Monday, 25 February 2013

My Work Space

My Dad has just bought a house in Spain which I've not seen yet and last week he posted a picture of his office on Facebook. I LOVE seeing photo's of people's work spaces...I find them interesting, intriguing and inspiring. I like the fact that, when I think of that person at work, I have a mental image of where they are. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share a few pictures of my own.

Welcome to my humble, and slightly chaotic, abode. 

I am sat here right now

and all I need to do is turn my chair round and I can work at my drawing table :-)

No idea what my work space says about me but I thought I would share it anyway!


Potterix said...

I love seeing people's work spaces too (like that thing in the Guardian - writer's spaces). There's something special about them. Yours looks great. Love the wooden book/art holder thing.

TALON said...

I love how you can swing around and start work on a completely different project, Carol. And I love all the books (my office is full of books, too). I just recently renovated my office so I'm doing all the final tweaks and now I'm adjusting to the space and settling in. Like you, I find it fascinating to be able to picture people where they are...

And I love that wicker heart hanging in the window!

ladyfi said...

You have a lovely work space - mine is totally chaotic! Love that heart in the window - did you make it?

Mel said...

You dad is brave. And so are you. OH my gosh....

A plain white coffee cup?
A PLAIN WHITE coffee cup?!

Haven't I warned ya about the goobery thingies that happen with one of those?! :-/
I adore the Thesaurus stuck on the bottom shelf. And all the doo-dahs' scattered here and there.....the FEETS candle holders are too cool, btw. OH...and the light cover! AND elephants and cool things standing guard where ever you turn....but really.....white cups? We gotta talk.......
Gee--you'd think I clicked on the pictures and snooped. LOL I DID! LOLOL Go figure, eh?

I suppose doing the same in kind would be fun....only.....egads what a disaster! Serious disaster with 11 weeks of being stuck in one place and limited mobility to GET to the things I really want/need/covet. LOLOL
I'd say mine is rather.....dull compared to yours. But I'm not making stuff people will frame and put on walls in their home. (though I do colour on sidewalks with chalk!....thank goodness for rain....LOLOLOL)

I found it strategically appealing. Makes me wanna have he-who-does-everything move the toy box closer so I can turn around and.....voile'!! :-) 'Cept I keep changing my 'work station' from study to livingroom.....and I kinda like the squirrels nest I have going on there. *laughing*
NOT enough to photograph it mind you. OH my gosh that would be wayyyyyyyyyy incriminating. LOLOLOL

Jennifer said...

Lovely! So nice to see where you work.

Carol said...

Potterix - Do you think it's cause we're nosy? *laughs*. Your right though...there is something special about them...especially if it's where someone 'creates' something!

Talon - I love that I can do that too! It also helps when I'm doing a commission and need to research something...I don't feel like I have to step away from the project which means I'm less likely to get distracted!

Yup, LOVE books!! I have a wee library corner in the office which is so rammed full of books that I'm running out of space for them all!! Thank god for Kindles...otherwise I fear that I would be knee deep!!

LadyFi - Ha, that comment implies that mine is not chaotic...I promise...I didn't tidy before taking the photo!!

I didn't make the heart. Saw it in an antique shop window and just really liked it. We used to have it in the dining room of our old house and it looked great...not sure how it's migrated into my study...actually, that's not true! Chris kept hitting his head on it when he was opening the window so it migrated into my study! lol.

Mel - Brave? He lives in France and now writes in Spain in the winter...friends of his have a house just down the road from him. (We're going to visit in May which I'm very excited about!)

Goobery things? What the hell is a goobery thing? Whatever it is it won't be bothering me cause the mug isn't plain white :-). It has a sliver rim round the top edge and a silver dribble down the side (come didn't actually think I would have something as normal as a white mug did ya!?). I've got two is the dribble and the other is a silver lipstick mark...they make me smile.

Hahaha, I think it's very nice that you have said I have cool things standing guard...what I think you meant to say was 'My god you've got a lot of crap!' *laughs*. Although I have to be honest...I love the wee feet candle holders too!

Oh please share a photo of your 'space'. Pretty please? Pretty please with sprinkles on top? *grins and looks a bit pathetic*.

Once you settle in one place, if you ever settle in one place ;-), then you should get he-who-does-everything to move the's great being able to just turn round and get on with the act of turning round kinda says 'right, I'm done with this now...time to get on with...'. Helps separate the tasks...well, at least it does with me!

Hahaha, yup...I sooo want to see an incriminating picture of your 'space'! Go know you want to...

Jennifer - How about a pic of yours?

C x

Nic said...

I wish my office looked that tidy!!

Mel said...

Goobery thingies....that lovely stuff that your trim and lipstick mark hide(which weren't visible in the photo but thankgoodness cuz I was seriously starting to fret!) when you dribble a bit as you consume your coffee. Come come...I can't be the only one who gets the goobery thingies! ( If I am.....lie! )
I have lots of things guarding me as I putter in my 'spots'....they are guardians cuz I say so...ppppffftttt!
I shall try to find the courage to photographic the squirrels nest....after I straighten it! Hahaha.

Carol said...

Nic - I am rather thrilled that you think that is tidy...and am also now rather worried about what yours looks like! :-)

Mel - Goobery is a Mel-made-up word *laughs* no wonder I had no idea what you were on about!! No, it's not just you...we all get them (Oooh the temptation to say that it is just you is killing me!!).

Your not allowed to straighten it...that cheating!!

C x

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