Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bloody Brilliant News!!

As the title of this post suggests, I have some bloody brilliant news *Huge cheesy grin*

Mini Me has shrunk........and.......not just a wee bit!!

(In case you've not been reading for long and are now wondering what the hell I'm on about....I have a benign tumour in my liver that Chris named Mini Me. Hehehe, yes the picture is my MRI scan and you can see her, the light fuzzy bit, on the left hand side...although she's much smaller now :-D. If your interested you can read about my diagnosis here)

She's gone from 3.5cm to 1.5cm which means that the medical people are no longer concerned about her.....which means I don't need to be either *does happy wiggle on sofa whilst trying not to drop laptop on the floor or disturb the cats*


LadyFi said...

Congratulations - that IS wonderful news!

And you guys crack me up - naming the tumour Mini Me!!

Kevin Mullins said...

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.

BT said...

Fantastic news Carol, I'm thrilled for you. What a Christmas present!!

Carol said...

LadyFi - Well....once we'd seen her we had to give her a name!! It would have been rude not to :-)

Great news isn't it!!

Kevin - Brilliant indeed *grins*

C x

Carol said...

BT - You sneaked in there!!

It's the best Christmas present I could possibly have asked for!!

Although the Thai medical team did a biopsy there was discussion at one point of perhaps needing another I was a bit anxious (as you can imagine) made this news all the better!!

C x

cheshire wife said...

Wonderful news! Hopefully it will progress to 'Invisible Me'.

French Fancy said...

Bye bye mini-me. You are on your way out.

Fantastic news, Carol.


Mark said...

That is great news - I am hopeless with anything like that, I worry like crazy.

Can you drink again now? Or have you been able to for a while? Either way, go celebrate.

Carol said...

Cheshire Wife - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does :-) but as long as it stays the same size and doesn't grow in any way then I'm going to be fine!!

French Fancy - Hehehe, funnily enough I'm not particularly sad to see her go!!

*Doing happy wiggle again*

Mark - I tried not to...which is easier said than done!! Still, once the biopsy results came back confirming that there was no cancer It was easier to put it to the back of my mind.

I've been able to drink for a while now...but those two months were really tough!! You don't really think about how many things you go to that involve alcohol till your not allowed any!!

We shall definitely be celebrating :-)

C x

HelenMHunt said...

That's amazing news. So pleased for you x

SueG said...

absolutely wonderful fantastic fabulous superb terrific news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

That's great news Carol and must be a big weight off your shoulders. Bye for now. Lesley

Queenie said...

There is something odd going on with your blog because I keep leaving comments that don't appear (well I suppose it could be something odd going on with me, but we won't explore that any further, OK? ;-)) Anyway, what everyone else said, plus I reckon your tumour has shrunk because all the studying has made your brain grow!!!

Debs said...

*Big sigh* What great news to read first thing in the morning. It'll set me up in a good mood for the day now.

I'm so thrilled Mini Me is on the way out, brilliant, brilliant news. x

Carol said...

Helen - It will be your turn to share good news soon hon!!

Sue - Hahaha, I can so tell your a writer...lots of great words there :-D

Sea Blue - It sure is Lesley!! A huge relief :-)

Queenie - I promise not to mention anything about the possibility of you being odd :-)

I love the idea of it shrinking as my brain grows (although I have a sneaky suspicion that Chris would say 'What brain?')

Debs - Awww, I'm glad my news has put you in a good mood for the day :-D

I'm thrilled too!!

C x

Ann said...

Carol, I am doing the happy dance for you, can you see me, no, oh thank goodness for that, I look like a prat.
Dr Who Sunday, BBC1 7pm, I am counting the hours.

Carol said...

Ann - I am gutted that I can't see on U-tube please :-D

I know...I can't wait either!!

C x

Caroline said...

Very bloody brilliant! Well done me lass x

DJ Kirkby said...

Best news I've heard in a while, so happy for you. xo

Amanda said...

How absolutely FANTASTIC, Carol xx

Carol said...

Caroline - It's great isn't it (although I'm not sure that I've done anything to make it shrink....I think it's just done it on it's own!!)

DJ - It was the best news I had heard in a while too....such a relief!!

Amanda - YAY :-)

C x

JJ Beattie said...

Brilliant news C. Vvvv pleased. JJx

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh Carol, that's such totally brilliant news!!! xxx

Ann said...

OMG Carol, I can hardly breathe, it was wonderful, taped it to watch again, and again, what will we do without the most fantastic David Tennant, oh boy, it was worth waiting for.

Carol said...

JJ - and at least this time you didn't need to keep a straight face when looking at me in that weird green thing they put me in :-D

Absolute Vanilla - Tis indeed :-)....I am a wee happy camper!!

Ann - I really enjoyed it but thought that there was something not quite right that spoiled it for me....hard to put my finger on what....I think it might have been the girls bulgy eyes when she first turned that did it!!

Mr Tennant was wonderful...didn't like the man he turned into when they landed back on earth (takes a talented actor to make you reel like that!!)

C x

LilyS said...

That is such good news x

Carol said...

Lily - It's great news isn't it!!

C x

Ann said...

Carol, I felt the same, though I wonder if it is because we are going to lose Mr Tennant, you feel as if you are watching the last of something great, and knowing that it is coming to an end, I felt like that.

Oh you are so right, I disliked him immensely when he came back to earth, thinking who do you think you are, why are you being so awful and egotistical, and then of course he came back to the great one, and I thought, oh my goodness his acting was so good you believed every second of it.

I shall miss him so much when he is gone, the new guy has a lot to live up too, though I shall not diss him, have to give him a chance, the Christmas shows look wonderful.

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