Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Who was it that said 'I can resist everything but temptation'? I'm struggling at the moment....there is something I desperately want to do but will be in trouble if I do it *sigh*.

My Dad has sent me a copy of his new book.....it's here.....sitting on my computer and I desperately desperately want to read it.......but........I know that once I start I wont be able to put it down (or in this case....shut down my computer) and I HAVE to get my commission piece finished this week!!! Chris has told me that it will be my reward for finishing my pic but I want to read it NOW......It's driving me nuts!!!

Dad you are an evil man for putting temptation in my path.

Must resist clicking on it....must resist clicking on it......must resist.....


Caroline said...

oh go on ... click ... it's your dad's book ...


(did I help?)

Carol said...

Noooooo....your not supposed to say that!!!

C x

SueG said...

Wow! Your dad wrote a book? Fantastic! Does he do that often (forgive me if he's a famous writer and I just don't know about it)? Go on...take a wee peek.... :)

Carol said...

Sue - That's what he does for a living :-). He started out as a journalist, moved into script writing and producing for TV and now writes crime thrillers for a living. Actually he's not long back from doing a book tour of the States.

Click on the link and have a nosey

C x

Lane said...

Have you clicked yet? I bet you've had a little peek!

Your dad has a great website!

Anonymous said...

Chris may like this one when it comes to books, my ex-brother in law has just written one and it has been published by waterside press and called So you think you know me.
In my unbiased opinion it is seriously odd reading someones autobiography when you
a Know them and
b Remember their story and
c Find it really moving

The answer to the title was I thought

But then again I was 9 when he married my sister.

Love Tomato

Carol said...

Lane - I've not clicked yet (aren't I good!!) because I know that I would just sit there and read it in one sitting!! So my strategy is to work flat out and, hopefully, I will finish the pic today and then I can sit and read guilt free!!

His website's great isn't it :-)

Tomato - That sounds really intriguing hon. I know the story from what you've told me but I'll have to buy a copy when we're back in the UK. Well done to him....writing a book is not an easy thing to do!!

C x

Debs said...

I thought I'd left a comment yesterday, must have done something wrong.

Loved your Dad's site, isn't he a clever chap and he's achieved so much, you must be so proud of him.

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, hope you're resisting til you're finished...

Carol said...

Debs - I don't think it was you I think blogger is playing up again. I've read a few things on other peoples blogs about comments not showing up.

Yes, I am very proud of him :-)

JJ - So far so good.....

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Don't click on it (even though you want to) save it for an uninterrupted bout of pure indulgence once you've finished your work. Then you can torment us all with how good it was and how we can't get our hands on it until it is released by his publisher!

Carol said...

DJ - My comments are vanishing all over the place!!

I did exactly as you suggested and spent a lovely Sunday afternoon sitting with a hot mug of tea reading his book. It was fab!! (not that I'm biased in any way whatsoever!!)

C x

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