Friday, 15 March 2013

Story Box

I am doing something rather exciting next week! I'm heading to  The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre which contains unique documents reflecting 800 years of history in the area. The Arts Service are opening up the archive for artists to explore the documents through a project called Story Box. They want to establish a community of artists who use the archive as a source of cool is that!! I am attending a workshop that will give me the opportunity to work alongside archivists and researchers to explore not only what fascinating documents are held within the archive but also what fascinates the archivists and researchers.

Here's how they describe it...

Project Description:
Story Box is an intimate opportunity to explore the archive with an expert guide and select few for company. The Story Box project lifts the lid on 8 miles of archives and invites creative practitioners to slip between the centuries and delve into the lives of past generations. The archive contains a vast array of documents that pertain to every aspect of life and death within the county, there are registers of baptisms and marriages, there are proceedings from courts and school punishment books, there are also personal letters as well as the papers of state. The archive covers every strata of society from the destitute seeking shelter to the correspondence of monarchs dispensing their favours. The archive charts the transition of society from the sharp contrast of a feudal medieval society with its gruesome courts of justice on the one hand, and sporadic support to the poor from charities and monastic bodies on the other, to the creation of the modern welfare state with its democratic institutions and formalised widepsread services to those in need.

It is right up my street!! I'm interested in history and people and community and I can't wait!!! 


TALON said...

Carol, I am sooooo jealous! How fun is this? You are going to be so inspired. I can't wait to see where your amazing creative mind takes you and what beautiful creations manifest from this.

Carol said...

Talon - I am ridiculously excited that I managed to get a place on the workshop...and it's free!! To spend an entire day surrounded by so much history is my idea of heaven! I really can't wait to go and learn all about it :-)

C x

Mel said...

Oh wow..... WOW. How fun will THAT be?! And how exciting.
The 'feel' alone would be amazing. Oh, and the smell.....yeah, I can be tactile some moments. LOL Seriously...what a wonderful thing to find yourself invited to be a part of.
I can FEEL the creative wheels turning from here. LOL
This is an awesome thing.
Take camera! If that's allowed......and breathe deep. Oh, and fill that brain of yours with all that history that's just aching to be set into life again.
Lucky YOU!

Carol said...

Mel - A friend e-mailed me about it and I had pretty much the same reaction as you just did! I thought 'WOW' I need to get me on that workshop!!

I doubt very much if I'll be allowed to touch anything but the smell of all those old old book shops. I LOVE old book shops!

I'm allowed a camera and a pencil and nothing more!! I think it's going to be really interesting and I can't wait!!

C x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mel said...

Yes, well....I've waited. :-/ Rather patiently, I think. NOT that I've checked here a bazillion times.....:-/

NO PHOTOS?! Nothing?!
Okay, okay.....I know you've been at the commissions and making good on all that work you put into the shop and the web site and putting yourself OUT there. (*laughing* It brings my heart great joy to know you're buried under STUFF connected to your creatings!) But a photo at LEAST?!
*laughing* I'm a demanding, needy, pushy soul.
And a bit witchy sometimes, I might add.

ONE photo. C' stateside people don't HAVE ancient things like you do. Fossils don't count. :-/

Carol said...

Mel - You are too funny!!

I've been swamped trying to get my commission's for a big birthday and if I didn't hit my deadline there would have been trouble! LOL.

Anyway, She-who-is-impatient, I've just written a long post about it...AND there are photographs...AND there will be drawings based on it (at some point!).

(Ok, so sometimes I do need a prod to remind me to do

C x

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