Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Birdcage - SOLD



TALON said...

I have two of these which we put in the garden. If it snow and ice ever get going, it will be lovely to see them there again. As always, intrigued with your drawing, Carol.

Carol said...

I have a real thing for birdcages! I just think they are beautiful! This one is actually not mine...the drawing was done from a photograph that my friend shared with me :-)

C x

Mel said...

I don't own a single birdcage. But I could do an empty one in the garden!! If it ever thaws out so I can actually get outside! Silly winter just keeps hangin' 'round. I like that yours is sans bird. LOL

Carol said...

We have about three dotted around the birds - would drive the poor cats daft...but three bird cages! I'm actually thinking that I'll hang one up in the kitchen and put a trailing plant of some kind in it...that would look quite cool wouldn't it!

Urgh, winter....I'm looking forward to when it finally buggers off and we get some sun. It's been a grey, windy and extremely wet one here this year! (And our roof leaked...two days before Christmas...we spent the entire festive season with a big blue bucket in the living room to catch the drips)

C x

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