Monday, 7 June 2010


Well, my poor neglected little blog and blog friends, I feel a bit like I should don a kilt, paint my face blue (ala Mr Gibson) and run across a field shouting 'Freedom' in a crap Scottish accent! (aherm, perhaps not).

I have now caught up on all the boring house things that I had been neglecting...the house is now all sparkly (that won't last long...Gai is molting...honestly, I don't understand why that cat is not bald given the amount of fur he leaves around the place!!), furniture has been bought and built (yes, that meant a trip to Ikea..Chris has still not recovered), grass has been cut and the last boxes from Thailand have been unpacked (It's only taken us over a year but hey, we get there in the end!!).

Gosh, all this time....what on earth am I going to do with it? Oh I think I might just be able to find a few things...

Finally I will be able to read something that is non-academic!! Over the last year I have been reading loads of book reviews on various blogs and, if i'm honest, I've been getting a bit stampy footed about the fact that I couldn't read any of them!! Now I can (wooo hoooo) and I fully intend to make the most of it (In fact I've already read two...Without Alice by the very talented DJ Kirkby (I'm afraid that was a sneaky peak so the rest of you will have to wait...but keep a look out for it in October? (DJ is it October?) cause it's fab!!) and Like Bees to Honey by the fabulous Caroline Smailes which was brilliant too!! (See previous post to buy a copy)).

I have an art exhibition at the end of next month so I shall be drawing and painting like a wee fiend. I can't wait to put pen to paper...I did manage to squeeze three drawings into my learning log for Uni but that's not quite the same thing. I can't remember who suggested it but I am going to do some work on the four seasons idea (based on this painting I did for DJ) using both gold and silver leaf. (I am going to have to get a magnifying glass for the flower work cause it's not easy to get the detail otherwise). I've also sold another two pictures and a friend is talking about commissioning something. Oh, and I found out that two of my weird head drawings have been bought by a psychiatrist *gulp* and he has them on the wall of his office. (Do you think that means I officially need help?)

Oh, and we're off to Amsterdam on Wednesday. Chris has a conference but I'm going to go along and do some's quite handy because it means that I can check out all the art galleries and do some shopping (not his favourite pastimes) whilst he's working and then we can do stuff that we're both interested in over the of both worlds me thinks!!

Right, now I have blogged I'm off to catch up with you all....


Lane said...

Congratulations on getting through your first year. And you've accomplished so much.
Love your painting. I embiggened it to gaze at the detail and colours. Wonderful.
Have a fab time in Holland. x

Anonymous said...

It's great to return to reading for pleasure, and not having to analyse every second word, isn't it? Enjoy your visit to Amsterdam. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
The phychiatrist might use your head paintings like the ink-blot tests - *ponders* "What do you see in this picture, mmmmmmm???"

Love Mum x

Love Mum x

Anonymous said...

Oops! Typo...

Mum x

Debs said...

It must be such a relief to be able to read for the sake of it rather than have to try and remember everything. Well done for getting through your first year.

You sound like you've been so busy with the house. Hope you both have a wonderful trip away.x

JJ Beattie said...

I love the idea of you running around doing a bad Scottish accent - please do that for me next time we get together! And yes, I do think it means you need help, but you haven't only just realised that, have you?


Talli Roland said...

Good to hear from you agai, Carol! I was wondering where you'd disappeared to.

I didn't know you were an artists, too. Talented woman! Enjoy Amsterdam.

Talli Roland said...

Oh good Lord. Clearly I need some help with my typing today. Sorry for the typos etc!

Ayak said...

The painting is stunning!

Have a good time in Amsterdam xx

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh I love hamsterjam very much. Myself and several colleagues attended a conference there - we were there for almost over two weeks. We were the advance IT team that setup all the hardware and software for the conferences. A great laid back city, The red light area is an eye opener, the art galleries a must. The cafe's with the Rizla papers - fascinating! Hope you have a great time, we did.

LadyFi said...

Amsterdam - how wonderful! And hurray for some free time and leisure to read and paint. Love your painting - just gorgeous!

French Fancy said...

Isn't it lovely when the study books can be put away, likewise the dusters and e-cloths and leisure pursuits can be started. Welcome back to the blogosphere and treat yourself to some lovely things in Amnsterdam.


Carol said...

Lane - Ta very much my dear!! One year down and one to go...(now I just have the nerve wracking wait to see if I passed everything!! *crosses fingers*)

I'm glad you like the painting. DJ said she wanted me to paint something for her...I know she loves colour so decided to experiment. I was pleased with the way it came out (especially the gold leaf) and she loved it (Phew!)

Mum - It is pure joy!! (I have a list as long as my arm that I want to read). I had forgotten just how much I love reading!!

I'm really looking forward to Amsterdam...Chris bought a guide book the other day so I've been flicking through that and getting more excited by the day!!

I dread to think what the psychiatrist thinks of my mental health!!

Debs - Thank you :-). I honestly can't believe that the first year is over with already. I bet J feels the same!!

It's been absolutely wonderful to read something just for the pure pleasure of it and not because I have to!!

JJ - Ach aye will do me best hen! *sniggers*.
Any idea when you might be back in good old blighty? Would be fab to see you and have a good old catch up!!

They're coming to take me away ha ha hahahahahah *wibble*

Talli - I was attacked by a ton of was all I could do to fight my way out...there were times when I didn't think I would make it *beats sock back with paint brush*

I'm not really an artist...I just kinda dabble (but thanks for thinking I could be :-D)

Ayak - Thank you very much. I was pleased with how it turned out (and it was quite brave of me cause normally everything I create is black and white!!)

MOB - I am so excited about going!! It's somewhere I've always heard good things about and there are loads of things I want to try and cram in!! (I reckon I'll cope with the red light district...after seeing the red light district in Thailand I don't think there is a lot that can shock me!!)

LadyFi - Hurray indeed!! It feels like I've had my head stuck in academic books forever and I'm only just now coming up for air!!

Glad you like it hon :-)

C x

Carol said...

French Fancy - You managed to sneak in there :-)

It's a lovely feeling packing away the books...feel like a big weight has been lifted (Hopefully I'll pass and won't need to do any re-assessments!!). You must be feeling the same.

I'm hoping that I might come home with one or two wee nit bits (but don't tell Chris that *grins*)

C x

Calico Kate said...

Excellant plans all. Reading, painting, holidaying, ignoring housework ..... my kinda life.
Very brilliant well done on your sales
Enjoy the summer.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Carol
So glad that you are having fun and enjoying time away from studying. Good luck with the artwork too - I really love the painting featured - and have a wonderful time in Amsterdam. Lesley x

HelenMHunt said...

Have a lovely time in Amsterdam. Very jealous x

LilyS said...

Congrats on completing your first year and on the sales. I really love the painting you did for DJ. If ever we buy a house next year I definitely will be getting in touch.

Have a fab time in Amsterdam. I went in December but sadly it was all work and I didnt get to see a whole lot. Would love to go back some day.

Carol said...

Calico Kate - I'm with you on the reading, painting and holidaying but I really wish I could pass on the ironing and housework!!

Thanks...I am most thrilled with my sales :-)

Sea Blue Sky - I'm looking forward to the break...I found the end of the semester really tough so I'm hoping that the break will make me excited about starting the next year.

coming from you that is praise indeed...I love your paintings too!!

Helen - I can't wait!! I've not had a proper holiday for ages :-)

Lily - Thank you my dear!!

Ooohh you saving to buy a house? That's very exciting....I would love to do a painting for you when you find the right one :-)

I'll blog about any interesting places I find so next time you visit you know where to go (or not to go :-D)

C x

Blu said...

Oh so glad that you are back in your nest and a trip away together too. I would love looking around the galleries with you! Love your art, and thanks to you I started painting too, and have not stopped!

Best wishes Blu x

Carol said...

Blu - You and me both!! Ooohh I love the idea of the two of us meandering round an art gallery or two :-)

I'm so glad you were inspired to take up painting Blu because I think your work is fab :-D

C x

Sparx said...

OOh! I remember you doing this for DJ, she posted about it and it's loverly... I should have commissioned you for my book cover. Lovely to meet you at Caroline's launch - and well done on unpacking. Have a great trip!

Jen said...

I too haven't read a good book just for my pleasure in awhile, which is why I now own a copy of Eat Pray Love which is my choice and I'm loving it!!! I have four more books on the way just for me!

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You've had a very busy 12 months from the sounds of it! The last good book I read was an autobiography, I enjoy reading about people's lives.

CJ xx

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Well done Carol on many fronts. Might you let us know where the exhibition will be for those of us in your neck of the woods? Hmmm, not sure that blue will suit you!

Carol said...

Sparx - I have to admit that I was thrilled at how that painting turned was a bit of an experiment!

Awww, I would have loved to have done something for your book....maybe next time eh :-)

Jen - Oooohh I've not heard of Eat Pray Love...will have to check it out. I do love a good book!!

Hehehe, I'm currently sitting in my hotel in Amsterdam. Just about to head out for the day :-)

Crystal Jigsaw - I've not read many autobiographies which is odd really cause I like reading about people too. I do have Mo Mowlam's book that I got when we went to see her speak in Manchester but I've not got round to reading it yet (I've only had it about three years!!)

Previously Very Lost - LOL, yeah I'm not sure about the blue either!!

The exhibition will be taking place in Malmesbury Abbey over two weeks at the end of June...I'll have to double check the exact dates.

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

'Without Alice' will be available exclusivly from Punked Books from July until the official publication date of Oct 4th. I'm so gad you loved it. Can I have first dibs on buying the 'seasons' piece that you're working on please? xo

Ann said...

Helllloooo, is this who I think it is, Carol frae Glesga. You have resurfaced, intact, with a great year behind you, so proud of you girl.

Okay, scaring myself here, love the painting,me who who does not particularly like abstract painting, or contemporary art, adores this.

Carol said...

DJ - I knew I was going to love it!! I loved your last novel so was not surprised in the slightest that I loved this one too :-)

LOL, of course you can honey. I've not decided whether to do four seperate canvasses or one large one....still very much at the concept stage.

Have a wonderful time in LA.

Ann - LOL!! I have indeed resurfaced...looking a bit pale and bedraggled (and am now sqinting in the sunlight) but I'm back....well, at least until October when it all starts again!

Yesssss, my subliminal powers are working....knew it was just a case of needing some fine tuning :-). Seriously hon, I'm thrilled that you like it cause I know that you don't do abstract or contemporary art so it is praise indeed that you like it!

C x

Louise | Italy said...

I've clearly missed something ... where do I get to see your paintings?

Ann said...

Chicken coconut curry, vegetables with lemon grass, prawn crackers, toasted coconut and fried banana, drool, drool, did you save me any, oh toasted coconut, fried banana’s, never tried that, was it lovely, did you think yourself in heaven Carol.

Been to Amsterdam a few times, loved the place, loved the way of life, people watching there, it is only second to Brighton, nows that's what I call watching people of all sorts ha!.

Oh I did love your art, very much, also loved Van Gough last Saturday, especially when he viewed his paintings in the gallery ,so emotional, and the explanation to Starry Night was superb, pity about the blind budgie.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, are you both playing your usual game, seeing how many pubs you can visit in one day!!.

Mark said...

I've been bonkers busy recently - course work; life; stuff you know about.

But back reading some blogs today -just too many to comment on them all. Read yours on A'dam though.

Now, where is this exhibition you're holding and can I have an invite please!

Carol said...

Mark - I know exactly what you mean...there are just not enough hours in the day sometimes!

It is difficult trying to catch up with everyone...erm, what's A'dam?

LOL of course you can! It's the Malmesbury Art Society exhibition and it's held in the Abbey. Every member can display three paintings...obviously there are a range of styles (and abilities) and they will be on show for two weeks starting on the 23rd of July.

C x

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