Monday, 4 March 2013

This working for a living is over-rated!!

Phew! It's been a busy old week!

I have been working on my Etsy site. It is no longer looking sad and's had it's teeth cleaned, hair brushed, shirt ironed, shoes shined and it is now ready to be sent off into the big wide world! *gulps*

You can visit it by clicking on the banner below

AND it now has a Facebook friend to keep it company which you can visit by clicking on the photograph below

I am trying to build up a following (so I don't look like Billy No Mates) so if you could click on the links and 'like' my pages I would be ever so grateful!!

Thank you
 (and sorry if your fed up hearing about this...just trying to make sure I'm covering all my bases)


TALON said...

I can truly appreciate all you've been working so hard on, Carol! Congrats! And of course I'll visit, but I don't do Facebook (just twitter) so I can't help build your following...but I'll be spreading the word the old-fashioned way :)

ladyfi said...

Congratulations! Here's hoping you have fun and sell some stuff too!

Carol said...

Talon - It's not easy trying to get everything 'right' is it!

Thanks for the support. It really is much appreciated!

C x

Ps. I'm on Twitter too and can be found @Art_Is____

Carol said...

LadyFi - You sneaked in there!

I've sold another 5 pictures since updating my Etsy site so putting in the effort is definitely paying off!!

C x

Mel said...

You sold ANOTHER five?!

Oh, I love how this is playing out for you.

Oh wait!

I think I heard the Big Guy laughing!

You're so silly.....
I do hope you're putting pen to paper--you're going to sell out at this rate.... :-/

I think a party is in order--with balloons and confetti and all things FUN! :-D

You start blowing up balloons--while I snoop. LOLOL

Carol said...

Mel - I couldn't believe it!! I am so completely over the moon about it and am printing my prints as we speak (well, as I type!).

I've not put pen to paper...yet! I do still have about 50 pics to go up so am not in any immediate danger of running out!!

In the meantime, I am starting one of my commissioned pieces this afternoon. It's obviously time...cause i was lying awake thinking of things that I could do for it which is a sure sign that I need to get started on it!

Right, balloons....*inhales*

C x

the best part of my day... said...

I hear ya! I guess we'll all work until we can't anymore. It's how I think of it...ha!

Carol said...

The best - Don't get me wrong...I LOVE doing my drawing and painting but having to faff around with the admin stuff is not anywhere near as rewarding!!

C x

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