Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cowpit Yow

So I had a long, and very silly, conversation with my best mate the other day and when I told him I had drawn a pink sheep for my blog he immediately started laughing and asked 'Was it a cowpit yow?'. Now, those of you not from Scotland will have absolutely no idea what he just asked so I shall explain...

The word 'Cowpit' in Scotland means to fall over (You can also use 'Cowp' to mean throw away. e.g. 'I'm going to cowp that CD cause I don't like the band anymore'). As you all know a ewe is a female sheep but in parts of Scotland this is pronounced as 'Yow' (Sounds like Pow only with a Y). Soooo, a cowpit yow is literally a female sheep which has fallen over.

When we moved from Glasgow to the small village I spent most of my childhood in I learned of this concept and was absolutely fascinated by it! Every single landscape I drew...for years...had a cowpit yow in one of the fields! So just for is my updated version :-)


TALON said...

lol! Perfection, Carol. So why are these ewes down like that? They say you learn something new every day and now I'm going to figure out how to slip cowpit into a conversation. :)

Carol said...

Talon - Hehehe, I just HAD to draw one for him after his comments! There is something rather satisfying about saying it so once he said it once there was no going back...he must have squeezed it into the conversation at least another 10 times whilst laughing :-)

I have no idea why they are down like that. The just kind of lie down and roll over...but they a big beasts with relatively short legs so they regularly struggle to get back up again!

If you do manage to slip it into the conversation you will HAVE to come back to let me know how you did it and what reaction you got!

C x

Mel said...

OH my gosh....I LOVE it!
And I love HER.
And I love the "cowpit yow".

And I confess to cow-tipping once-upon-a-time....which isn't a nice thing to do to cows.
What can I say--I was easily bored and easily amused?

The bike shed said...

I wonder if Fin saw them on the Isle of Lewis. (shows I've read your Da's books if nothing else, because it really is quite hard to comment on a Cowpit Yow!)

ladyfi said...

Oh that is hilarious! Never heard of the expression before, but love it!

Nice drawing too.

Carol said...

Mel - You went Cow tipping!? LMAO!! Aherm...Yes, go stand in the naughty corner...*points finger in matronly manner*

(Love that you love cowpi yow :-D)

Mark - Hahaha, yes, there is not really much that can be said in response to a Cowpit Yow!

He's just finished his new one! Set on Lewis (partly) but not a continuation of the Fin story. I am very much looking forward to reading it!!

Ladyfi - I think it might be an expression that is native to Scotland! No-one, other than other Scots, I've ever said it in front of has had a clue what I'm talking about!

Silly drawing but much fun!

C x

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I love your drawing!

Carol said...

Sharon - Thanks hon. Was just a bit of fun :-)

C x

Jennifer said...

bahahahaha! And the cowpit yow is adorable. She and her name belong on a coffee mug and put into gift shops where you grew up!

Carol said...

Jennifer - Lol...she would rather good on a mug wouldn't she! have given me an idea

*goes off to ponder*

C x

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