Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pink Sheep

It's been a long time since I participated in a bloggy 'Answer these questions' thing *grins* but my lovely blog friend Mel has sent me some questions...and I'm kinda looking forward to this one since it means I can display pink sheep...AND....because I like the idea of pink sheep I just HAD to have a go at drawing one! (I can resist everything except temptation!)

Here are the questions and my answers to them (and my pink sheep)...

How do you celebrate your favorite holiday?
I'm not entirely sure I have a 'favourite' (It's has a U in it!! *laughs*) holiday. I guess if I did it would probably be Christmas...not for the religious aspect (I'm not religious in the slightest) but because it means that I get to spend a few uninterrupted days with lovely hubby (I know...pass the nearest sick bucket!).

What unique tradition have you developed in your family (past or present)?
Hubby and I now spend Christmas on our driving for 7 hours (on a good day) up to Scotland to see the family, no running around trying to fit everyone in and no stress. We get up, have Bellini's with smoked salmon and cream cheese with a glass of champagne (would be rude not to!), open our presents, have another glass of champagne, then it's time for Chris's home made pea and ham soup (which is AMAZING), have a break from eating and perhaps a glass of wine, then we have our roast with all the trimmings, have a break from eating and perhaps another glass of wine (are you seeing a pattern forming?), have dessert which is usually individual pavlovas with hot, honey drizzled, plums, have a break from eating and then perhaps some wine, discuss having cheese course and end up laughing cause we always buy really nice cheese but never eat it on Christmas day cause we're always too full :-D. So I guess that's our lots of yummy cheese for Christmas dinner but NEVER eat it on Christmas Day.

What's on your nightstand by your side of the bed?
I have a jewelery stand that is made from bent forks which is covered in bracelets etc
A mini shoe where my rings live
A hand made, wooden, buck toothed rabbit with HUGE ears...just cause
A wee wooden head with a big nose that I put my glasses on when I go to sleep
A gorgeous acid etched metal picture of honesty that my best mate gave me
A couple of random books (these change)
and a lamp
(and sometimes an empty wine glass if we've decided to watch a movie in bed)

How many tries does it take you before you actually thread a needle?
*laughs* too many to count! I try the 'cut the end of the thread and try to put it through' method followed by the 'Suck the end of the thread into a point then try to put it through' method followed by  'fold it round the needle then try to thread the loop through' method followed by the "how the hell is this wee fiddly metal thing with the loop supposed to help you thread a needle" method usually followed by some swearing and then I repeat the process until needle is finally threaded!

One quirky thing you embrace as uniquely YOU?
Big chunky rings...I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame! I LOVE big chunky rings and wear one pretty much every day (seriously, they are often so big that I have to take them off to type!)

A worry that paralyzed you, then or now?
When I was younger I got into quite a lot of debt...well, when I say I, I really mean my boyfriend at the time got me into a lot of debt...but I let him do it so I have to accept my share of the responsibility. I used to lie in bed at night fretting and plotting about how I was going to get myself out of it and I used to be terrified of opening the post cause I knew it would be another bill that I wouldn't be able to pay. It got so bad that at one point I was making a tin of beans last me two days and was walking into work cause I couldn't afford the tube fare. In the end my Dad helped sort out the mess, we sold my flat and we were able to pay off everything that I owed...I was lucky! It was one of the most awful periods of my life but it was a lesson well learnt....I've never been in dept since.

Which parent can YOU hear when you say something today?
BOTH!! *laughs* I am doomed!!

When do you consider it 'late at night'?
Erm, I'm not sure to be honest! If left to my own devices I would be a sleep late - work until the wee small hours kinda gal but since the rest of the world doesn't operate like that I get up when Chris does and I try to stop work when he comes home. Soooo if operating on my time then 'late at night' would probably be about 1am but if operating on everyone elses time then 'late at night' would probably be about 11pm. I would never call someone at that time of night so I'll use that as my gauge!

How do you respond when someone hurts your feelings?
Depends. I will rarely say anything at the time but will wait and then talk to them about it when it's just us. I do it calmly (and usually quite casually) and I explain why what they said hurt...that then gives them an opportunity to explain what they meant. Sometimes it can be a case of a misunderstanding but usually it's unintentional and the person that hurt me didn't realise that it was a subject that I am sensitive about. Occasionally it will be because someone is hurting themselves and are lashing which case I suck it up....recognise it for what it is and let it go. If it is someone who is intentionally trying to hurt me then I walk is too short to be around people that make you feel like shit! As my Gran would say 'Stay away from people who trouble the soul'.

What are two staples you can't run out of? And (LORD help us all....) what happens if you DO run out of them?
Wine and chocolate *laughs* that would be a disaster!! There is not much that can't be solved with wine and chocolate...ok, so maybe not solved BUT they do make you feel a bit better and they are always good to have in case you have a friend in need!

And finally--WHO do you need to say "I love you" to, today.....go do that and report back!
Ha, I've already told my lovely Hubby that I love him today. I tell him every day! Today we were tickling each other in the kitchen before he left for work and were both laughing...I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him (Now where did I put that sick bucket? *goes off to look for it*)


Suburbia said...

I love your answers and envy your relationship - no not envy, that is too negative, love that you have that in your life.

I also wish my bedside table was full of lovely things (running off to put that one right in a mo!) mine has headache tablets amongst other debris!

And I WANT your pink sheep pic!!!!

Happy Valentines Day :)

Mel said...


OMGosh she's just too adorable!
I'd let suburbia have her--but, whaddaya know--I'm JUST not that selfless yet!
Yes, I know....practice, practice, practice.


*sniffle* .....fine.....

Ohh.....What FUN I had reading your answers. You make me laugh, lots...and often. And BLESS that Holiday tradition. *laughing* Ummm....I ain't talkin' the cheese! Or the pea soup, which I'm sure is just lovely. ;-)

And I'm all about 'just cuz I can' on the nite stand--everyone oughta have one of those.....cuz! Right. Makes me wanna go find the dopey bunny that's just hilarious to look at and plunk him by the bed. It's nearing the Easter Season--I'll claim he's a decoration!

BOTH parents?! Wow...they're goooooooooooood! LOLOLOL

You really are a mushbucket, huh? LOL NOT that there's anything wrong with it--in fact there's a whole lot right with it! Leastwise I hope so cuz we were dancing in the kitchen--yeah, well...not so gracefully with crutches, but's too short to NOT dance! :-)

Thank you for humouring me and playing along.
And thank you for the pink sheep art-- that little sheepie made the whole WEEK!

TALON said...

Your pink sheep's name has to be Curly Que Sue, Carol :) Adorable!

I loved these questions and I loved your answers. Like you, hubby and I years ago decided to keep Christmas simple. It was too exhausting trying to meet everyone's demands.

The bike shed said...

We have Christmas day alone too - with the kids of course, but not with the extended family. But I'm afraid the cheese always gets eaten!

Carol said...

Sub - Awww, thanks hon. I went through my fair share of frogs before finding my prince! Mind you, if I hadn't then I probably wouldn't appreciate lovely husband as much as I do so....

Hahaha, now I want to know what you put next to your bedside table! Everyone should have lovely random things next to their bed...makes waking up that wee bit nicer in the morning (esp. on a monday when it's cold and dark outside!)

Lol re the sheep!

Mel - I had a conversation with my best mate Tom (aka Tomato) about the sheep. Watch this space cause there is another one a coming...

I'm glad I make you laugh cause you make me laugh too...lots...and often! Kindred spirits I say :-)

Oh and please tell me that you put dopey bunny next to the bed! As I said to Sub...everyone gotta some random stuff that makes them smile next to their bed!

Yup, both parents...not sure I would say good...Erm...what would I say?...Ah! Got it!...the word I'm looking for is repetitive *laughs*

Mushbucket? Yeah..didn't used to be...think I might be getting soft in my old age!

Glad the sheepie made your week :-D

Talon - LOVE IT!! What a brilliant name...she has now been officially christened Curly Que Sue :-)

Simple Christmas is definitely the way to's just too much hassle otherwise!!

Mark - I am most impressed that your cheese gets eaten! (Why does that sound soooo wrong?). Anyway, glad that you too have a quiet by far the best way of 'doing' Christmas.

C x

Jennifer said...

I loved reading this. I'm so glad we 'met.' xo

Jennifer said...

Oh, and the sheep is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Jennifer - I'm really glad we 'met' too :-D.

Hehehe, glad you like her :-)

C x

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