park which meant that we were very near the front when Edith Bowman came out with her loudspeaker and camera crew. She started making her way along our line interviewing people......Chris and I just looked at each other then attempted to blend with the fence in the hope that she wouldn't come over (I didn't do too badly but when you are 6ft 3 and wearing a bright red Hong Kong Phooey T-shirt blending is not that easy!!!). Now, what Chris will tell you is that he was sexually harrassed by Edith Bowman.....what actually happened was.....She made a bee line straight for him ( should have seen the look on his face!!!) but as she got closer I think she sensed his 'Oh dear lord I don't want to be on camera don't come and talk to me' vibes because she just patted him on his chest and said 'I love love love Hong Kong Phooey' whilst he mumbled cheers and looked generally horrified!! (I was very supportive.....I laughed!!). She then announced that the Big Weekend was officially open and the crowd went absolutely wild...I tell you, the sound of 20,000 people cheering was absolutely electrifying!!

I have been to a few gigs in my time (the Foo Fighters and BB King were two of the best) but have never been to a music festival before. I loved every single second of it!!! There were four main areas where you could go and hear bands, the Main stage, the In New Music We Trust stage, the Introducing stage and the Outdoor stage, as well as loads of stalls selling all sorts of things. We made the most of it (if you click on the links you will be able to see what we saw or if you have free view you can watch highlights on chanel 301)....we saw Stornoway, The Saturdays (they were surprisingly good), The King Blues (incredible live...was knackered just watching them), Florence & The Machine (they were absolutley mesmerising. Florence's voice is incredible and she sounds exactly the same live as she does recorded which is pretty impressive!!), Deadmau5 (not really my thing), The Script (we only saw a wee bit cause we went to Florence & The Machine's acoustic set and were blown away by it!!) , Friendly Fires (They were utterly brilliant!!), Jack Penate (superb!!), Doves (what can I say....of course they were fab!!), The Temper Trap (up and coming band....definately one to watch!!), Kasabian (was a bit dissapointed to be honest) and last but defintately not least Snow Patrol (phenominal....gave me goose bumps.....if you get the chance go and see them!!). By the end of the day Chris and I were absolutely knackered and we both had sore feet and aching backs from standing so long but neither of us would have missed it for the world!!!


French Fancy said...

Oh what a fabulous and fun blogpost. Shame about the sofa but you've made me want to see Snow Patrol - I adore their music (and I've got to own up to not having heard of some of the others)

You've made me really look forward to our July festival (Killers and Sprinsgteen).

glad you are happy and cooking and joyous


ladyfi said...

Sounds like a fun weekend with music, food, wine and laughter!

Had to laugh at your description on people wearing their fringes on their necks!

Kevin Mullins said...

The festival sounded like fun. I had a load of friends who went and they all had a blast!

Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - I can't tell you how much I am hoping that I will get a call any day now to say that the sofa is's hideous not being able to be comfy!!

To be honest, I had not heard of all of them either although I was surprised at how many of the songs I knew!! Your going to have a blast at the festival....I can't wait to read all about how you get the Killers will be fab!!

LadyFi - It was a wonderful weekend and just what the doctor ordered!!

Is it just me that doesn't get the whole fringe thing that seems to be the trend at the moment? It just looks so daft!!

Kevin - It was superb...I love music and to be able to hear so many bands in one day was amazing!! (even if I was walking like an old woman by the end of it!!)

C x

Debs said...

Nine pounds is brilliant, and the sound of your cooking is making me hungry.

Poor Chris in his Hong Kong Phooey t-shirt, so funny.

Blu said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, which probably did you plenty of good. Hair cuts..phases? fads fashion who knows...not so painful as a tattoo!!!

Lane said...

First of all, just let me stop dribbling over your Moroccan food. Delish indeed!

Your weekend sounds fab. So glad poor Chris wasn't cornered by Ms Bowan (although would have like to have seen that on TV:-)

And yes, what is it with the hairstyles? The big fringe is weird - as is the extreme side parting which starts at the ear.

Hope the next sofa arrives quickly and is a perfect fit:-)

HelenMHunt said...

Wow! What an amazing time you've been having xxx

Pat Posner said...

Great post, Carol
So glad you both had such a good time.

JJ Beattie said...

Oh what a fantastic day that sounds... Glad to see you back and non snotty.

Queenie said...

Sounds terrific! I can't cope with standing for hours any more, though - I decided I was past it after the last gig I stood through, four hours in the pouring rain, the music was wonderful so it was just about worth it but I am never ever doing that again (even without the rain) as it took me days to recover.

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - I know....I was completely thrilled when I stood on the scales this morning!!!

Poor Chris was hilarious...I wish I had had my camera cause the look on his face really was priceless!!

Blu - We had a fab time and it definately did us both good.

LOL....I have three tattoo's but found looking at those hair styles on Saturday much more painful :-D

Lane - It turned out really well and was surprisingly easy....although the date and nut candies were surprisingly hard (they worked better when we cut them into bite size pieces)

LOL. I had forgotten about the weird side parting!!

Oh, the sofa can't come quick enough!!!

Helen - It was brilliant and the best thing about it was that it was completely free!!!

Pat - We were really lucky to get tickets :-)

JJ - I'm glad to be back and non snotty!! I'd forgotten just how miserable a cold can make you!!

Queenie - Blimey....four hours in the rain doesn't sound good!! (but at least the music was worth it...would have been much worse if it had been crap!!).

We got there about 10.30am and left about 10pm and I think we probably sat down for about half an hour in that entire time (My back is still a bit sore!). We did see an older couple with fold up chairs....Chris had chair envy for the rest of the day

C x

Milla said...

heard Snow Patrol "live" on R2 yesterday (yes, yes, I know, so un-happening cf you R1 groovster). Dead good. And so with you on modern hair. Can i sound like my granny for a moment and say, "such a shame, she'd be such a pretty girl if she just ..." and I must say, too, that your blog is looking very smart, all those cleverly inserted photos and so on.

French Fancy said...

Forgot to say a hearty Well Done on losing 9lbs. With such fantastic recipes afoot how on earth have you done it?

Carol and Chris said...

Milla - hehehehe....we have been known to listen to a bit of radio 2 you know and are rather partial to the odd political comedy on radio 4 (we even used to listen to them in Thailand...not very rock n roll :-D)

LOL at your 'such a shame' comment....I find myself muttering things like 'For god sake can they not buy a pair of trousers that actually fit'...the low slung bum look does nothing for me!!

And thank you for the lovely compliment you've made my day :-)

French Fancy - Thank you my dear (I am rather chuffed with myself!!). I've cut out the booze during the week, cut back on the chocolate and am making sure that most meals are grilled and include vegetables. (Ha, notice that I still drink at weekends and still eat is just too short to give up everything!!!)

C x

C x

The Accidental Fan said...

Good afternoon Cx. Its been a gas reading through that post ;-)

I presume that Chris has his arm around you (left in the picture) and not some random bimbo?

Carol and Chris said...

TAF - hehehe....I think he had his hands firmly wedged into his pockets as he tried to blend with the fence!! Plus he is waaay to smart to put his arm round some random bimbo...he knows what would happen to him if he did!!

C x

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase an old gag, thats no random bimbo, thats my wife...

Does that make you a specific bimbo?

And yes, you asked for that!


The Accidental Fan said...

Yeah, Chris doesn't mind if it is specific or random ;-)

Carol and Chris said...

OOOOhhhhh you are going to be in so much trouble when you get home!!!


C x

Carol and Chris said...

you sneaked in there

TAF - Don't encourage him!!!

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like a great weekend, congrats on the wieght loss, almost makes the cold worth it eh? Can you pass your germs onto me please? I'd like to lose a couple of stone by the end of July.

Carol and Chris said...

DJ - LOL....I'll have to come to Portsmouth and breath on you!!

C x

Ps. You don't need to lose any weight're lovely just the way you are!!

French Fancy said...

I've sneaked on here to see if you have email notification when somebody leaves a post - I've got a secret to tell you and that's why I'm on here. Just say yay (you can't say nay if you don't get told when people leave mails) and I'll be back


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