Thursday, 22 November 2012


I just didn't feel like doing something fiddly today! I had a look back at the 'Perfect In Our Imperfections' heads and decided that the watercolour technique used might work to turn them into Punks. (What can I say...I was listening to some old school Punk music!)


Mel said...

Hahahahaha...... You made me smile! THIS made me smile.

And geeze...sorry to hear about the ongoing 'puter glitches, but's awesome that you kept creating during it all!

Carol said...

Mel - I'm so glad it made you smile :-). I had so much fun doing this! Most of my pictures are quite controlled so I really love doing something where I can just splat paint onto a bit of paper...its just different to what I normally do! I'm going to try and do more painting next year...

C x

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