Monday, 12 November 2012

Mathematically Minded

Urgh, I am not mathematically minded in the slightest! I was trying to work out some equations today (Don't ask!) and ended up having to google for instructions! Its a sad day when I don't even understand the instructions...I really need it explained to me in words of one syllable...mind you...can't be as daft as I thought cause I did get there in the end!


Mel said...

This your brain. This is your brain on math! LOL I get it, really I do! Mine operates the same way--notsomuch in numbers. Or at least I was pretty sure that was true...and then they handed me a multi million dollar budget. *laughing* I figured it out REAL quick! (not painlessly though..that much I'll own....)

Carol said...

Mel - The thought of having to deal with a multi million dollar budget would keep me awake at night! I just don't have a head for numbers...they scare me!

C x

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