Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What a weekend!!

Awww, we had a lovely valentines weekend. We've still not got all our money sorted out so instead of spending a fortune Chris and I decided to spend some time together. He took Friday off work and we took a trip to the beautiful Cotswold market town of Cirencester. It's a stunning place with lots of wee quirky shops and small twisty streets and we were lucky...there was a Farmers Market and an Antique Fair on that day so we spent a lovely afternoon meandering around the town. We bought some stunning lamb at a local butchers and picked up some locally made goats cheese and fresh vegetables at the market for dinner. On the way home we decided to do a small detour and we visited our neighbouring town of Tetbury which is another lovely wee place jam packed full of antique shops...honestly, I have never seen so many antique shops in one place in my life!! (Dot, you would be in heaven!!). When we got home Chris cooked me a gorgeous dinner....we had spicy moroccan lamb followed by cheese and port and it was absolutely divine!! But, my surprises were not over yet....

Saturday morning Chris woke me early....I'm not the best first thing in the morning and was a bit grumbly till he told me that for Valentines Day he was taking me to see the splats!! (It's a five hour round trip so is not the easiest journey to make). He couldn't have got me anything better.... I don't think I really need to tell you how excited I was!!! Awwww, it was so nice to see them....Gai just didn't know what to do with himself he was so excited to see me (Chris had gone to get some cat treats).....he was purring like a maniac and actually attempted to climb up my front so that he could snuggle into my neck!! Lugs looked at me suspiciously for about two seconds till he realised who it was and then he came out purring and wanting to play (Chris has now got puncture wounds in his leg from lugs climbing up it to chase his fingers). It was brilliant to see them AND we got to meet one of the centre's volunteers, Anita, who has offered to visit Gai and Lugs twice a week whilst they are there. (We jumped at the chance....they have both been hand reared so I know they will be missing the human company).

Then on Sunday we decided to go for a run in the car (Please don't make any comments about Sunday drivers!!). I don't know who named the villages in this area but Chris and I ended up giggling about it.....we drove through Dunkirk, Pensilvania, The Shoe (I thought that was a fab place to live till I realised that there wasn't a pub in the village) and my personal favourite Petty France!! (Do you think they meant Petit France and got a bit confused??). Then on Sunday evening we joined the Malmesbury Film Club and went along to the screening of La Demoiselle d'honneur or The Bridesmaid as it's also known!! The club meet every month in St Mary's Hall (which is about a five minute walk from where we live) and is actually run by one of our neighbours so it was nice to meet her properly. They take turns between foreign language films and english language films - the next one is Son of Rambow which is about two boys who get together to try and make a film but both belong to a religious sect in which music and TV are forbidden so it all gets a bit complicated...it sounds interesting!!!


JJ said...

Oh I am SO pleased you've been to see the cats. That's great news.

Hullaballoo said...

What a beautiful weekend. I always enjoy reading about your romantic adventures together.


Carol and Chris said...

JJ - It was so good to see them!!! They are doing fine, they don't have loads of space to run around in, but they were both looking good :-)

Hulla - It was a brilliant weekend!! It was just nice spending some time together without discussing the house and everything else that's going on. Chris does romance very well...

C x

French Fancy said...

I was thinking 'the splats, the splats' -what are splats? I thought it was some sort of archaelogical phenomenon. so glad you got to see them and that they aren't in some cold, sterile detention centre. It must be very hard being away from them.

Your new life sounds wonderful, Carol. Cheers to your romantic husband.

Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - LOL. The splats are our cats...as you probably managed to work out!!! When Gai wants attention he kind of splats on the floor and looks at you...Lugs learned the trick so they both now do it..hence the splats :-)

We're getting there....It's going to take time before we're fully settled but we're getting there!!

C x

Debs said...

Don't they look beautiful sitting so perfectly for the camera?

I love the sound of all those gorgeous places you've been visiting, how lovely.

Carol and Chris said...

Debs - That normally doesn't happen!! Usually they are wee buggers with one looking one way and the other looking in the opposite direction.

It's been great exploring....there are some really stunning places round here!!

C x

Lindsay said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We used to live very near Tetbury, for us locals the antique shops took over all the useful greengrocers, fish shop, ironmongers etc. Glad you enjoy "Flicks in the Sticks", we go to our nearby village hall for the same and have enjoyed some good films. Hope you settle down in Wiltshire (probably very near me)

Lane said...

What a fantabulous weekend!
I'm so glad you got to see the Splats. I loved reading about how they greeted you:-)
And it certainly seems like you've chosen a very beautiful part of the country to live!

Carol and Chris said...

Lindsay - Your welcome...it's been ages since I had a look at what blogs my blog friends read :-)

I have to say that Chris and I talked about that...we just couldn't understand why there were so many all in one place...surely they can't all be sustainable!!

LOL....love the phrase 'Flicks in the Sticks'. Give me a shout if you see a good un that we might be able to suggest for ours and I'll do the same :-)

Lane - Seeing the splats made my weekend...they gave us such a wonderful welcome (I was worried that they wouldn't be speaking to us!!).

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

What a wonderful post. I love that you took time off together for a treat, that is what Chris and I are like. Your valentine's suprise was the best ever, OMG. The splats must be so thrilled. It looks like a nice place they are in, for some reason I thought it would ahve no windows etc. The names of the towns, hilarious. xo

Carol and Chris said...

DJ - Spending time together is definately nicer than just getting each other gifts :-)

Chris took pictures of the splats but we couldn't find the adapter to get them onto the computer so the picture is of them sitting on my drawing table in Bangkok. They look cute don't they!!

C x

HelenMHunt said...

Bless the little splats xxx

Carol and Chris said...

Helen - They do look very cute in that photo don't they!!

C x

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