Sunday, 11 November 2012


We went Nordic walking today near Barbury Castle and it was just brilliant! The sun was shining and the sky was blue which, given the time of year, is all you can ask for really! We had a two minute silence at 11am and then bumped into a lovely gentleman and his son who took us to a war grave just two minutes from where we were. The graves belonged to members of the family who once owned the land and, since there were no members of the family left to visit, the gentleman and his son had taken it upon themselves to go once a year and leave a poppy. It was very special! 

(We did walk through a wood in case you were thinking 'Why the hell has she drawn trees?')


Mel said...

The trees are cool--and the story of the father and son showing up to present poppies made me teary. What a loving thing to do.

Carol said...

Mel - That is what we thought too! I think Steve, who leads the walking, is going to suggest that we join them...carry on the tradition!

C x

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