Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bad night

I am knackered today!! I was in a deep sleep last night...dreaming something odd (as is my want) when in my dream I heard a strange whistling noise!! The noise was really loud and eventually, in that sleepy way you do, I was pulled from my dream back into the real world and as I lay there I could still hear this really loud whistling noise. Now, those of you that know Chris will know that he snores....and I mean SNORES!! (Think creature from the black lagoon). At first I thought the noise was coming from him (he has had a cold for about two months and I thought it was his blocked nose)....and then....

He snored and the whistle noise happened at the same time....erm, it's not possible to breathe through your mouth and make a whistle noise through your nose at the same time. I sat up and listened trying to figure out where this noise was coming from....and then I realised....

It was the bloody cat!!

So a decision has been made....both Gai (the white one) and I are going on a diet in the new year!! (Seriously, I can't believe I was woken up in the middle of the night by our cat snoring!!)

Friday, 18 December 2009


First I want to apologise for my lack of blogging (and commenting).....I just seem to be running about like a headless chicken at the moment!! So, updates....

Well, the interviews went so much better than I had been expecting (I am happy to report that I didn't turn into a blubbering wreck.....although I did have to employ the tactics suggested by the lovely Queenie a couple of times!!). I have now conducted six interviews and I have been completely humbled by the honesty, bravery and humour of the people I have met. (Honestly, with some of the issues they have had to face, I have no idea how they have managed to retain any kind of humour at all!!). They have all made me feel really welcome in their homes and every single one of them has told me how much they appreciate being given the opportunity to talk about their experiences. The stats for the report are coming together and I've managed to identify quite a lot of areas for improvement......some harder to change than others. The good news is there are two or three things that can be changed immediately which will have a big impact so hopefully things will start to improve quite quickly. Queenie suggested that a good way of showing my appreciation for their time was to offer some of mine in return which I thought was a great idea. So I am now going to go and keep one gentleman company for an hour so that his wife can go and get her hair done, I am producing a document that gives step by step instructions on how to access the internet and e-mail for another gentleman and I am going to visit one of the ladies for coffee and a chat in the New Year.

It's not been all work and no play.....Malmesbury held it's annual late opening evening a couple of weeks ago which was just fab!! The main street was closed to traffic and they had set up stalls all along the pavement where you could buy raffle tickets, hot crepes and various Christmas presents. All the shops were open, there was free soup and rolls provided by one of the hotels, you could get free wine and sausage rolls at the bank and the vets were doing free mulled wine. They even had a foam machine set up at the top of the street so that it looked like it was was lovely.

Then last weekend we got a visit from the lovely Susan (that's her and her hubby in the photo) who we've not seen since we left Bangkok. Actually, we've not seen Susan for about 18 months (She moved from Thailand to India and then stayed with us when she came back to Thailand for a holiday) and it was lovely to catch up with her. She arrived Saturday afternoon and headed off again Sunday afternoon after we had had a gorgeous Sunday Roast in the Smoking Dog. The only down side was that all of us had the lurgy in some form or another so it was a bit of a sedate evening.....mind you....we still managed to have some champers so it wasn't all bad!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Great news, good news and OMG am I going to be able to do this?

Erm, I seem to have lost a year.....If anyone knows where 2009 went can you please point me in the right direction? (Seriously, how the hell can it be December already??)

Anyway, I guess your all wondering what my great news is....well it's the news that our entire class has been given an extension on our Community Profile assignment (You know that odd noise you heard the other day? Well that was me whooping with delight!!). Instead of it being due on the 10th of December (which would have given us a whole three weeks in which to get it done!!) it is now due on the 11th of January (and there was much rejoicing!!). My good news is that, although I have picked an incredibly difficult community to profile, I have managed to find 16 housebound people that are willing to speak to me (they have signed consent forms and everything!!). so, two rather good reasons to be cheerful....but....and there is a rather big but coming....

I hadn't really thought much about how harrowing the stories are going to be! Next Thursday I have a face-to-face interview with a gentleman who is at, what the health professional call, end of life care. His health problems are numerous and, from the little I know, the way he has been treated is absolutely awful. I know that he and his wife are really pleased that his experiences will be used to try and change things but I am really worried about how I'm going to cope with the interview. I know how selfish that sounds but I am a real softie....

Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Latest Painting - 'A Dappled Life'

I've been working on a commission for the lovely DJ and she's just given me permission to post some pictures of it. I used gold leaf on the background which made photographing it very difficult....I hope I've managed to capture the colour and the feel of the painting.

It is called 'A Dappled Life'
(Click on the image to enlarge it)

(If you want to know more about why it's called 'A Dappled Life' I believe that DJ will be blogging about it tomorrow)

A friend of mine has suggested that I use the same technique and do a series of four paintings representing the four seasons. I think I might just have a go at doing that!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

1st Assignment Results

Well, I handed in my Self Audit about three weeks ago and have now got the results back!! The passmark was 40% and I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I got 67% :-D. I got the 2nd highest mark in the class which I think is not too shabby considering that it was the first proper academic paper I have written in over 10 years!! The piece of work is only worth 20% of my final mark but it's a good start!!

*goes off to do a wee happy dance*

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oooohhhh a new toy!!

Look what I've got to help with my feelings of not being settled in one's so I can keep all my files in one place :-)

It's tiny and I just want to stroke it lovingly

Monday, 16 November 2009

How do I do this ethically?

So here's the thing....

I have to undertake a Community Profile for my Community Development module. The lectures so far have been on the history of Community Development (the theory and thoughts that have shaped what we do today), who has the power and how is that power used (It's scary how many organisations use their power to keep people oppressed), how communities are represented (Who is 'the voice' of that community and do they actually represent those they claim to or are they just voicing their own views), how to involve communities in the decision making process (in most instances the people that use the services are the best people to make decisions on how to improve those services) and what the best practices are for engaging and empowering the community. Last weeks lecture was cancelled because we were to spend the whole day on Saturday learning how to go about doing a Community Profile.

Now, before I go any further a Community Profile is defined as

'A comprehensive description of the needs of a community, and the resources that exist within that community, carried out with the active involvement of the community itself, for the purpose of developing an action plan or other means of improving the quality of life of the community' (Hawtin et al, 1994:5) (Ooohhh get me with my referencing!!)

Oh, and I should probably say that a community can be either a group of people living in a specific area, a group of people that share a common interest, a group of people from a particular ethnic group or a mixture of all of the above.

The community I am going to focus on is what is known as a 'hidden community'. I am going to be looking at people who are housebound due to illness in an area of Tower Hamlets (Tower Hamlets is too big to cover so I will have to chose a specific, smaller, location within it....I'm not sure where that will be yet but I have a few organisations to speak to who should be able to help me narrow it down).

I already know that the statistical part of the profile will not be easy to do but I am planning to get statistics from a number of organisations and then compare them in order to try and build up an overall view (I'm thinking Age Concern, GP Register, Social Services, NHS Trusts and the benefits agency...I will use the 2001 census as a starting point but the information contained in it will be very out of date so I don't think it will be very reliable.....if anyone has any other thoughts they would be most welcome) but there are two things that are worrying me. The first is the time scale, I only have three weeks in which to do everything, and the second is the reasons for doing the profile in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I think Community Profiles are a wonderful tool that can be used for all sorts of brilliant things (to show where there are gaps in services, to highlight the fact that a service needs to be improved or expanded, to be used as part of a funding proposal....the list goes on). My problem is that I will be doing it because I need to submit a Community Profile for what do the people I am profiling get out of it? Do you see what my problem is? If I just do it in order to pass my course then I'm just as bad as all those organisations who use people for their own gain and that goes against everything I stand for!!

My solution, sorry I'm using this post as a way of structuring my thoughts, is to identify three (I don't think I can do any more in the time I have) housebound patients to visit with the purpose of undertaking a 'Discovery Interview'. (This is an interview technique used to enable a patient to tell their 'health story' in their own words. It gives them an opportunity to talk to someone about the problems they have encountered, what experiences have been positive, how they feel emotionally as well as physically and how they feel things could be improved upon). If I did this then I could make the information anonymous and, via THINk, feed it directly back to those providing the services in that area. That way the people I was speaking to would benefit from the process and I could use the information to cover the community aspect of my profile and to form the action plan. I can't see any other way of doing the profile without exploiting those I want to help and I just can't do that!!

What do you think?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bloody Brilliant News!!

As the title of this post suggests, I have some bloody brilliant news *Huge cheesy grin*

Mini Me has shrunk........and.......not just a wee bit!!

(In case you've not been reading for long and are now wondering what the hell I'm on about....I have a benign tumour in my liver that Chris named Mini Me. Hehehe, yes the picture is my MRI scan and you can see her, the light fuzzy bit, on the left hand side...although she's much smaller now :-D. If your interested you can read about my diagnosis here)

She's gone from 3.5cm to 1.5cm which means that the medical people are no longer concerned about her.....which means I don't need to be either *does happy wiggle on sofa whilst trying not to drop laptop on the floor or disturb the cats*

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Uni update

I know you have all been wondering how I'm getting on at Uni so I thought I had better update you.

The course itself is going well so's not easy but it's going well. At the moment the focus on the 'Management for Working in Communities' module is all about using various methods to examine your behaviour and, if I'm honest, I'm finding that a bit intense. Some things have come as no surprise, some have taken me aback slightly and answering some of the why questions has been a rather painful process (still, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger eh!!). Once the 'Self Audit' assessment is out the way, it's due on the 6th of November, the focus of the module will shift and it will be about changing the negative behaviours and building on the positive ones and I think that process is going to be quite empowering so I'm looking forward to it!!

The Community Development module is proving absolutely fascinating!! We're learning about the history of Community Development (not just in this country but across the world), looking at the different ways of defining a 'community' and at conflict within communities. We have people from all walks of life on the course.....I am learning a hell of a lot about the flaws (gaping chasms) in our countries current policies, racism in all it's shapes and forms and about what brings people together and blows them apart!! The first assignment for this class is due on the 10th of December and is to take the form of a community profile (I'll come back to what my options are on this later) which I think will be a very useful tool for identifying needs and finding solutions to some current issues within the community being focused on.

I've also started work (unpaid sadly, but hopefully that will change in the future) at an organisation called THINk. (THINk is Tower Hamlets version of LINk (Local Involvement Networks)....the LINk's took over from where the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Forums left off and there is one in every Local Authority area in England). The people are lovely and I think it's going to work out well!! We have agreed a scope of work and, happily, the areas that they would like me to focus on fit perfectly with what I'm being asked to do for Uni. So I will be undertaking a number of community profiles.....probably one involving young people, another one looking at a specific group within the Bangladeshi community and one focusing on patients that are currently housebound. I will also be conducting discovery interviews, coming up with a way of capturing 'patient experience' for those with long term illnesses and producing a report based on a piece of work I did in Salford which we are going to try and adapt to fit with what's going on in Tower Hamlets.

So, as I said, the course is going well....what's not going quite so well is how I'm feeling. I'm finding the travelling and being away from home aspect really tough!! I knew I was going to miss Chris but didn't expect to feel like I'm living two lives and both of them out of a suitcase. It's only my fourth week and already I am shattered......I leave home at about 10.30am on the day I leave for London and I don't get to Tom's till about 10.30pm. (It's a long day and that's the day I do the tough personality stuff!!). I work the next day (which will involve evening meetings and did last week) and the following day....then when works finished I head over to Uni for another three hour lecture, get the tube to Paddington and then get the train home. (Chris picks me up from the station but I don't actually walk in the door till about 11.30pm). I know that this will probably get easier as I get used to it and it becomes routine but at the moment I feel like I'm just get settled at home when I'm off to London again and vice versa.

I shouldn't complain, a good friend of mine is having to cope with a lot worse, but I just know that I'm going to look like a mad old hag by the end of this semester (and if any of you say anything about already looking like a mad old hag I will be forced to bash you!!) so god alone knows how bad it's going to be by the end of the year!! Still, I guess it will help with the scaring of young children so it's not all bad!! *grins*

Monday, 26 October 2009

Chris's Photo Book

Here are some photo's of the book I put together for Chris using My Publisher.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Quick update on Chris's Birthday

We had a lovely weekend!!

On Saturday night I took him to a local restaurant called 'The Vine Tree' which had been recommended by a friend!! We were not disappointed....the food was fantastic!!

I bought him a limited edition Dr Who Master's Fob Watch

a limited edition copy of 'The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun' by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's leather bound and beautiful to look at!!

and his last present arrived today (I'm safe to post about it now....he's on his way home from the office). I used MyPublisher and created a book of his best photo's (I was inspired by the Fall Colours idea). I used songs with colours in their titles that were released in 1969.....I opened the package earlier and the book looks great!! (I've wrapped it up so can't post any photo's yet but I will once he's opened it!!)

On Sunday, we had a lovely relaxing day....went to the pub in the afternoon and then I cooked a three course Moroccan meal and we spent the evening eating and drinking.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Scotland in a few weeks where we will be having another celebration!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Honey

Just because your 40,
don't despair, oh no
overnight you won't discover
you've lost your get up and go.

Nor will you become all wrinkled
nor ache from head to toe
so even though your ripening
don't regard it as a blow,
you won't suddenly look decrepit

...Cos that happened long ago!!!

Happy 40th Birthday Honey

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change - Green Gadgets

Today over 6000 bloggers from 135 different countries will blog about Climate Change as part of blog action day. I am one of them.

'Oi, where do you think your going? I promise I'm not going to preach at you! Come back!'

I decided that I would do a post about some of the 'Green Gadgets' that are available, or are about to become available, on the market. (Oooh I do love gadgets don't you....and some of these are really clever!!)

Did you know that researchers at Leeds University have come up with a washing machine design that only uses one cup of water to wash a complete load of washing? The machine heats the water and converts it into vapour, the beads in the vapour remove the stains and, once the cycle is finished, they fall through a mesh in the machines drum and the same water can be used over a hundred times!! (How cool is that!!). It uses much less water and much less electricity and is going to be available to buy next year.

You could get yourself a Powerbrella!! ('A what?' I hear you say 'What on earth is a Powerbrella?'). Powerbrella's are large umbrella's made of flexible solar put them up to shade you from the sun when your sitting out having your barbecue, reading your book in the garden or are down by the beach and the suns energy is used to power what ever you have with phone, laptop, i-pod...anything that needs power basically!! From what I understand, these are available on the market now and the company that produces the solar film are looking into using it to make solar powered clothing and bags. (I would love a bag that charged my mobile!!)

How about a Battery Wizard? This nifty little gadget not only re-charges your rechargable batteries but it can bring your dead non-rechargable batteries back to life!! (I want you to know that I'm resisting making references to Dr Frankenstein) ('It's alive!!' *snigger*) (sorry!!). Apparently it can recharge standard alkaline, NiCad and NiMH disposable batteries up to 10 times so you get 10 times more use out of them before having to throw them away!!

On your bike!! No, I'm not telling you to bugger off!! I'm suggesting that you could treat yourself to a BioLogic FreeCharge (Bargain at only £50). It's a gadget that attaches to your bike’s dynamo, granting you the opportunity to charge your mobile, I-pod etc just by pedaling your bike. It works by using the energy produced by your pedaling to charge an internal battery and then it transfers the current to your gizmo. (By first charging the internal battery it means whatever you are charging will not be affected by the velocity of your pedaling). Some people just come up with brilliant idea's don't they!!

Motorolla have launched, what they are calling, the world first carbon neutral mobile phone. It is made of recycled water bottles and, through an alliance with, they have offset the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone through investments in renewable energy sources and reforestation. In addition, the phone comes in packaging made from recycled paper and it contains a stamped envelope for you to send your old mobile back to Motorola for recycling.

Last but not can now buy laptops that are encased using Bamboo instead of plastic!! Bamboo is the most sustainable raw material there is because it grows so fast! Not only are the results achingly beautiful (seriously, I so want one!!) but it has been tested to ensure it can withstand continuous use and has the added advantage of not being instantly recognisable as a laptop. Dell, Assus, and Fujitsu are among the companies now producing them.

Every little helps!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Ig Nobel Prizes 2009

For those of you that don't know, the aim of the Ig Nobel awards is to honour achievements that "first make people laugh and then make them think". Each year the awards are presented to the winners by genuine Nobel laureate and this years ceremony was organised by the magazine 'Annals of Improbable Research'.

Here are some of this years winners (These are great!!)

The Ig Nobel Public Health Prize was awarded to Dr Elena Bodnar who designed and produced a bra that, in an emergency, can be converted into two gas masks. She demonstrated her invention and gave one to each of the Nobel laureates as a gift.

The Ig Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Swiss research team who did research into whether it is better to be hit over the head with a full or empty bottle of beer. (I kid you not!!)

The Ig Nobel Veterinary Medicine Prize was awarded to Catherine Douglas and Peter Rowlinson of Newcastle University for showing that cows with names give more milk than cows that are nameless.

The Ig Nobel Physics Prize was awarded to a team from Harvard University for analytically determining why pregnant women do not tip over.

The Ig Nobel Literature Prize was awarded to Irelands Police Service for writing and presenting more than 50 traffic tickets to the most frequent driving offender in the country, Prawo Jazdy, who's name in Polish means 'Driving Licence'

and last but not least

The Ig Nobel Mathematics Prize went to the governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank for printing bank notes with such a wide range of denominations.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I think I've made the right choice

I am passionate about the third sector and the main reason I wanted to do this course was because I felt that I needed to learn more about the theory behind the current practices and to be able to look at the desired outcome and have the knowledge to choose the right path to get there (Does that make sense?).

I have good experience in the sector. Whilst in Manchester I worked with 5 Patient and Public Involvement Forums (They looked at the healthcare system from the patients perspective and then worked with the professionals to improve the services), the Community Collective in Salford (This comprised of 16 social enterprise, charity and community groups getting together to undertake meaningful public consultations on behalf of the public sector) as well as winning, designing and delivering on, a 12 week public consultation for the countries 2nd largest cancer hospital. Whilst in Thailand I set up and ran the BWG Welfare Team (Team of five people who researched funding requests, made recommendations to the BWG Committee, distributed the funding and then did the necessary checks), created a 'People Bank' of volunteers to work in charities across Bangkok, sat on the Board for Operation Smile (Charity responsible for providing Cleft lip and Cleft Palate operations to those in remote areas that couldn't afford them) and was involved in setting up tour's for the blind at Bangkok's National Museum. I have always managed to deliver on what has been asked of me but I've always felt that the journey to get there would have been smoother if I had more resources (and by that I mean knowledge of tried and tested methods) at my finger tips.

I'm taking two modules this semester (Management for Working in Communities and Community Development) and two next semester (Organisational Development for Working in Communities and Social Structures and Policies). I had my first lecture/Seminar the other day and already I have learned something about the way I manage projects and approach the management of staff.....which is just as well really since I have to produce an essay in three weeks outlining my strengths and weaknesses in that area!! I had to produce a life line detailing significant points in my life and my emotional reactions to them and then complete a questionnaire of 100 statements grading my response to them (did I completely agree, sometimes feel like that, generally feel like that or completely disagree)...the results were interesting!! (I'm sure I'm going to have a few 'Oh, that's how I do it' moments and also a few 'Oh, I wish I'd known about that method' moments too!!)

I really do think I have made the right choice regarding the course and I already know that I'm going to get a hell of a lot out of it!! (Gosh, things change fast don't they!! How different is this post compared to the last time I blogged about Uni!!). I really had forgotten just how much I love learning!! (Yes, I am aware of how sad that is!!)

On another note, I will try and keep blogging regularly and I will make a point of trying to get round all your blogs too but I might not comment as regularly as I have been. Please don't all abandon me!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

See the new Book Trailer for Virtually Dead by Peter May

and if you think that looks should read the book :-D

(I already have, advantage of being writers daughter, and I can promise you that it's a page turner!!)

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shell Shocked

Well, I don't really know what to say about my enrolment yesterday apart from I felt rather shell shocked (I think that is probably the best description) and, if I'm totally honest, more than a little bit concerned as to whether I am actually going to be capable of completing the course. (I'm seriously hoping that it's not going to be as tough as I think it is!!)

To begin with, during the actual registration process, I discovered that the course is going to cost twice as much as we had been expecting. Now I know the actual amount, it's clear that the information I was given was the price per semester not per year but that was not my understanding at the time. (To say that it was a bit of a shock would be something of an understatement!). Chris and I discussed it last night when I got home and, because we can spread the cost, it should be alright. (He was so good about it....said he views it as an investment in our future and, despite the fact that I made the most of our time in Thailand, he knew that I gave up a lot career wise when we moved).

My timetable, however, is going to be considerably more difficult to work around!!

I had been told, but had seen nothing in writing till last night, that the course would be one evening a week followed by a full day and that they would run consecutively. When I got the actual timetable it turns out that my modules will both be in the evening and they don't run consecutively. Chris and I don't want to feel like we're living separate lives...we're just starting to feel like we have a life together again after all the hours he worked in Thailand.

So all this was going through my head when we learned exactly what is going to be expected of us over the duration of the two years.

We were told that reading a few books and being able to provide an accurate summary of the information and ideas was not going to impress any of the academic staff nor were they going to be particularly interested in reading about how one of our opinions could be justified by using someone's theory to back it up. If we are confident in our writing ability then absolute perfection will be expected and having good ideas is not going to be enough if we don't have the skills to express them, research their viability and implement them. (There are free courses offered on how to do this at the University). The style of learning will be very reflective and we will be expected to examine, critique and de-construct our views and actions and, through that process, show what we have learned and how we have developed. (Does that sound a bit scary to you? It sure as hell does to me and it did to the other two people that were there too!!)

I can see where this is coming from and why it's necessary. The third sector has been rapidly expanding over the last few years and is going to continue to do so (especially in this economic climate!!). Some organisations, like the one Chris's sister works for, do an absolutely amazing job (and manage to do it on a shoestring!!) but others....well....others don't do quite such an amazing job and it's those that give the third sector critics their ammunition (and sometimes make those that work in the sector feel as if they are banging their heads against a brick wall!!). All the tutors on this course work out in the 'real world' as well as lecture and they have put this course together as part of a wider agenda to try and establish an industry standard. The reason for the reflective learning is to look at more than just whether the targets were met but at how they were met (what were the experiences of those involved in the process and, taking those experiences on-board, how could the process be improved as well as challenging our core beliefs and perceptions of how things are, how they operate and making us question our own behaviour within that context).

I knew that the Masters was going to be challenging and that it was going to involve a lot of hard work and I was prepared for that. I wasn't prepared for the fact that I would have to go through such self scrutiny and I suspect that it is probably going to be a rather painful process. (Seriously, would you want to examine yourself that closely?)

I felt like I had reached a crossroads last night....I could choose to walk away from the University idea (I would probably still be able to get a job in the sector) or I could commit to the course which would give me the chance of having a proper career. Well, I'm not one to walk away from a challenge...and writing this has actually helped me process it all.

Anyway, I do have some exciting news to share too!! In order to be able to do the reflective aspect of the course properly I need to be actively involved in a community development role which I am not currently (mainly because I needed to know timetables etc before I could commit to anything). The course Director specialises in the health sector (He knows and works with everyone there is to know) and because of my experience in that area he has offered me a volunteer position within his organisation (I wouldn't be working with him directly it would be one of his colleagues). It's a win win. He would be getting a volunteer with experience (and who would be building upon that experience) and I would get the opportunity to put into practice what I was learning on the course, learn from people very knowledgeable in their field and work in a very prestigious organisation. I'm going to accept the offer (I think I would be mad not to!!)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Colour Week - Saturday

This is not part of the official Colour week but Mountain Mama suggested that we add an extra colour and since I've enjoyed doing these posts so much I decided to join her.

Saturday's colour is Cornflower Blue

This is a photograph of the Peace Vessel at Hellfire Pass. It was erected in honour of the 12, 436 Prisoners of War who lost their lives during the building of the Burmese-Siam railway.

A fisherman out catching his dinner in the village of Ban Talae Nok. There used to be houses on that stretch of beach but they were destroyed in the Tsunami.

This is a photograph of the world longest handmade bridge. It's in Sangklaburi and was built by the Mon people with no help from engineers or anything!! (When you look at it from the side it looks a bit like the game just have to not think about that when your crossing)

Temple roof at dusk just outside Kanchanaburi.

and last but not least

In Cambodia there is an entire community that live on a 'floating village' at Tonle Sap. They never leave the water (they even have a floating church and a school!!) and they use these contraptions to store their boats. Amazing how some people live isn't it!!

Anyway, I hope you have all enjoyed looking at our photos over the past week.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Colour Week - Friday

Friday's colour is Plum

This is a photograph of a small Chedi at a temple cave just outside Kanchanaburi.

This is a picture of the Burmese mountains taken from village of Mae Sued
five miles from the border.

This is a photo of Alms bowls at a temple in Chiang Mai.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Colour Week - Thursday

Thursday's colour is Chestnut

This is a photograph of a carved wood panel in a door frame at Jim Thompson's House. Jim Thompson was responsible for saving the Thai silk industry and bringing it to the world.

This one is of a sunken temple in Sangklaburi. The original town has been completely submerged and, depending on the time of year, you will be able to see parts of the old temple emerging from the water.

I took this when I went on a trip to Mae Hong Son which is on the Thai/Burmese border. This is the machine the villagers use to make their rice.

This is a Buddha at the Khmer Temple Muang Sing just outside Kanchanaburi.