Monday, 5 November 2012


Was out posting some pictures today and saw this little fellow whilst I was having a coffee. 
He looked so cute I couldn't resist drawing him.


Mel said...

You just ......go out and post pictures?!

I go out and have coffee..LOL.....and see puppies and talk to them. I'da talked to this one. Look at those eyes and those ears!

Carol said...

Mel - I sold three this week so had to package them up and post them off.

Yeah, he was a wee cutie but was sitting too far away from me so I couldn't talk to him (Yup, i do that too)

C x

Jennifer said...

I just love how your shop is taking off! This fella is sweet; well done too for drawing in public, for paying attention to what's around you. The world is a never-ending source of ideas!

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