Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bad night

I am knackered today!! I was in a deep sleep last night...dreaming something odd (as is my want) when in my dream I heard a strange whistling noise!! The noise was really loud and eventually, in that sleepy way you do, I was pulled from my dream back into the real world and as I lay there I could still hear this really loud whistling noise. Now, those of you that know Chris will know that he snores....and I mean SNORES!! (Think creature from the black lagoon). At first I thought the noise was coming from him (he has had a cold for about two months and I thought it was his blocked nose)....and then....

He snored and the whistle noise happened at the same time....erm, it's not possible to breathe through your mouth and make a whistle noise through your nose at the same time. I sat up and listened trying to figure out where this noise was coming from....and then I realised....

It was the bloody cat!!

So a decision has been made....both Gai (the white one) and I are going on a diet in the new year!! (Seriously, I can't believe I was woken up in the middle of the night by our cat snoring!!)


Mark said...

purrrrrrfectly horrible

Molly Potter said...

Yes pets are not meant to cause sleep loss! That is definitely not their point.

French Fancy said...

One of our bichons snores - Misty - and I find it quite cute. I don't know why Mr FF's snoring is not equally as cute - but it isn't. The thing is that I snore as well and it never bothers him. Why am I so intolerant, Carol?

Anyway - have a lovely Christmas with lots of fun, laughter and simply not having to get on a train


LadyFi said...

LOL! You ought to hear our dog! And he's underweight...

Have a wonderful snore-free Christmas!

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

You should hear our elderly Golden Retriever. She snores from both ends!! Rumour has it that I snore. Don't believe it though. Can I join your cat on that post-Christmas diet? Came across you through Rural Villager by the way.

Lane said...

LOVE that photo!

Peggy snores and I find it really soothing. Mind you, she doesn't do that whistling thing:-)

Happy Christmas Carol and Chris!

Bangkok Blogger said...

Dieting does not help my snoring - I have always snored whether I am under or over weight. But I will be joining you on a diet anyway. Good luck !

Amanda said...


Molly snores a little - but nothing like my other half :-OO

Happy Christmas xx

Carol said...

Mark - LOL...purrrrrrfectly bloomin loud!!

Molly - Yes, they are supposed to be calming and fun...not keep you awake all night (and I'm not even going to start on the whole bouncing on head when wanting breakfast thing....and that's just Chris *grins*)

French Fancy - LOL!! Gai regularly snores but that was the first time he was so loud...and it was most certainly not cute (I was seriously considering making a pair of slippers out of him!!). I snore too...but only when I've been drinking!!

I have to admit that I am loving the fact that I didn't have to pack a bag and head off to London this week!! We've decided to stay home for Chistmas so we're not going's lovely!!

LadyFi - I think if I have a snore free Christmas then there will truly have been a Christmas Miracle!!

Previously (very) lost in France - Welcome :-D and LOL at snores from both ends!! Our cats produce silent but violent smells from THAT end!! (I know when Lugs farts because he looks at his bum in surprise...very funny!!)

I shall pop over to yours for a nosey once I've finished commenting here :-)

Lane - They looked very cute for about five minutes then they had a fight!!

Be thankful she doesn't very thankful!!

Bangkok Blogger - I can but live in the hope that the weight loss will help with the snoring!!

Good luck with the diet

Amanda - I can sleep through Chris snoring but not the cats...go figure

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year hon

C x

Tam said...

Happy Christmas to you and C and the moggies! x x

Blu said...

I am sitting here at 6 in the morning, couldnt sleep since MOH is snoring all bloody night, thought that I would catch up with some blogs!

LOL........Merry Christmas Blu xx

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

ROTFL! What a hoot!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is filled with all and only the very best of everything! xxx

Carol said...

Tam - Merry Christmas to you and yours too. I hope 2010 is a good one for you :-)

Blu - LOL!! It's awful isn't it!!

Merry Christmas hon :-)

Absolute Vanilla - Bloody Cats!!

I hope you had a great day yesterday and right back at ya re 2010. Seriously, I hope it brings publishing deals galore for you :-)

C xxxx

Debs said...

Sometimes I don't know who makes the most noise, Rob or the dog, as they both snore.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and managed to catch up with your sleep :) x

Carol said...

Debs - LOL!! Normally it's definitely Chris that makes the most noise but not that night!!

I had a lovely day yesterday (although I did have what Chris would call a donut moment which I will blog about). Hope you had a great day too and that 2010 brings you much love, laughter and happiness!

C x

Suburbia said...

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Suburbia said...

(Ooops sorry, that was me,pressed the button too soon, meant to say..........!!)

That made me smile! Beautiful cats :)

Hope your Christmas was good.

Thanks for visiting me.

Carol said...

Suburbia - Tis easy done!!

They are lovely....when they are sleeping and not snoring!! Otherwise they are wee furry pains in the bum!!

We had a lovely Christmas which I plan to blog about but today, unfortunately, is a work day!!

Your very welcome

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

You think their weight is making them snore? Werecat has always snored. Hope you had a wodnerful xmas and that 2010 is perfect for you both.

Tessa said...

Send cat Great Snoring! Carol, thank you so much for stopping by my place and for your lovely, heartwarming Christmas wishes. I do hope you're having a most wonderful holiday season in your own particular winter wonderland. Sending you lots of love for now and for the fast approaching New Year.

Tessa xx

cheshire wife said...

I hope that you managed to get the sleeping arrangements sorted out in time for Christmas and were able to have a good one. When husband snores I move into the spare room. It is the only way to get a decent night's sleep.

LittleBrownDog said...

Crikey, I've never heard a snoring cat, and nor do I think would I want to. Good luck with the diet idea (you don't suppose it was anything to do with the mulled wine at the vets?)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Nina snores too, and whistles. I had to ban them from the bedroom - too restless in the middle of the night, and too many squabbles to get the best bit of duvet. I ended up squashed in a corner - enough was enough - ahhhh the peace!

Mum xx

Ann said...

Aha Carol, so now you blame the cats, oh its okay, I do that with the dogs, where have all the biscuits gone said Mr Ann, oh not again, those dog of mine have been in the cupboard, say I innocently, though I do share the biscuits with both my boys, one quarter for you Tommy, another quarter for you Charlie, and 10 full rich tea biscuits for me.

LilyS said...

LOL - i really want a Pug but I have been told they snore. My boyf only snores when he has been drinking. Has the cat been at the brandy butter by any chance??

Carol said...

DJ - I hope you guys had a wonderful day and that 2010 brings lots of publishers beating down your door!!

Tessa - You are very welcome and thank you very much for your kind words and wishes!

Cheshire Wife - Chris snores like a drain and I sleep through it...I think it was the whistling I was struggling with!!

Little Brown Dog - could have been!!

He snores all the time...and it's really loud!!

Mum - Yep, small furry animals have an amazing talent of being able to spread out in just the way to occupy the entire bed!!

Ann - LOL...I would do that...but they don't like chocolate...they do, however, like beer!!

Lily - LOL, nope he just snores all the time...lucky me!!

oooh, Pugs are lovely dogs...if you do get one I want to see many photo's :-)

C x

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