Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sun # 5 (Finished)

Yes, that is better! I'm really looking forward to painting these next year. 
I have loads of plans for them!

I've just realised...I only have four more days and I will have completed my drawing a day for a year project! Bloody hell....


D..J. Kirkby said...

Wow, what gives it the gorgeous gold colour?

Mel said...

Yeah?! And how did you make the big circles go away so you could make wee circles.........and the white turn to black and vice versa?

Oh......and WOW that you're almost to the end of your year.
Whatever will you do NEXT?!

Carol said...

DJ - Erm, that was the glow from the lamp next to my desk! Would love to say that I had done something really clever but I've not :-)

Mel - Magic :-D. Naaa, I just re-drew it!

Erm, I'm not sure what I'm going to do next...will have to give it some thought!

C x

JJ said...

Beautiful. Have a wonderful New Year!

The bike shed said...

As you say - Bloody Hell!

Some achievement.

A very happy and productive new year Carole. I hope our paths cross sometime soon.



Judith Logan-Farías said...

sorry I haven`t pooped round in a while - Christmas, New Year, kids, sick kids, sick husband, and the list goes on!!!
I really like these suns!! the molecular side to them is really interesting. Just wondered if you`re into science and that`s your inspiration!? I love wildlife and that kind of thing, but that`s as far as my scientific brain will go, I fear. By the way, I absolutely love your Christmas present. My husband got me Michael Buble`s Christmas CD! but then we did decide beforehand we were only doing small presents, and I do like the album, just sick to death of listening to it in every shop I went into!!! Anyway, promise to stop by soon and congrats on the drawing a day- I`m envious! Judith x

Blu said...

I hope you had a great festive season, wishing you a creative 2013 :-)

Carol said...

JJ - Thank you. Hope you have a great New Year too!

Mark - It would be lovely to meet you in the flesh...we've been blog friends for, yikes, about 4/5 years now!?

Yeah, can't quite believe I have managed it...there were times when I thought attempting it was the most stupid thing I've ever done but I do have one hell of a sense of achievement!

Judith - Oh don't worry...I've not been around to anyone's blog as much as I have wanted to this year. Hoping that next year will be easier!

Yeah, I am very interested in science, the body, plants at a molecular level etc...just think there is hidden beauty there!

I shall be over to see how your getting on

Blu - Same back to you lovely lady!

C x

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