Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I have a confession

We got back home last week and I've not been blogging because I really didn't know how to follow on from the last post!! I decided that the longer I put it off the harder it will be so I should just get on with it........and I know you are all thinking of us so wanted to let you know that we're doing ok....good days and bad days which is what you would expect really.

Moving on, we actually have a busy weekend ahead....more by accident than design!!. Our friends Jane and Andrew are over from Bangkok at the moment to do some house hunting so we're all going to get together for lunch on Friday (ooohhh, I can't wait!!). Then on Saturday we are going to go visit the splats (I want you to know that I am resisting writing another ooohhh, I can't wait!!) and stay overnight with Tom (He doesn't know this yet....hopefully it will ok!!). Then on Sunday we are going to meet up with Sukasem (he used to work with Chris in Bangkok) and his Wife who are doing a kind of whistle stop tour of Europe at the moment and are going to be in London. Awwww, it's going to be great to see everyone!! (but very strange to see them outside of Bangkok.....well, apart from Tom obviously!!!)

I have missed catching up with all your blogs so shall be doing that next week. (It would have been this week but I am currently applying to Universities and know that if I start visiting your blogs I will never get the application finished)

.....must resist clicking on the blog links.....must resist clicking on the blog links.....must resist....


Hullaballoo said...

Welcome home to blogland honeybear. You can write as many ooooooohs as you wish,, And it really impresses universities when considering applications.

Carol and Chris said...

Hulla - Yikes, I didn't think of that....I do hope they never find this blog!!!

But thanks for giving me permission to write as many ooooohhhhs and I want :-)

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Soooo nice to see you here again. And lovely to hear you've got lovely things to be doing. Hope to arrange something when I'm over too...

French Fancy said...

I'm so happy to see you back here,C. Everyone understands, you know.

Delighted to hear about the university applications - go on tell me what subjects you are considering and make me really jealous that you are going to be a proper student.


HelenMHunt said...

Welcome back. Good luck with the university applications. When do the splats come home to live?

DJ Kirkby said...

Nice to see a post from you. No matter how long it takes for you to get back into the routine of blogging it will be worth the wait for your readers! Give the splats a nice smooth from me. Enjoy your friends and good luck with the Uni's. xo

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - OOooohhhhh it would be fab to see you!!! (I can write Oooohhhh....I have permission :-)) I do miss you you know!!

French Fancy - It's nice to be back....I've missed it but just didn't know how to follow my last post!!

I'm applying to study Anthropology....and am in the process of trying to fill in the UCAS forms. They are very geared to school leavers (which is the way it should be since they make up the majority of students) but I'm finding it all a bit frustrating at the moment!! Oh, and for the are a proper student!!

Helen - Thanks...I have no idea whether I will be excepted or not (or even if they have any places left) but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say....

The splats come home on the 28th of June....not soon enough as far as I'm concerned...still, they are over the half way mark now so that's something!!

DJ - Awwwww thanks hon...that is a lovely thing to say (Your money is in the post :-)). I think this one was the hardest to do so, hopefully, I shall be back to blogging my usual drivel fairly soon.

I will definitely give the splats a big squeeze from you :-))

C x

Lily Sheehan said...

Glad to hear you're OK, I've missed your posts

The Accidental Fan said...

Thank goodness you are both alright.

Kevin Mullins Photography said...

Lunch in the Smoking Dog by any chance? Watch out for their Beer & Sausage festival in May - it's great!!!

Blu said...

Hello I hope that you have a great time with your friends..and yes I was wndering how you were!

BW Luv Blu x

cheshire wife said...

Good to see you blogging again! Good Luck with the university application.

Hope that you have a good Easter weekend.

SpiralSkies said...

Oooh, University applications, how exciting!

Glad to hear you're both doing ok. Sounds as if your friends have all landed around you at jut the right time X

Lane said...

Gosh you're busy. I'm glad to hear it and hope Chris is doing ok.

Hope you have a thoroughly fun weekend. I bet the splats were pleased to see you!

Carol and Chris said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend whatever you ended up doing!!


Lily - Thanks hon...that's a lovely thing to say :-)

TAF - We'll get there....made of stern stuff you know!!

Kevin - LOL. We were thinking about taking them to the dog but then I decided that I should really cook something since they were making the effort to come and visit!!

Yes, Chris's face lit up when he saw the advert for the beer festival!!

Blu - We had a great time seeing was just what we needed. I shall be blogging about it once I have written my personal statement (yuk) for my Uni application.

Cheshire Wife - I think I'm going to need it....who's idea was it that applicants need to write a personal statement??

Spiral Skies - It is exciting....I have just booked to go to an open day at Oxford Brookes...should be interesting!!

They certainly have and it's done us both the power of good!!

Lane - It's definately better to be kept busy...and it's not looking like it's going to stop any time soon. We've got Sukasem coming to stay this weekend coming, the following weekend my oldest friend is getting married so we're going up to Scotland for that and in may we have our wedding anniversary and a Christening to go to...phew!!!

We had a fab weekend and it was wonderful to see the splats. I can't wait till they are back living with us!!

C x

Pat Posner said...

Great to see you back.

Good luck with the uni applications


ladyfi said...

Glad to hear you're back and have got some activities lined up.

Now, how on earth did you resist clicking on our irresistible links?

Debs said...

Hope you had a lovely time meeting up with your friends and looking at houses.

Best of luck with the uni applications too. x

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