Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oooohhhh a new toy!!

Look what I've got to help with my feelings of not being settled in one's so I can keep all my files in one place :-)

It's tiny and I just want to stroke it lovingly


Lane said...

ooooh lovely!

HelenMHunt said...

Very nice indeed.

Carol said...

Lane - The only downside is that the top of it is shiny so gets finger prints on it and I have to resist the urge to try and polish them off!!

Helen - It's's so wee!!

C x

Mark said...

They are great - I've got a samsung netbook thingy. Brilliant on the train too.

JJ Beattie said...

Oooh lovely; *strokes it too*

LadyFi said...

Ahhh.. a lovely laptop. (Although an Apple laptop would have been even better! Yes, I'm a Mac-kind-of-girl!)

Debs said...

So shiny. I have a Samsung and have spent many an hour looking at it. Typing on it would be more useful to me, but it's so pretty.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I too have a lacquered black finish on my Toshiba laptop and I finally learned to live with the finger prints! That reminds me, it needs a jolly good clean! Enjoy, your wee techie thing looks so cute and loved!

Amanda said...

Ooh, I love it! x

Carol said...

Mark - It's wonderful...I use it on the bus on the way to Swindon and then on the train on the way to London...makes a huge difference!!

JJ - Aaarrggg...more finger prints *grins*

LadyFi - I've never really used a Mac...We went with this one because once Windows 7 was announced the price of it plummeted because it's operating system is XP.

Debs - LOL...I really wanted a red one but they only had blue in the shop!! Probably a good thing or I might have just spent lots of time looking at mine too :-)

MOB - I don't really understand why they make them like that...

I am enjoying all I need is a dongle (is it just me that thinks that name is utterly ridiculous) and there will be no stopping me!!

Amanda - I do too...but it looks so wee that it doesn't look real!!

C x

Blu said...

Yummy........I like it! Do not leave it on the train!

LilyS said...

I'm so jealous. I have to wait till Jan for mine. sigh.. but v. pleased you have a new toy :)

claire p said...

Ohh it's dinky! I'd lose it down the back of the sofa or something!! But it does look fab.

Carol said...

Blu - Oh GOD!! That had not even occurred to me...I'm going to be so paranoid now!!

Lily - It will be worth the wait!! I'm loving being able to carry all my files around with was awful at the beginning when I needed something and then realised it was on the laptop at home!! (and you never know what your going to need so it didn't matter how organised I thought I was I always needed something I didn't have!!)

Claire - It's teeny, weeny and looks like a toy!!!

LOL at losing it down the back of the sofa!!

C x

Ann said...

Mmm, lovely, just lovely, so neat, so clean, tip from Ann, don't leave it on top of the ceramic hob cooker while cooker is on, makes a wee bit of a mess.

If you do happen to forget, the first thing you will notice is the aroma of burning Netbook, run to cooker, pick wee thing up, cry, kick the cooker, cry again, try and push plasticy melted stuff back together, cry some more, look at cooker, cry, plasticy stuff stuck to ceramic, have a drink of wine, feel better, switch on melted, smelly plasticy thing, have another glass of wine, don't cry, it still works, though now and again it turns itself off for no reason, finish bottle of wine.

Amy P. said...

Nice one, Carole! I have an Acer too, and I love it. Mine's a regular laptop though - I think when it's time to move back to Thailand I may get a small one like you. Very very cool!

Carol said...

Ann - Oh no, please tell me you didn't!! (That description is scarily true to life so I'm not sure whether you have done it or not!!) Still, good excuse to have some wine!! *snigger*

Amy P - Nice to see you back!!

Chris has an Acer laptop which he thinks is great but I really needed the small one for the travelling!! It's great and I find typing on it really's my hands rather well (if you know what I mean!!)

C x

Ann said...

Yep, tis true Carol, though once the wine had kicked in, I had not a care in the world.

Managed eventually to clean the cooker of wee plasticy bits.

When you look underneath, it looks as if somebody has had a face lift gone wrong, still it was my own fault, and I did apologise to the cooker for kicking her/him.

Anyway, it saved me from losing it, which I would eventually have done, because there is no way I am taking the burnt offering out for anyone to see, I can just imagine it, " oh look, here comes Ann, what is she carrying under her arm, looks to me like a piece of burnt plastic, the sad git ".

DJ Kirkby said...

Very pretty. My little MoJo still has his sticky plastic on the lid to help keep my fingerprints off his beautiful shiny surfaces. I am so anal :(

LittleBrownDog said...

That does look like a fabulous little gadget, Carol - am so envious.

Oh golly - do you really live in M'bury? Will be now walking up and down the High Street trying to guess which one you are and make mental to be jolly careful who I'm rude about in future. (Mind you, at least I know you're not Geraldine. She would never have such a slick little gadgety thing - hers would probably have a dinky little ruched Laura Ashley cover over it. Ooops - don't tell me...)


cheshire wife said...

Aren't you lucky! It looks like it is my favourite colour, too. I always get my husband's cast off laptop.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I shall be passing all of the comments onto the committee and I shall come back to you if I may.

Carol said...

Ann - Oh Ann Ann Ann...I know it's not remotely supportive but I have just laughed like a drain!! (Just as well I'm in the office on my own eh!!).

Hey, remember that saying 'she has a face like a wedding cake that's been left out in the rain'?...well, now you can update it!! 'She has a face like a laptop that's been left on the cooker whilst it was on!'

DJ - LOL. I would probably have left it on too if I had thought about it!! There is nothing worse than a shiny surface covered in fingerprints (well, that's not true but you know what I mean)

Little Brown Dog - It is lovely and I am most proud of it!!

I do indeed...I can usually be found enjoying a drink (or two) in The Smoking Dog :-).

Hahaha, don't worry....I am definately a Laura Ashley free zone!!

Cheshire Wife - It's nice to have one that's not grey or black!!

Your very welcome and do come back to me if I can be of help...I don't mind at all!!

C x

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