Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rumours and Murders

We have been wee social creatures this last weekend - normally we might manage one night out but this weekend we were out two nights in a row.....shock horror!!

Friday night we met up with a group of friends (There were ten of us in total) and headed over to the British club for a night of food and frivolity. The evening started with drinks in the bar (Oh, life is hard!!) followed by a three course buffet dinner followed by a production of Neil Simon's play Rumours. (Neil Simon is probably one of America's best-loved comedy writers).

The Story - Well, it's a fast-paced farce set in the home of Charley and Vivian Brooks (Who we never see). The Brooks are throwing a 10th Wedding Anniversary party for themselves and have invited four couples (Their best mates) to share the evening with them. When the first couple arrive they discover Charley in an upstairs bedroom bleeding from a gunshot wound to the ear lobe and his wife, Vivian, is nowhere to be found. The first couple decide to conceal this mystery (unsuccessfully) and, with the arrival of each new couple, the hilarity and nonsense escalate, until the local police turn up and try in vain to sort it all out.

It was a really good night - the food was fab and the Bangkok Community Theatre made a really good job of the play.

Now we get to the Murder part of our weekend!! Our lovely friend Jane had decided to host a Murder Mystery Party to celebrate her birthday. It was set in France just after the war and everyone invited was given a character - OMG it was an absolute hoot!!

There were 12 of us altogether as you can see from the photo. Starting with the back row and going left to right we have.....Nurse Gently the Army Nurse, Frau Nalott the German Soldier, Liza Wizenni the caberet singer, Julie Noted the British Radio Operator and Noemi Dooyoo from the French Resistance. In the Front row from left to right we have - Phil Le Girthe the travelling Sausage Salesman, Franc Le Orrful the Cafe Owner, Gee I. Joe the American Soldier, General Kopov the German Officer, Luc Overlair the French Policemen and Gerry Basher the British Airman. It wasn't easy to get the costumes together (I ended up making my hat and pinny) but doesn't everyone look great!!!

The story was that Herr Bevore was throwing a party at his favourite cafe to celebrate the end of WWII - everyone is invited...but just before the party begins, he is bumped off by an explosive Roquewurst sausage that has been left in his bedroom - one of us is the murderer and using clues and a DVD we need to try and figure out who dunnit!! The accents alone were hillarious!!

Jane, or should that be Liza, had decorated her apartment to make it look the part, had prepared a fantastic meal and the wine was certainly flowing (we got through 20 bottles of wine aparently!!) so after solving the mystery we ended up singing and dancing into the wee small hours.........as you do!!

God we were knackered on Sunday!!


SueG said...

sounds like fun! All it did here was rain most of the weekend. but then again, it was the Bank Holiday...what would I expect?

Debs said...

I've never been to a murder mystery party but they do sound great fun as does the play you went to.

What a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

You all look fantastic, and I do like the names! Who eventually dunnit? You didn't say.

Love Mum xx

Carol said...

Sue - It was brilliant fun...mostly cause everyone got into the swing of it with the costumes and playing their part. I imagine it could be really difficult to pull off if you got one or two people that didn't just go for it!!

Why does it always rain on bank holidays?

Debs - I had never been to one before so didn't really know what to expect. I always feel a bit daft dressing up and Chris had a moan about his hat till he heard that the other guys had hats AND false moustaches. Once we got there and saw everyone neither of us felt daft at all and we had a ball!!

Mum - Thanks :-) although I have to admit that making the hat was a pain in the arse!! I didn't say who dunnit cause it's a pack that you can buy (I think Jane got hers from Amazon) and I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who might want to do it.

C x

Lane said...

I love the outfits! Looks like you had a brilliant time.

You have a hard life with all this socializing. You should get out more;-)

(20 bottles of wine!!!!:-)

Lehners in France said...

Hey you guys I've tagged you. Debs x

Carol said...

Lane - Normally Chris and I are rather anti-social.....don't know what's going on at the moment!! Don't worry though....I reckon normal service will be resumed soon :-)

(I know....20 bottles....blimey!!!)

The Lehners - Cool :-). I'll pop over to yours to see what I need to do.

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi, I have heard of these before but never been to one. 20 bottles of wine?! What a night!

Carol said...

DJ - I know!!! I so deserved to have a hangover....but didn't hehehe

C x

Hullaballoo said...

What an amazing weekend you had, sounds a real laugh. And you are allowed to go out two nights in a row. xx

Anonymous said...

OMG I just expanded you photi and nearly had a heart attack it fills the whole screen. ;-)
loved the eyelashes you look deep in concentration ans where you zaying thees owhnlee wonce

You can let me know whodunnit in January that's your challenge to remember what the hell you where up to dressed as a french maid

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