Monday, 15 April 2013

Well, they say it's better to be busy than bored...

but I'm not sure I'm convinced about that!!

I can honestly say that I have spent the last few weeks running around like a headless chicken...I just seem to have lots going on at the moment!!

"So what the hell have you been doing?" I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you...

I've now finished my latest commission piece. Couldn't show it to you till it had been given to the recipient but it was received last week and I've been told that it was a HUGE hit (Phew!). It is another example of the 'Tree of Life' pictures that I offer and every single thing contained in it relates to Gail and her life...even down to the morse code on one of the branches :-)

I have completed the first illustration for the Sci-Fi book of short stories that I am working on. I can't show you that but I can show you a doodle that I did based on one of my ideas for it (The finished piece looks very different).

I have been approached about producing three images for a Thai charity. They will be printed on T-shirts and sold to raise funds for a children's education project. Yup, you guessed it...I've agreed to do it (for free) because, you know, I don't have anything else going on at the moment!! They want something based around a commission piece I did. They like the hands and the Buddha so I will be playing about with these ideas. (This is the commission piece which prompted them to contact me)

What else? Oh yes, ages ago I said that I wanted to do a 'Four seasons' painting based on my silver leaf the time I was approached by a buyer who said that they would be interested in purchasing them if I went ahead. I got conformation last week that they do indeed want to go now I have to pull my finger out and actually paint them!! This is the pic that sparked it all off!

On Thursday I went to London to attend the book launch of my lovely friend Caroline Smailes. Her latest novel 'The Drowning of Arthur Braxton' has just been released and I am absolutely loving it!! (She has blogged about it here). She writes beautifully and I think that this is perhaps her best book to date...but don't take my word for it...go get yourself a copy! You can buy it here

Then on Saturday I travelled from London to Portsmouth where I was speaking about collaboration at the lovely Denyse King's 'What's your story?' book launch. She has been Portsmouth's writer in residence for the last year and has been running workshops all over the city the results of which have been complied and formed into a book. During that time (she is one hell of a busy lady!) she has also written a number of her own books including a children's book called 'Realand' which is the first in her Portal Series. (You can buy all her books here). She sent chapter 1 to a poet, an illustrator (me) and a photographer and asked us to produce something based on her writing. It was an honour to take part..not so much to do the speaking in front of loads of people cause I hate that...but I was honoured to have the opportunity to produce something inspired by her words.

I'm now off to Amsterdam to spend the week drawing and painting so I shall leave you with the image that I created for DJ's Realand.


Sue Guiney said...

It's all going so well for you. Yippee! Enjoy Amsterdam. I know you will. Xo

Kath said...

Busy is good! It's great to see you doing so well at something you are good at and love doing and it was lovely to see you again on Thursday. Have a brilliant time in Amsterdam! x

Susan McD said...

Can't wait to see the T shirt based on that fantasic commission piece, biased moi?
Susan M

D..J. Kirkby said...

I love the tree commissioned illustration (of course) and the Sci-Fi travelling (intrigued now). It was wonderful to have you speaking t the launch (I felt so honoured that you agreed to do it) and even more wonderful to get to spend the rest of the evening chatting and relaxing with you.

Mel said...

HOLY moly....and you were worried about not having 'enough' to do with your talents. *laughing* FAR from it!! How fun..and overwhelming. Wow you've been a busy little camper. And a busily creating one. The tree is GORGEOUS! I can't imagine a dissatisfied customer in the lot.

Wow...I truly am excited for you. All that flurry of activity goin' on...all the affirmations about the creative YOU that's awesome. And all that coming and going and public speaking. *laughing!!* Better thee than me. Oh, but well done! And good for you!!

And stop recommending books. :-/ I adored The Blackhouse and now I'm left waiting. *ahem* I suppose that's a good wait.....maybe.....
Hold on....I could read THIS one while I wait! little booger....LOLOL

Carol said...

Sue - It was lovely seeing you again at Caroline's launch!

Amsterdam was wonderful...I didn't realise that sitting outside drawing would attract so much attention! I spent a lovely couple of days drawing and talking to people from all over the world :-)

Kath - It was fab catching up with you again too (can't believe it had been soooo long!). We will have to arrange another get together since it's not like we live miles apart!

Susan - LOL. Nope, your not biased at all my dear...what ever gave you that idea? *sniggers*

I shall be putting two of them together tomorrow so watch out for them :-)

DJ - Hehehe, well...I'm glad you love it! (Since you have a version, I would be worried if you didn't :-D).

I was honoured that you asked me to contribute and I LOVED getting to spend some time with you! We always have so much fun when we get together :-D

Mel - Yeah, just goes to show what I know eh! *laughs*. It's fun and busy and still a bit scary but I'm loving it...and that is what matters most isn't it!

*groans* I HATE public speaking! The last time I did it was when I had to present the findings of my dissertation (which reminds me...did I ever send you a copy? You asked for it but I can't remember if I sent it?) in front of the Major of Tower Hamlets and all the big wigs from the Borough. A patient that had been involved in the study was sat right at the front and...she fell asleep!! (Stop laughing). Ok, so she was on medication that made her drowsy and I knew that BUT there I was trying to be funny and interesting with someone on the front row fast asleep!! (I'm happy to report that no-one fell asleep this time :-D)

YAY!! So glad that you adored the was written by my Dad you know *proud face*. The Lewis Man and The Chessmen should be out now...they are over here.

Hahaha, Caroline's book is very different...and odd and quirky and difficult and utterly fabulous! It is a modern day fairy tale...and, like the best ones of old, it's dark! I LOVED it!

C x

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