Friday, 22 February 2013

It worked!!

It worked!?

My cunning plan to be able to produce my own prints actually worked!!


I'm donating a couple of my pictures to a charity exhibition and the theme is 'Contrast'. I decided to try out my new technology and my snazzy new paper (It's all singing and all dancing...been developed for museum archives and is specifically designed for fine art prints dontcha know) then the plan was, if it all worked, to frame them for the exhibition. 

and it worked!!

Cloaked Woman


I am really pleased with how they turned out! I actually like them so much that I'm thinking of putting them up on my own wall!! (That NEVER happens!!)


TALON said...

Gorgeous! Oh, Carol, having them framed and matted really makes them sing, doesn't it? :)

Suburbia said...

Thats fantastic :-)))

Mel said...

Wow. Aren't you a clever one!! And, holy cow how amazing are those all famed and matted. How could you NOT want those on your wall?! (doesn't surprise me you've yet to do that....START NOW!)
And the cowpit yow, too....hahaha

Carol said...

Talon - *grins* thank you hon. Yup, it never fails to amaze me just how big a difference a mount and a frame make to a you said, it makes them sing!

Sub - I'm ridiculously pleased with them!!

Mel - I wasn't sure it would all work so when it did I was rather over the moon!! Yeah, as I said to Talon, it never fails to amaze me just how different they look when mounted and framed...kinda brings them to life!

Hahaha, there are plenty of my drawings that I would NOT want anywhere near my walls but I would quite happily have these two :-) (might pass on the cowpit yow though!)

C x

Jennifer said...

They look gorgeous! And if your art is becoming your business, you SHOULD get some up on the walls!

Blu said...

wonderful :-)

Carol said...

Jennifer - My art is indeed becoming my business! Had first commission confirmed over the weekend which is fab cause I wasn't expecting to earn anything till the end of next month!

Blu - Awww, thanks hon :-). *does wee happy dance*

C x

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