Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sun # 6.1

Not feeling so great today! Think we're starting to come down with the dreaded lurgy which is a shame cause it's Tom's birthday and we've got plans! I'm sure we'll soldier on!

I think this needs something more....


Mel said...

Ah....wondered if suddenly I would see a bazillion posts cuz the machine was acting up again. Now I know it's the dreaded lurgy. You poor thing.

I like this one. It's coming along nicely.
I do hope you'll continue with posting your 'art a day'.....but if not, I can certainly understand NOT wanting the pressure.
On the other hand, maybe it's become a welcome habit and I can continue to reap the rewards!

Carol said...

Mel - The lurgy was bad! Full blown flu...didn't celebrate New Year...didn't even manage to stay up for the bells (which I think is the first year ever...well, since I was a kiddywink anyway)...spent the first week and a half of the New Year in bed! It just didn't seem to shift! Still, am much much better going on the basis that this year started badly so can only go up :-)

Am planning to quit the day job this year and try and make a living from my art...don't think I'll manage a drawing a day but I'm thinking maybe one or two a week (perhaps more if I have time). Think that will stop you getting withdrawal symptoms? :-)

C x

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