Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sun # 5.4

This is better but I think the white sections need to be black...make them stand out more!

We had a fabulous Christmas. We pleased ourselves so it was totally stress free! We started the day with smoked salmon and cream cheese Bellini's which had to be consumed with some champagne to wash them down (well, it would have been rude not to!), then we had Chris's home made pea and ham soup (It is the best I've ever had!), then roast chicken with all the trimmings (again, made by Chris's fair hand) and then we had home made mini pavlovas with grilled honey plums (made by me)....and then we went for a very loooonnnng walk to try and walk some of it off!

*grins* it was lovely.


Mel said...

Awwwwww.......what a wonderful way to spend the holiday--stress free and embraced by love. And apparently good food! ;-)
I'm glad it worked so well for you--maybe you've started a new tradition! :-)

Carol said...

Mel - It was lovely! We did the same last year (and the year before) but it was great doing it in our own home :-)

C x

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