Wednesday, 11 February 2009

We're back!!!

Phew, that was pretty awful....felt a bit like I had my right arm cut off...but I am very happy to announce that we now have internet access in our new pad!!! Thank god for that!!!

So, what have we been up to.....well, we've moved in!! The house looked lovely for about a day and then.....da da daaaaaaa (come on....use your imagination for the creepy noise) our stuff arrived!!! 'What's so bad about that?' I hear you ask...well, we had over 100 boxes of stuff arrive and not one cupboard or shelf to put anything into or on top of (except in the kitchen of course). The house currently looks like a small bomb has gone off (It had looked like a very large bomb had gone off so it's an improvement) but we have decided to be sensible and not rush into buying furniture till all our money is sorted. Hehehe, we are currently sleeping on a matress on the floor in the bedroom and sitting on garden furniture in the living's all fun and games :-).

and then it snowed

OMG!!!! The entire village (I've really got to stop calling it that because it's a town but in comparison to Bangkok.....) was under about five inches of white crispy snow which looked lovely from our dining room when we were sitting in front of our roaring log fire (Chris has been wondering around saying 'Man make fire' whilst waving a poker about) but was not quite so lovely when out and about. Seriously, I don't think the temperature went above 1 degree last week....I was a wimp before we went to Bangkok....can you imagine how bad I am now!!! Think Nanook of the North...and that's when we're indoors!!!

Chris is liking the new job, we both adore Malmesbury and our house is fab (and will look fab eventually!!). I think we've made a good move!!

(We have taken loads of photo's but I have no idea where my camera is at the moment....once I've found it I'll post some pics for you)


French Fancy said...

Welcome back to Blogland, Carol. So glad you are finally settled once again. What a shame it's not a furnished rental - did you not want to go for that or do they not do it anymore? I'm so out of touch with UK procedure.

I bet your blood is thin after all the humidity and heat from Asia. Let's hope we've all had the worst of the winter now.

Pat Posner said...

Glad you're settling in. Shame about the weather, though. Hopefully we've had all the snow for this year.

JJ said...

I'm glad you're back in Blogland... but you won't want to hear that the heat is increasing here, will you?

Carol and Chris said...

French Fancy - Thanks hon :-). I'm very glad to be back!!

I think furnished rentals are still available but there were none in this area!! I'm actually looking forward to doing our furniture shopping and have been online looking at all sorts of things this morning (Chris is not hear but I'm sure if he were you would be able to hear his groan from where you are!!)

Roll on summer is all I can say!!!

Pat - We're getting least we have chairs now (even if they are garden ones)and no longer have to sit on the floor!! (I can't understand how a bum as big as mine can go numb so fast...I mean...I have padding!!!)

JJ - It's great to be back hon!! I think I'll just go and throw another log onto the fire....

C x

Janice said...

We've been missing you! You just reminded me of that time Moon was so puzzled at the concept of 'cold' and laughed at thought of your dad and I lighting a live fire *inside the house* of all places!! What a time to come back and acclimatize - the coldest winter in 18 years...!

Debs said...

Lovely to have you back in the land of blog once again.

Glad the move went well and you're settling down in your new house.x

DJ Kirkby said...

When you've unpacked the warmth I'll be happy! I don't want another summer like last year! Glad you are back in blogland. xo

Blu said...

I was wondering how the unpacking was coming along...sounds like it isnt. Hey its bad enough unpacking the grocery shopping!!!

..but for house moving there are never enough cupboards....

Lane said...

You sure did pick a chilly time to come back:-)

Hope you can find homes for all your essentials soon.

Stay warm xx

Carol and Chris said...

Janice - Hahaha, I'd forgotten all about that!! It was after that conversation that we opened the freezer and told her to stick her head in it to get an idea of how cold Scotland was :-)

I think it's going to take some time for me to acclimatize...

Debs - It's nice to be back!! I was actually very surprised just how much I missed it!!

DJ - You know....I think that box may have got lost in the move cause we've definately not brought the warm weather with us!!!

Blu - It was a bit like Christmas though...we'd not seen our stuff for so long I got a bit excited in a 'Oooohhh I'd forgotten we had that' kind of way.

Roll on the end of the month...Ikea here we come!!

Lane - I know!! I seriously can't believe how cold it's been (Chris has spent a lot of time calling me a 'big jessie'). Thermal socks have been bought and I am feeling a hat purchase coming on...

C x

Amy P. said...

From the tropics to the snow, what a transition! Glad to hear Chris is settling into his new job just fine.

What are your plans, Carol? Since there was strict regulations about spouses and work permits n stuff like that in Thailand, your options were very limited. Now you're back in your home country where you can do what you want. I'm curious, if you don't mind...

BT said...

So glad you're esconsed in your new home and have a roaring fire to keep out some of that snowy cold. Funnily enough when we moved in here we slept on a mattress on the floor for ages and had a garden table and chairs for our dining set! We also had old furniture left by the previous occupants. It did us very well until we obtained 2 2 seater settees from 'Freecycle'. I'm not proud!



Carol and Chris said...

Amy - To be honest I don't know!! I'm not sure if you are aware of it or not but a very close member of our family has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. They have been having chemo and the rest of the family have been taking turns looking after them....well, the family member will be going into hospital to have the tumour removed sometime next month and I will be going up to Scotland to help with their recovery and to give the rest of the family a bit of a break. Once we have worked out how long I'm going to be needed I will work out what I'm going to do.

I would love to study for a degree in Anthropology so will be looking at whether I go back to University and work part time or work full time and study with the OU (Open University).

BT - It's lovely to have a fire in the's so cosy and homely!!

We have now bought one piece of's a beautiful writing bureaux (My laptop fits perfectly in it) which we got from a charity shop...we're not proud either :-)

C x

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