Monday, 10 December 2012

Sun # 1

I want to do more painting next year as its something that I have missed doing since I started doing this drawing-a-day project. My plan (always good to have a plan) is to try and come up with some images that will be associated with me and my work...washing lines make an appearance when I'm working on my imaginative stuff but I want to have some other images at my finger tips so that when someone looks at them they will say 'Oh. That was done by Carol Burns'. 

I'm going to work on my 4 seasons paintings which I have been going on about for ages (Spring was started and never finished) and I need some ideas for them...I'm thinking of working on a series of drawings that could double up as either flowers or as the inside of suns! (I figure I should make use of this time to do some of the development work). This is based on a seed pod and is my starting point!


Mel said...

Wow..... That's something else, seeing the whole progression and knowing where the idea generates from.

Seed pod! How cool is that.
I thought it was amazing to get the first bit done with the wee circles and things. I adore that it's not the same for each....petal (not sure what to call 'em).

Carol said...

Mel - Hehehe, I don't like to have everything the gets boring to draw so I like to have each wee bit slightly different!

C x

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