Thursday, 15 November 2012

Perfect In Our Imperfections

I was originally going to use the green as the basis for the next step in my circuitry head series but I actually really liked the effect of the watercolour and didn't want to draw over it. I've decided to call it 'Perfect In Our Imperfections'...a theme I think I will probably come back to!


Mel said...

Yup--here I am working my way through the series back to front. And I dunno how I'd like this one with the colouredness of the other. But I do know for some reason your watercolours are very appealing to me.

And I'm not that fond of green! LOL

Carol said...

Mel - I'm thinking of taking this technique and trying to do a head with a mohawk...will see how it turns out!

C x

Mel said... FUN would that be?! :-)

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