Friday, 16 May 2008

The name is Bond.......

Jane Bond (hehehehe)

Thursday was the combined women's lunch organised by The British Women's Group (I had a stall at the event so was running around trying to sort out prints, paintings and lots of piddly other things that shouldn't take long to do but seem to take forever - which is why I've not been blogging much!!). The theme of the lunch was James Bond - you may remember that JJ and I did the graphics for the event. Honestly, the amount of work that goes into the organisation of these events is phenomenal.....lunch for 320 people with shopping to start with, a charity presentation and entertainment throughout is not an easy thing to do!! The girls did us proud because it was fantastic!!! It helped that everyone that got into the James Bond spirit of things and had made a huge effort - we had girls in tuxedos, some dressed as Bond, a multitude of bond girls and even an M with lab coat and goggles!! I was told that, since I had come up with the lady for the poster, I should dress as her - hence the hair-drier!! (See.....suddenly all becomes clear!!)

It was held at the Oriental hotel by the river and the event started with a video of James Bond (it was someone's son that had been bribed with beer) coming off the skytrain, jumping on a speedboat, entering the hotel and then coming in the door of the ballroom - that was how our host entered the room. It was brilliantly done!!

Our chosen charity was Operation Smile and they showed a very touching video which highlighted the work that they do. I'm sure I mentioned them before - they are a global organisation that works with the worlds poorest families providing much needed operations to both children and adults that suffer from cleft lips and palates. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house!!! Leanne, who is the lady that I have been working with, approached me on the day and asked if I would join them on the executive committee for Thailand - I've said yes (honestly, how could I not!!)

The lunch itself was lovely....we had feta cheese salad to start with followed by chicken in a very light gravy with ribbon pasta on the side which was then followed by an apple tart with banana sorbet - the food was divine!! Oh, and there was lots of wine of course!!

During the actual lunch various clips were played of the best stunts from the Bond movies (The Golden Eye ones went down particularly well since it was actually filmed in Bangkok!!) and then between our main course and desert two men in suits appeared in the room, made their way through the tables and then they started undressing two women!! I couldn't believe it.....I honestly thought that the women had obviously had waaaay to much to drink (that says rather a lot about these events doesn't it!!) but then realised that it had been planned and they were showcasing Smoochie Smoochie underwear!! They came on stage and ended up throwing knickers into the crowd (you'll be pleased to know that they kept theirs on!!) - it was very funny.....I got a black thong with diamond bits on it!!! Then after lunch there was a fab singer and we all ended up dancing.

We were kicked out the hotel about 4 o'clock and then six taxi loads of us headed over to the Soi 8 pub where we were joined by our other half's when they finished work. It was a really good day - knackering but really good!!

I don't know the final total of money raised but I know that it's over 120,000 baht which is just brilliant!!!


Debra in France said...

Hi Carol and Chris, What a brilliant evening! Isn't it great that you can have such a good time AND raise money for charity. Love the gold hairdryer, but then I am a hairdresser!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on joining the Executive Committee for Thailand on Operation Smile. Do they know you're licenced to blow-dry?

Love Mum xx

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, I heard something about close intimacy with the floor in Soi 8 and Karaoke afterwards ... back at yours?

Debs said...

Ahhh, so now we know why the hairdryer was painted gold.

The event looks incredible and must have been great fun although hard work to organize.

Well done.

SueG said...

Looks like it was great fun. And you all looked fantastic!

Carol said...

Debra - I thought you might like the hair-dryer!!

Mum - Thanks....I just felt that I couldn't really say's such a worthwhile cause!!

JJ - That was exaggerated!! I was sitting on the floor trying to get my stupid shoes on....I'm never wearing them again!! The Karaoke didn't actually happen (and there was much relief!!)

Debs - Yes....suddenly it all becomes clear!! All I did was the graphics but I know how much work went into organising it - I take my hat off to's not easy!!

Sue - It really was good fun!! It was the 3rd Combined Women's Lunch I've been to and it was by far the best!!

C x

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