Monday, 31 December 2012


This is what I've been working on. It's silver leaf and acrylic. My plan is that it will be 'Spring' of a four seasons series...the 'Suns' that I've been drawing recently are going to be turned into seed pods and incorporated into a similar painting (which may well end up as the official 'Spring' of the series). We shall see. 

And this marks my 365th drawing. I have now done a drawing a day for an entire year! It's not been easy and sometimes it's felt like a lot of pressure but I now have a body of work that I plan to get decent scans of and sell. Not sure what I will do with this blog going forward. I think I will still post my art but I'm not going to be as strict as I have been in terms of putting something up every day...perhaps once or twice a week but that is going to have to wait till I feel better. I am rather poorly at the moment and can't face picking up a pen never mind anything else.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours and thank you for following me on my drawing-a-day for a year journey!


D..J. Kirkby said...

This is such a beautiful painting. Looks wintery to me though, like crackled ice on windowpanes...

Carol said...

DJ - It does look kind of wintery. Love your description of crackled ice on windowpanes...see...this is why you are a fab writer and I'm not!

I'm planning red and gold for Summer and either orange and bronze or red and bronze for Autumn and this blue and silver combo for Winter. Although the idea was the flowers would be on the tree for spring and then I would do something using ice crystals on the ground for winter but, as I said, I might re-think spring and turn the suns into seed pods.

C x

Lane Mathias said...

It's beautiful Carol. Well done for completing your drawing a day. That's such an achievement!
And get well soon x

Carol said...

Lane - Thanks hon. It's getting there...slowly but surely!

Yeah, am quite amazed that I managed the drawing a was quite an undertaking!

Feeling much better now. Still got slight cough and splutters but much much better than I was!!

C x

JJ said...

Carol: I love all your blogs. Which one should I follow? Where are you most active? Thanks.

Carol said...

JJ - This is my main blog now. It was too much trying to keep both of them going to I said a fond farewell to 'Not Only In Thailand' and emigrated here :-).

C x

JJ said...

I love all forms of art, so I will happily be around all year. Thanks.

noisemonger said...

Hi Carol,

Congratulations on achieving your goal, its definitely something difficult which makes it all the more special. In retrospect, what would you have done differently?

Mel said...

*ahem* Well, I miss your postings. And yes--it was one HECK of an accomplishment to do this every single freaking day for a year. But..... I'm assuming there was growth. I'm assuming there was a sense of accomplishment. I'm assuming there was a sense of connectedness to that creative spirit in you that seems to be such a HUGE bit of who you are.

NOT that doing it daily is required. It's certainly not. And I can speak only for me--cuz I am a creature of habit. Take away the discipline and you take away the odds that I'm going to get 'er done. And I don't mean 'beat Mel with a big stick' discipline--I mean structuring in time to DO certain things. Maybe you're one of 'those' folks who stick at stuff even after the gun's no longer at your head. Bravo and wooooooohoooooooo if that's the case! Notsomuch for Mel--mostly cuz I can give me a bazillion reasons "I deserve the break".
Now, I share that NOT because I think you ought to crank something out every freaking day! But I do wonder if building in a weekly 'art day' would be a wise thing.

*ahem* ONLY cuz here it is the end of January. *sniffle* And here I am missing my 'art fix' from you.
*laughing* Hahahaha.....see--it's all about ME!
(not really......I got the sense that you well and truly received all sorts of wonderful things when you connected with art.

*kicking soap box*
Gotta love me!

And I do hope that you've recuperated from whatever was dragging you down!

Carol said...

Ha, I am now going to refer to you as 'She who rants' :-D.

I am planning to come back to blogging...BUT I needed a break! I had decided to take the whole of January off...which worked out kinda well cause I was so ill with the flu that I missed two weeks of it anyway!! THEN, cause it's my Mum's birthday and it's a big un (60 but don't tell her I told you!) I decided to plot...sooo right now I am in Scotland...with her (Seeing my Gran tomorrow and can't wait!)...then she will be coming back to Wiltshire to spend a few days there (and see the new house)...then we're taking her to Amsterdam for her birthday (I surprised her with that news last night :-D).

When we get back I shall return to blogging and shall update everyone on what I have been up to. I have been busy and have a number of exciting art related projects (Workshops and exhibitions :-D) coming up AND I will be setting up my new online shop (Have spent DAYS scanning...and swearing at said scanner but we won't go into that...).

So there meh *blows raspberry at 'She who rants'*

Your just going to have to be patient!!

*is laughing*

C x

Mel said...
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Mel said...

Uh huh!

First of all... I have stolen pink sheepies! :-D

Secondly-- FINE! *laughing* I'm good with 'she who rants'. Pretty darn accurate, truth be told. *snickering* Cuz we all know it's about MEMEME! And as long as the results are that you stay connected to that HUGE bit of you....(and include MEMEME...LOL) I'm good with it!


Thirdly-- MOM!! SHE TOLD!!!!!!!


Fourth..... Oh, there is no fourth. YET.....

TALON said...

Happy New Year, Carol! May 2013 unfold beautifully for you.

Whew - a whole year of art. You must be so proud. And this one here is simply gorgeous! What you have done is truly remarkable and I applaud you.

It's wonderful to be back and seeing your gorgeous work again. You inspire me. :)

Jennifer said...

YOU DID IT! Super proud of you. Hearty congratulations, and that tree is gorgeous. Beautiful idea for the seasons series.

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