Saturday, 31 August 2013

Sneaky Peak and other, erm, stuff

Well, I thought it was about time I popped back here to give you an update on what I've been doing recently!

The book of Sci-Fi short stories will be out at the end of September (I will share a link to it when it's available to buy). In the meantime here is the first glimpse of the front cover (sadly, not done by me but the rest of the illustrations have been)

 Two T-shirt designs for a Thai Charity (Prints are available £15)

Another commission piece based on the 'Family Home' pic I did for my Mum. 
This one went off to France 
(If you are interested you can commission a 'Family Tree' or 'Family Home'. I offer them in three sizes A5 (10 to 15 different illustrations = £60), A4 (20 to 25 different illustrations = £100) and A3 (35 to 40 different illustrations = £200))

Oh, and there were the logo's (This one is a design for 7 Olives Photography)

and I ran a 'Tree of Rendcomb Life' Workshop for the students of Rendcomb college. 
I drew the tree and then provided some ideas of what should be included based on the curriculum, the history of the school and life for the kids that live there during term time. 

This is what it looked like after session 1. 
(apologies for the pic quality but the tree was A0 in size so I had to stand on a chair to take these)
After session 2.
and the final result was
And last, but definitely not least, I have a piece in the Journal 'When Women Waken' which is a fabulous new online literary journal publishing fresh voices and art in English from around the world. It is a journal of Poetry, Prose & Images and this issue features the first ever 'Family Home' picture that i drew. It now has pride of place on the living room wall of my Mum's house. I drew it for her when we lived in Thailand and I was missing her.

I have also done another two commissions since then. A pen and ink piece for a wedding anniversary and a 'spring' silver leaf painting but they have not been given to their intended recipients yet so I can't share them with you...yet :-)


TALON said...

Congrats, Carol! Beautiful, beautiful work!

Blu said...


Moggiehouse said...

It has pride of place - I love it! Mum xx

Carol said...

Talon - Awww, thanks hon. I've been working hard but having a lot of fun too!

Blu - :-D

Mum - Hehehe, I'd be a bit upset if you hated it!

C x

Mel said...

Wow. WOW!!
And I was worried you'd gotten overloaded and pulled all your hair out and sat down in a paralyzed lump. ;-)

They are amazing. I especially like the tree...and the one for the mom. I think that's what makes the piece...all those details, the picture in a picture and the symbolism....well, that and I'm just a fan so I'm probably biased.
But when I showed ya off to he-who-has-no-bias HE said things like "wow..." and "cool!!".
LOL. Maybe we're just comfy lovin all things that connect and show the connectedness? Or...we're secretly hippies....(she who's wearing the tie dyed skirt says with a laugh!!)and just enjoy squiggles and lines and all things inky.

JJ said...

Carol, your work is outstanding! Congratulations.

Judith Logan-Farías said...
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Judith Logan-Farías said...

Hi Carol, sorry haven`t been round in a while, you know how busy life can get! Just to tell you that I`ve nominated you for an award amongst bloggers, The Sunshine Award. Here`s the link to my post for more info:
You are supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers in a post also. It may be time-consuming, but it`s a nice way for us to give others the recognition we feel they deserve. xx

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