Friday, 15 May 2009

A Few Random Things

I have some rather random things that I would like to share with you :-)

First, we had a lovely anniversary (thanks for all the good wishes yesterday). Chris started feeling a bit better in the afternoon so we did indeed celebrate. I got a card, a stunning bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champaign and dinner cooked for me!! (Sirloin steak served with potatoes and a kind of garlic, onion and mushroom sauce followed by a hot sticky chocolate mouse thing...yum!!). I was rather proud of myself....I managed to track down the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Chris is into all things Sci-Fi so I got him.....wait for it......Space Food!!! Seriously, I bought him genuine pouches of Space Food that were developed for the Apollo missions by NASA. Neapolitan, Mint Choc Chip and a Vanilla ice cream sandwich....all of which have been frozen to -40 degrees C, vacuum dried and sealed in special foil pouches. According to the blurb they melt in the mouth, are ready to eat straight from the pack and taste exactly like proper ice-cream does. How's that for an anniversary present that's out of this world (Out of this world....get it....Oh, I'm so funny!!!). I also bought him some cool wall tiles for displaying CD's. I always think it's a bit of a shame that you never get to see the artwork on CD covers as they are always hidden away in a rack but with these wall tiles you can display your favourite CD artwork on the wall and still get the CD out easily when you want to listen to it...good eh!!

Ok, other random things. I was actually given two awards yesterday - the lovely one from Sue which I blogged about yesterday and I got a second one from the lovely Milla over at Country Lite. Now, I am supposed to list 5 things that I am addicted to but since I posted 7 things I love yesterday I think I'm covered!! I do, however, have to pass this to five other bloggers but I am rebelling.....This is for everyone on my sidebar that missed out yesterday!! I love all your blogs so think you all deserve this :-)

Right, I promised a wee while ago that I would show you pictures of our garden....the bit that I had attacked and the bit I hadn't!! Can you tell which is which?

And last but not least.....this is what happens when you let your husband loose with a camera!! That is supposed to be a picture of Snow Patrol on stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend....what can I say....he has a gift for timing!!! (To be fair he did take some good photographs but this one is funnier!!)


Lane said...

I think you are present buyer extraordinaire! Fabulous!

I can see you've done some weeding and very nice it looks too. Just don't let Chris take a photo of it:-)

ladyfi said...

Space food - brilliant idea! And totally out of this world... .hahaha....

HelenMHunt said...

I love the sound of the space food. Great present.

Sueg said...

So glad you had an anniversary celebration after all. And it must be said...ooh, but your husband has nice hands :-)

French Fancy said...

Firstly I love the sound of the wall tiles that hold CDs. The space food is the most novel pressie of all time and I'm glad that Chris felt well enough to cook you a delicious meal.

It's great to have you back in blogland and you thoroughly deserve all these awards. I'll be blogging with your tag any day now

Debs said...

I'm so impressed with your knack for buying fab gifts, and could have done with your help today when trying, and failing, to choose something for my sister.

I can tell where you've been gardening, it looks lovely.

Glad Chris felt better and you had such a lovely time.x

DJ Kirkby said...

Great pic of a person taking a pic :) and I thought that only happened to me. Freeze dried food sounds very cool, no really it does, let us know what Chris thinks when he eats it! I am glad you got to celebrate after all. xo

Pat Posner said...

I love your garden, Carol, it looks so friendly.

Ice cream sandwich sounds interesting. You better hold Chris down when he tries it, though - can't have him going off on a space journey.

Queenie said...

Congratulations on all that fabulousness!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

So glad you got to celebrate your anniversary - and my, what a great present buyer you are - wow!
And I love your garden!

Carol and Chris said...

Lane - I never know what to buy Chris because if he wants something he tends to buy it for himself!! I was rather chuffed with what I got him....he certainly didn't expect it!!!

LadyFi - Yay....someone laughed at my joke (I knew there was a reason I liked you :-D)

Helen - I spotted it and just had to buy it for him!! He was pleased with a bemused kind of way :-)

Sue - Hehehehe, he does have nice hands but those are not Chris's. Chris was trying to take a picture of Snow Patrol on stage and managed to get a beautiful shot of the hands of a bloke standing in front of us!!

French Fancy - They are a great idea aren't they....I suspect that there will be a lot of discussion about what will go into them :-). I'm glad Chris felt well enough to cook me dinner was fab!!

Awww, that's a really nice thing to say!! It's good to be back properly :-)

Debs - I usually do my present buying from a website called FireBox. They have some really amazing things that I have not seen anywhere else. Give it a go (I have never had any problems and have been buying from them for about 5 years)

I have discovered that I'm not a huge fan of gardening but have to admit that it does look a hell of a lot better once done!! I'm hoping that once it's finished I will be able to sit in it of an evening with a glass of wine in hand and not feel guilty about the weeds!!

DJ - He timed it perfectly didn't he!!

I shall definately let you know what we think of it....I'm expecting it to be tasty but weird!!

Pat - Hehehe, all I can see is overgrown!! The one next to ours is manicured to within an inch of it's life which makes ours more look extremely wilderness like :-)

I think it's the closest he will ever get to being an astronaut...unless we win the lottery!!

Queenie - Thanks hon :-)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - We had a lovely time made better by the fact that I didn't think we would be celebrating at all!!

Hehehe, I love hunting for unusual gifts. I have a huge list of weird and wonderful websites and I like nothing more than trawling through them trying to find the perfect's so much fun!!!

I like our garden too...or I will once it's weed free!!

C x

ladyfi said...

It's my husband's birthday soon and I'd love to buy him some Space Food. Can you give me a web address where I can buy some? Thanks!

Carol and Chris said...

Ladyfi - It's a great present isn't it!! The website is (have fun looking...there are tons of cools things)

C x

Ann said...

Love that space food, bought it years ago in America, did you get the pink and white one?, they all taste lovely.
I actually pretend that I am in space when I eat it, yes I too am crazy about Star Trek, Dr Who, anything spacey, and if I had a spare £17 million, I would be on the space shuttle Discovery/Atlantis/Soyuz, docking at the International Space Station,I would be on a five-year mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man/woman has gone before, oh to dream is lovely.

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