Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hidden Depths (Working # 1)

I think I may have a pattern that would work for my hidden depths painting (The one I was talking about the other day...white = ice + Blue underneath = Hidden Depths. might work for one depicting anger too....


Mel said...

You, dearheart--have one creative mind.
I'm trying to envisions something I just can't translate into colour.
That's just true.
I keep trying!
Notsomuch working..... I can 'see' the concept and not be able to visualize it, if that makes sense?

Carol said...

Hahaha, or one bonkers mind! (I know which one I'm going with!). I think the watercolour turned out well but I think I might try and turn it into an actual painting next year....when I don't have the pressure of trying to do a drawing a day!! (I'm still going to do something but I'm not quite sure what it's going to be yet!)

C x

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