Saturday, 8 December 2012

Angry Whale (BCD)

Inspired by my boat yesterday I decided to have a go at 'Angry Whale'. I bought angry whale years and years ago from a fabulous pottery in the town of Portpatrick. The pottery is still going strong and has it's own website which you can visit by clicking on The Lighthouse Pottery. I adore my angry whale so whilst I was cleaning the bathroom decided that I would do a BCD of it for todays drawing :-)


Mel said...

Oh what a MAD looking whale. And how cute is that little place that you discovered!
We found a pottery place on Isle of Wight and snagged some of the cutest fishies. Go figure, they're in our bathroom as well!

Carol said...

Mel - I love finding places like that! They had this amazing hand made chandelier made of wrought iron and handblown glass which was an oil burner...if I'd had the money I would have bought it in a heart beat! If I ever sell a painting for that amount of money I shall go back and see if they still have it :-)

Would love to see your fishes...perhaps you could do a drawing of them for me?

C x

The bike shed said...

Sorry not to be commenting - so little time! But have looked at all the drawings - you must almost be there in your 365 days drawing? Fantastic project - you should perhaps 'blog to book' it as a record.

Think the whale is the most interesting of recent - and I liked one of the very simple spoons.

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