Monday, 11 January 2010

It's 2010 and I'm back....Well kinda

Darling (said in a flouncy and rather dramatic way) I just climbed out from under my rock and realised I have not updated this blog since Hammertime was in the charts!! I couldn't help hands were chopped off and I was waiting for bionic don't believe me? Well, I'm sorry you'll just have to take my word for it :-)

I have been swilling chardonnay and curling my hair, being distracted by shiny things and just generally being a hindrance to anyone unfortunate enough to cross my path!! My day sprawls from the dawns chorus to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am plotting and planning....I'm tired......maybe my world domination plans can wait till tomorrow.....

I swear on the bones of my ancestors I will make an effort to blog more least until the nice men in the white coats come back. The voices are telling me I have to! *Wibble*

Aherm, as you can probably tell this past few weeks I have mostly been writing my Community Profile (and slowly but surely going a bit bonkers in the process!!!).

I hope you all had a totally fabulous Christmas and New Year and wish every single one of you a great 2010. I shall endeavour to catch up with all your blogs over the next few days but be warned....although I have finished the Community Profile I have still two assignments to do before the end of January so please bare with me.....

In the meantime I shall try and update you with what we've been upto....

We had a wonderful Christmas..really chilled out!! We decided, because of the weather, we would stay home. We just pleased ourselves.....started eating Christmas Dinner at about 1pm and finally gave up at 11pm (obviously we were not eating that entire time....I'm not sure that would be physically possible!!). It was a lovely day!! Hehehe, we did have a slight disater with the home made pea and ham soup (Well, when I say we...I really mean me!!)....Chris made it completely from scratch and it was stunning.....We were looking forward to having it again on Boxing Day......until......wait for it.......I poured it down the sink!! In my defense Chris does have to accept some responsibility for putting the pot next to the sink along with all the other dirty dishes (He cooked so I washed).....I thought he had transfered the soup into a tupperwear dish and had filled the pot with water....he hadn't!! I felt awful!! He was lovely about it.....

We were then visited by the lovely Tomato. We took him out to celebrate his 40th birthday and then the three of us went to Penzance for New year. We stayed in THE most wonderful Landmark Trust building.....The Egyptian House....isn't it gorgeous!! I had planned to blog over the break but there was no TV (Ann, I've still not seen the 2nd part of Dr Who!) and no internet access so alas....twas not to be. I shall tell the story of our New Year in photographs so watch this space.....

(I know it's a bit of a cop out but i'm working over the next couple of days and will be starting my other assignments)


Ann said...

Well hello, I cannot believe it, I am first ( am I ), instead of the usual last place, wow.

Christmas, New Year sounded great Carol, think we were all chilled out, and that had to do with the weather.

The Pea soup, oh dear, oh dear, have you been taking lessons from me, my latest, water pipes froze, decided to go up into the attic, could not get the ladders down to the ground, 7 foot from, was the nearest, found small ladders, did some acrobatics, got into attic, nearly froze to death, climbed back down ladders, heard a sort of sound that makes you go, oh jeez, they sort of came away, I clinging on like a Klingon, half dropped on the floor, counted all fingers and toes, nothing broken, few bruises, Mr Ann was astounded, could not believe I had done that, oh no harm done said I, though can tell you will think twice about doing that again.

All will sort itself out Carol, it always does, you seem to be very good under pressure.

LadyFi said...

Good to hear you are alive and well and enjoying life and your studies!

Had to laugh about the pea soup - sorry though that you didn't get to taste it a second time round...

JJ Beattie said...

Hello lovely. I'm missing you. But blog Carol is better than no Carol. Mwah Mwah. Jenx

Molly Potter said...

You have a Tomato visit you?

That sounds like a lovely Christmas.

When I wash up I am like a bull and anything glass, utensilly looking or ceramic gets processed very quickly. My husband has learnt not to put anything within a 3 metres radius of me at the sink since I washed up a whole lasagne.

Get on with your work

Kitty said...

Welcome back!
I know, I took a long break as well, but then, sometimes life is just like that, isn't it?
You have some lovely pictures above, I especially like that one with the Chardonnay or something, and the fireplace in the background. Looks so homey and perfect.
And the Egyptian House! I used to belong to the National Trust and English Heritage when I lived in the UK, but I've never been there. I look forward to hearing about THAT!

Happy new year!

Ann said...

Was so giddy at being first on here Carol, I forgot to mention that Doctor Who part 2, is worth waiting for.

Looking forward to your New Year stories, will there be drink involved, lots of it.

Penzance is beautiful, the place you stayed in looks gorgeous.

cheshire wife said...

Husband will not go anywhere that does not have an Internet connection!

A Happy New Year to you!

Queenie said...

Hahahaha pea soup story reminds me of my dad's spice mix, he'd spent about half an hour crushing a bit of this and adding a pinch of that and a splash of the other until he had a bowl with a little brown goo in the bottom which he reckoned was perfect, so he went to chop the onions for the curry and while his back was turned, my mum washed up the bowl. Cries of anguish were heard for miles around. Best of luck with the assignments, I'm sure you'll do well.

Blu said...

Oh oops the pea soup!!! That is a bit funny. Glad you had a good Festive break and good luck with your course for the new year. Best wishes Blu x

Carol said...

Ann - You are indeed my first commenter of 2010...Ha, that makes you my first foot (or should that be first fingers?)...did you bring me some coal?

You know what?, I think after reading that Ladder Acrobatics should become an Olympic sport!! Blimey woman...don't do that were lucky you didn't break your neck!!

Lady Fi - I am indeed alive and the moment I have no life so tis difficult to be enjoying it *grins* and the studies...well, they are going!! (I will be so gutted if I don't pass the profile...if I don't it will certainly not be for lack of effort...the bloody thing was huge!!)

He has since made another batch...and made lots of comments about keeping the pot away from me...I have a feeling that I will never live it down!!

JJ - I'm missing you loads too hon!! But (and I'm very excited about this...) we will be visiting Thailand in the are not booked yet but we're definitely coming :-D.

Molly - I'm not sure when we started calling Tom Tomato but we've done it for years!! So not only do we have a Tomato visit I had a Tomato as my Maid of Honour at our wedding :-D

LOL at your dish washing antics!!

I'm going...I'm going!!

Kitty - It's not easy to keep blogging sometimes is kinda gets in the way!!

The photo of the wine with the fireplace in the background is our dining room (It's not very big and has got too much furniture in it but I like to think of it as small but perfectly formed :-D). Chris got me a new camera for Christmas (mine died) so I was experimenting.

We belong to English Heritage's well worth it if you like going exploring and stuff. We've already saved a fortune!!

The Egyptian house was fab...and was right in the middle of town so brilliant for getting out and about!! I would reccomend it!

Ann - LOL. Chris has downloaded it but he has had to go to Calefornia with work so it will be another two weeks before I get to see it!!

I'm Scottish...and was on holiday with another two...of course there was drink (and lots of it) involved!!

Cheshire Wife - We only noticed on the day we were leaving that it had no TV...I thought Chris was going to have a heart attack!! Tom wasn't over the moon either and the pair of them teased me relentlessly about it over the four days we were there...still, Tom got to learn how to play Mah Jong so it wasn't all bad :-)

Queenie - Oh I felt so bad about it when I realised what I'd done!! (Although I have to admit that I did giggle). Your poor Dad!! At least Chris and I got to eat the soup before I poured it down the sink...and the making of it didn't involve pounding stuff!!

I've had to do two for Uni sticking to the word count and one with more detail in it for THINk. It's been really interesting and I've enjoyed it (would have been better without the pressure but hey...can't have everything!!)

Oh I do hope I said to Lady Fi...I'll be gutted if I don't pass!!

Blu - I did snigger when I realised and then felt really awful about it!!

It was lovely, don't really feel like I had a break...stressing about Uni, but it was lovely to have a few days away and to spend loads of time with Chris.

C x

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Lovely to see you back Carol. I'll look forward to catching up with your adventures. Thanks for your comments on my blog too.

Debs said...

LOL, I can empathize with your soup incident, as that's just the sort of thing I'd do.

Love the photos. It sounds, and looks like you had a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year. Hope you have a wonderful 2010. x

HelenMHunt said...

Good to have you back honey x

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy new year my friend. I hope yo9u posted me some of that pea soup before you poured the rest down the drain. Split pea soup is my FAVE, can we have some when we come to yours please? Chopper cooked and I washed up on xmas day too. We are such clever women really. xo

Amanda said...

Happy New Year, Carol ... good to see you! x

Carol said...

Previously LIF - It's nice to be back!! I've really missed blogging and catching up with everyone so it's been nice to come up for air!!

Debs - You have made my day....I'm so glad that it's not just me that does these things!!

We did have a lovely time and it was just what the Dr ordered!!

Helen - It's lovely to be back hon :-)

DJ - LOL, that would have made your parcel a bit on the soggy side...mind you, with the weather we're having at the moment it might have frozen so could possibly have been alright *grins*. Does Pea and Ham soup go with Moroccan? Never mind...we can have an eclectic meal when you come...I'll speak nicely to Chris (whilst promising not to pour it down the sink this time!!)

We are them well trained :-D

Amanda - Happy New Year to you too hon

C x

Mark said...

I need to get down to work too - struggling to find the focus, but will start tomorrow - honest.

Carol said...

Mark - It's difficult isn't it!! I bought a cheap brain training programme and have been surprised at the boost it gives me. I do the exercises in the morning and it feels a little like limbering up my brain so that when I'm ready to do some work I'm all fired up and ready to get going!!

C x

Ann said...

"I bought a cheap brain training programme and have been surprised at the boost it gives me."

You think this would work for me first thing in the morning Carol.

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