Sunday, 18 March 2007

Three fun filled days in Bumrungrad

I loved the place so much I decided to visit it again……and then stay a while!!

I woke up on Wednesday morning with the horrific burning pain in my stomach and my back so it was back to hospital. I saw the same lovely wee doctor I had seen the first time who decided that this time I would be admitted and that they would run a series of tests to see what was going on. I have never been so poked and prodded in my life!! I was connected to another drip (Fido the 2nd), given two lots of blood tests, had an x-ray, a CT Scan (I was allergic to the contact media they use so not only was I being poked and prodded I was red and lumpy……Chris had never seen me look so attractive!!) and then I had an Endoscopy. So, they discovered that I have a stone and some gravel in my gall bladder – The stomach produces chemicals that stimulate the gall bladder causing it to expand and contract this then pushed some of the gravel out the gall bladder into my common bile duct (It had to be the common one didn’t it!!) and it had formed another stone which was blocking the duct and causing the pain (Got all that…..good).

On day two I was told that I would need another Endoscopy to remove the stone and the gravel (This is one of the images of the stone - how cool is are now looking at a picture of my insides!!). I also had the most humiliating experience of my life and I just know that you are all going to laugh your heads off (It’s not funny!!). A little woman came in (She did work at the hospital – she wasn’t just some random woman) and asked me if I wanted to have a shower – well having been poked and prodded I felt a bit skanky so, yes, I wanted a shower. Me, Fido 2 and little woman made our way into the bathroom. She then undressed me (Erm…..okkkkayyy!!), turned the water on and got it to a good temperature (I’m naked here!! When are you leaving!!), put on rubber gloves (Oh Nooooo!!!!!) and proceeded to wash me…..and, when I say wash, me I mean everywhere!! (Arrrrgggggggg). I was absolutely mortified!!! (To be fair I think that in the grand scheme of things she had the worst of it but !!!!!!!). I was just recovering from this ordeal when they wheeled me down to have my second Endoscopy (Actually that was a bit weird….the staff remembered me from the day before so all said ‘Hello’ and waved when I was wheeled in…..very surreal!!).

Chris was absolutely brilliant and I don’t think I would have been half as relaxed as I was if he hadn’t been there to hold my hand and Moon kept a close eye on both of us. Actually, the staff were brilliant as well and I have to say that I would rather be ill here than in the UK!!. I saw four doctors, all of whom were specialists in their field, they all visited me in my room and explained exactly what they were going to do and why (and took the time to answer any questions that I had), the nurses introduced themselves to me, the room was spotless and the hospital even sent a customer service person to my room to make sure that I was completely happy (Can you imagine that ever happening in the UK…….I don’t think so!!). Ha, I even got a DVD of my endoscopies which, because I am a nasty piece of work, I made Chris and Moon watch!!

They also detected a problem in my liver but are not too sure what it is so I have been asked to come back on Tuesday for an MRI scan and some more bloody (literally) blood tests. So I have had a fun filled three days in hospital and still have another one to look forward to (aren’t I the lucky one!!)


Janice said...

Never mind the gall stone, I'm more worried about that shower hose in the foreground - when did you swallow THAT!?

Carol said...

Oh...did I forget to mention the shower hose??

Anonymous said...

No wonder all the staff recognised you the next day - once seen, never forgotten!!! - Katwoman

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